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Spectators mill near the newly unveiled Urdaneta City, Pangasinan's land mark featuring a carabao statue and a granite wall with cascading water.VIR MAGANES

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As it files a civil case this week: Abono welcomes IBP moves to file case vs Capitol

ROSALES- The chairman of the Abono Party-list welcomes the plan of the Integrated Bar of Philippines –Pangasinan Chapter to file a civil case with injunction against the burdensome Real Property Tax passed into law by the provincial government.

Eng. Rosendo So said IBP has seen that everybody is affected by the excessive and confiscatory land tax that made Pangasinanense 300% poorer because of the spikes.

An officer of the lawyers’ group, who asked anonymity, told this paper recently that his group mulls to file a case against the occupants of the Capitol.because of the gaping loopholes brought by the new tax revenue’s schedules signed by Governor Amado T. Espino into law last December 10, 2010.

Eng. So said he and other plaintiffs will file their civil case with injunction next week against the provincial government.

The party-list chairman denounced the Capitol on its excessive tax imposition without considering the series of calamities that scourged Pangasinan.

“Dapat iyung implementation dapat i-ayos mabuti. I mean kung puedi, how many years bago i-increase total 300% hindi dapat ngayon,”he stressed.

He said that provincial officials should not have imposed these new tax rates instead they should run after those delinquent taxpayers who were not paying their dues for years.

One of the complaints of Eng.So was the zonal valuation of the Bureau of Internal Revenue that was used by the provincial government in the town of Pozorrubio.

So said Capitol should not use the 2010 valuation as it was held in abeyance by the national government.

BIR he said still uses the old 2005 assessment- schedule.

“Pangalawa, is iyung sina-cite nila na iyung TPLEx (Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Express Way) ay sinasabi natin iyung TPLEX kasi hindi naman majority ng mga ta-o wala naman doon sa TPLEX. So, hind reason i-compare iyon. Pangatlo, iyung mga farmers sinasabi tenants, in which dito pa lang nag-pa check si Manung Anung Manalo (regional head of irrigators’ associations) 30% of these irrigation members ay may titled lands. Ang lahat ng majority of the farmers have their own residential house (where they pay RPT),” he said.

The Abono boss said these are some of the grounds of the complaint they would file against the provincial officials.

Recently, the governor in a press conference in Lingayen declared that there would be no amendments to mitigate the tax schedule that has been delayed for seven years.

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Gov. Amado Espino,Jr.(right) joins Dagupeños led by Dagupan City Mayor Benjamin Lim(in red polo shirt) as they lead in the ceremonial lighting of a grill at the Kalutan Ed Dalan, one of the highlights of the Bangus Festival in the city last April 30.CESAR RAMIREZ

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The prince, the saint and the devil

Three major events unfolded last week which drew attention, and even attraction among the people worldwide.

The first was the wedding of the heir to the throne of United Kingdom Prince William to a commoner, Catherine “Kate” Middleton. It was a “marriage” conceived in heaven, as most people have said, because a royal blood opted to marry an ordinary lady because of love.

Love indeed in its essence has no barriers. It conquers the hearts of everyone. It mesmerizes the relationships of two people in love as if the world has no end.

Taking the cue from Prince William, love is what the world needs today. The problems besetting us- economic difficulties brought about by the rising cost of commodities, wars, natural and man-made disasters could rise above everything if we have love with each other. Love begets peace. Love transcends above enmity.

What a sight to behold the thousands of well wishers to the “wedding of the century”. Britons and people of various nationalities took time to get a glimpse of the celebrated wedding, maybe not only to see the newly wed but also to feel how two people madly in love with each other get together and act among the world’s dignitaries.

For ordinary people like Kate, marrying a royal blood signaled a hope because she said having Prince William as a husband started in a dream. Yes, we could dream big and rise above any body else and in any life’s adversaries.

Following the wedding was the death of the world’s public enemy number one- Osama bin Laden. His death was announced by the world’s powerful man US President Barack Obama and was beamed over television worldwide.

But where was his body? many people were asking. It was said that it was thrown into the sea to the dismay of the Islamic communities. Moslems, when dead, should be buried within 24 hours. That is he Islamic way. But the US forces did not respect the Islamic tenets and dumped the body of Bin Laden in the deep, deep blue sea.

Maybe because of hatred and with no love at all, the US government decided such action in retaliation of what that guy done which caused the death of many Americans when he bombed the World Trade Center in New York. That incident is now known as the Ground Zero, the building razed and detonated to the ground with only few survivors.

Devil works could not rise up against goodness. Some people might be wallowing in extreme devil schemes- corruption, terrorism, thieveries, murders and all sorts of devilish activities but in the end the goodness of God will prevail. This is what happened to Osama bin Laden and will be happened also to many political crooks in our midst.

And goodness breeds sainthood. Last week in Vatican City (Rome), Pope John Paul II was beatified, an inch away from sainthood. He was a man who devoted his entire life in the service of God. At an early age, he witnessed in Poland the atrocities of German soldiers during World War I but did not deter him to pursue his love to the Lord Almighty. Pope John Paul II endeared himself to many hearts and souls.

To the Catholics, he was a Pope who exuded charisma. He loved the youth, children and poor people. Wasn’t he the one who said that Filipinos are indeed different people and loved by God? He said this during the EDSA Revolution in Cory’s time when he was deeply touched by the bloodless People Power.

The Vatican is now waiting for testimonies of those he touched miraculously. These testimonies must be documented and if proven true, Pope John Paul II will finally be elevated to sainthood. By that time he will be joining many saints in heaven and sin in unison “When the saints are marching in”.

Three persons in different generations. Three nationalities. Three different status in life. These three persons- Prince William, Pope John Paul II and Osama bin Laden personify the kinds of people today.

We have prince’s instincts in our lives. We need to love so dearly. We need to care and not mind the status of people we are mingling with.

We could be saint too like any other saints. If we follow the goodness of Pope Paul II, there’s no need for us to be beatified. Let that innate goodness in us work- for the service of God and mankind.

Definitely, don’t be like Osama bin Laden. The good will always triumph over the devil. There might be reasons, known to himself alone, why he had to resort to violence like worldwide terrorism of his Al Qaeda group, but the evil motives could not be justified.

Love and goodness are two greatest virtues that make up a real human.

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Urdaneta City unveils landmark

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

URDANETA CITY- The landmark of this city was formally unveiled for public viewing on May 4, coinciding with the birthday celebration of City Mayor Amadeo Gregorio E. “Bobom” Perez IV.

The unveiling was led by 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco and was assisted by Mrs. Alice Perez, wife of Manila Economic and Cultural Office Chair Amadeo R. Perez Jr., City Mayor Bobom Perez, Vice Mayor Onofre “Bong” Gorospe, Abono Chair Rosendo O. So, members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and the municipal employees.

The blessing was officiated by Rev. Fr. Abet Viernes of the Immaculate Conception Church of the city.

The landmark, which cost P3 million, is located at the right corner of the new city public market. It is a granite statue of a carabao, the city’s official log, and has backdrop of granite wall tempered with cascading man-made waterfall. It has drawn attraction among the city residents and visitors.

The statue of the carabao serves as the centerpiece of the landmark depicting the city as the “cattle capital of the Philippines” and giving tribute to the “beast of burden” for its strength, determination and resiliency.

Sculptor and artist Ram Mamalio who interpreted the carabao sculpture wrote in bronze- inscripted message “Metamorphosis”- “This sculpture symbolizes Urdaneta’s strong economy, its stability, its modernization. It also symbolizes the uncommon resolve of Urdanetanians, their abiding resilience in trying times, their heroic readiness to face challenges, constantly adapting to the ebb and flow of inconstant economic tides through good governance.”

Mayor Perez said that the landmark was conceptualized in order to give boost to the city as a fast rising metropolis in the province and in Region I.

“It flashed instantly to my mind when the idea about the landmark came. When our constituents and visitors will come into the city, they will see the landmark reminding them that this city has really gone far of its development and transformation,” Mayor Bobom said.

Meanwhile, the management of 168 Market headed by Willie Chua said that they will repaint the whole market building and install electronic information and video wall just above the landmark to attract more attention from passersby.

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