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SAN CARLOS LARGEST MANGO PIE: Mayor Resuello lauds residents for cooperation

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
SAN CARLOS CITY- The mayor of this biggest mango-producing city in the Philippines lauded the people of the 86 villages here who baked the largest mango pie in the world.
“San Carlos maayos! Dahil nagkaka-isa at may kooperasyon (The city is well-kept because people here have cooperation),” Mayor Jullier Resuello exhorted the residents who witnessed the unveiling of the pie that were baked by square meter and laid on a table inside the Arenas-Resuello Sport’s Complex.
Vice Mayor Joseres Resuello said that the sweetest mango pie weighted more or less two tons.
Rep. Rachel Arenas (3rd District, Pangasinan) told the crowd that she has a slogan every time she gives a bag of this oval tropical fruit to friends abroad.
“Mula sa puso ni Rep. Rachel Arenas, matatamis na mangga sa 3rd District ng Pangasinan.
She said that if people in this city cooperate nothing is impossible.

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Aside from ‘pork,’ Arenas brings P150-M projects

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SAN CARLOS CITY- Third District Rep. Rachel Arenas brought P150 million worth of project this year to the district, aside from her regular annual priority development assistance fund of P70 million.
Rep. Rachel Arenas said it took a lot of efforts to chalk-up this mammoth amount from cabinet secretaries, department heads, and bureau chief.
She continued that the P150 million is not a congressional insertion but funds needed by her constituents who lived in the five towns and a city in Central Pangasinan.
“Dito naman sa administration na ito pantay-pantay. Whatever, walang kakampi, walang hindi. Walang kapatid, walang hindi. I believed that if they know that it is important then it would come. Ngayon lang, we have to give time. The cabinet secretaries change their priorities. So we have to work with them,” she said.
During Arenas’s 1st term in office she was the envy of congressmen, senators, and her rivals as she brought projects that ran up to P1.5 billion.
It was the result of her closeness with the previous administration.
The 2nd term Harvard trained lawmaker said she is presently preoccupied with projects like irrigation, gyms, and the usual farm-to-market roads.
In an earlier pronouncement, Eng. Marietta Mendoza, the chief of the 2nd Sub-District of the Department of Public Works & Highway, said aside from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) last year Arenas, she got tens of millions of pesos for regular infrastructure program from the Departments of Social Welfare & Development and the Public Works & Highway.
Mendoza said that the solon is still collecting resolutions from the city, municipalities, and villages’ officials for her to determine what areas and programs to be funded.
Arenas likewise lauded Archbishop Socrates Villegas by building a convent in her farm in the town of Malasiqui.
Meanwhile, Arenas refused to comment on the brewing divisive issues of Jai-Alai and Loterya ng Bayan in Pangasinan.
She declared that Loterya is legal while Jai Alai is illegal.
“So, sa akin ang PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) is really pushing the Loterya ng Bayan, and we should support that. Sa akin ang dating kabo mag-kakaroon sila ng uniporme pang-suporta with the government. Hindi na sila hunted na nagtatago. Ito ang-kabuhayan nila, “ she stressed.
She declared that she read and heard that the Games & Amusement Board limits only to Cagayan Province the operation of Jai-Alai .
“Alam ko naman na maraming issue ang Jai-Alai dito but as much as possible as a national official I do not want to get involved in commenting in that gambling issues,” she said.

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Acosta’s appointment will embarrass P-Noy – Zubiri

“What is your take on the child Jay-jay who causes a national uproar at Wiling Willie of TV5?”
Everybody thought this was a tough question by a media man to stars of ABS-CBN’s noon time TV show “Happy Yipee Yehey!” in a press conference in Lingayen recently.
Beauteous Mariel Rodriguez begged: “To be honest I am not comfortable answering that question”.
Wacky Randy Santiago declared: “To be honest, I am dishonest thus I don’t want to answer that question honestly.”
“Idiotic” Bentong did not answer because he is, well, the show’s idiot.
For me, to be honest these actors preferred to be dishonest by withholding their three-cent worth of reactions to avoid a verbal backlash from beleaguered but cocky TV-5 main host Willie Revillame when he returns anytime from now to his famous show.
Enough said! Let’s buckle-up to politics.
Before the press conference called by the personalities above for their show in the provincial government’s Pistay Dayat 2011, Governor Amado T. Espino invited us media folks to ascend to the veranda located at the second floor of the Capitol- run Resort Hotel to interview fiesta guest Senator Migz Zubiri.
Zubiri divulged in the middle of the interview that Ombudsperson Merceditas Gutierrez has resigned.
That was a noontime of April 29. News reports said later that Gutierrez went to Malacanang at 11:20 Am by tending to President Noynoy Aquino her resignation.
“Ha! Ala Nixon ah?” I surprisingly quipped to Zubiri.
“Who is Nixon?” A surprised and an “unschooled” media man whispered at my back.
“Nixon was the African main star of the comedy flick “Gods Must be Crazy,” another unschooled radio commentator chided his companion.
To peasants out there, Richard Nixon was the U.S President who was not impeached despite his involvement in the Water Gate scandal because he beat the U.S senators cum jury by resigning and chalking-up a pardon from his successor President Gerald Ford.
But these U.S Senators did not feel bad about Nixon’s resignation. Unlike their Filipino counterpart Senator Lito Lapid, a college drop-out, who felt bad that his chance to wear a toga for the first time bogged down.
“So, former President Gloria Arroyo is vulnerable to non-bailable heinous crime of plunder that somebody will file against her at the new Ombudsman?” I posed to my fellow Visayan Senator,
Zubiri advised not only Arroyo but other government bigwigs to expect an avalanche of charges at the Ombudsman.
“My advice for them is to get a good lawyer,” he said.
Migz also took a swipe at former government officials who would be appointed to government position.
He cited former congressman and failed senatorial bet Neric Acosta who has a corruption case at the Sandiganbayan (Court for government officials).
Acosta is groomed by President Aquino to be the secretary of the Department of Environment &Natural Resources in lieu of Secretary Ramon Paje – a hold-over for Acosta.
Acosta was accused of misappropriation his P70 million a year Priority Development Assistance Fund or infamously known Pork Barrel by siphoning them to the cooperative, a private enterprise, of his mother where salaries of her workers were taken from that government fund.
“Mapapahiya lang si presidente dito (appointment of Acosta),” he said.
“I think the COA (Commission on Audit) should get involved. There are congressmen who are already indicted in the Sandiganbayan. They are awaiting verdicts on their misappropriation of the funds. For example, senatorial candidate ng first (congressional) district ng Bukidnon, si Neric Acosta. He gave his pork barrel to the foundation ran by his mother. Doon sila kumukuha ng sueldo nila. – which I think is wrong kasi government fund iyon – which I think should not be given to a private institution,” he told the press in Pangasinan when he visited last year.
Migz said that there should be a law that candidates for government appointment should be cleared first of complaints at either the Ombudsman or the Prosecutor Office before they are appointed. (You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at You can send comments too at

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