‘Of course, our idol, senior in government service, Mayor Nani Braganza’…Pres. Noynoy Aquino

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BOK NANI BRAGANZA, sa dinami dami ng kanyang binate noong nasa Urdaneta siya, special mention ka na naman ni PNoy sa kanyang speech. Hehehe

Bakit ba palagi kang special mention? Noong sa League of Cities Convention special mention ka na naman.

Good news pala sa mga taga subaybay ng developments sa Alaminos International Airport. Na release na ang halangang P75 million bilang land acquisition fund ng Alaminos City para mapalawak ang airport.

May ini-release pa bang ibang pondo para sa ibang LGU’s?

Ang isang project ni Mayor Nani ay ang GALI-LANGOY Eco-Adventure Race na gaganapin sa Hundred Islands sa Alaminos City sa Pangasinan.

Opo ang alaminos City ay nasa Pangasinan.

Sabi ni Mayor Nani, Governor Espino is my governor because he is the duly elected governor of Pangasinan.

Ang GALI-LANGOY ay magkakaroon ng lauching sa May 1 kung saan tatlong events ang pasisinayaan: Island-to-island Swimming; Parao (sailboat) Racing; at Kayak Raising.

Ang GALI-LANGOY ay isang paraan upang makapag anyaya ng turista sa Alaminos City sa pamamagitan ng water sports.

REAL PROPERTY TAX DEMEANOR. May mga taong nagsasabi na wala nang magagawa pa sa implanted na revised real property tax. Meron din naman nagsasabi na puede pang mabigayan solusyon ang isyung ito.

Ang sa akin naman, sana ay ang laban sa real property tax ay maging battle of the minds at hindi humantong sa personal.

Magkakaibigan ang mga nasa magkabilang poder at sana naman ay maging civil sila sa isa’t-isa.

Maglabas ng mga well-researched na argumento para malinawan ng sambayanan, dahil after 3 years mapipiliatan na naman ang provincial government na –revise and tax schedule at magkakaroon na naman ng mga debate.

HOLY WEEK MESSAGE. Narito po ang Holy week message ni Fr. Gerry Orbos.

H — alt! Stop for a while, or at least slow down. Take time to rest and relax. Your body needs rest, so find time to be still. Go away, disappear. Rest a while.

O – ff with your worldly pursuits and concerns. Turn off your cellular phone if you have to, so that you can focus on your spiritual life this week. Forget quotas, forget deadlines and forget performance. Just be. Don’t let the world and its cares disturb the tranquility of your mind and soul this week. Let the world go by, and let the Lord take care of everything for once. Surprise yourself. Rediscover your inner strengths and simple joys. OFF to the world. ON to your heart. ON to your God.

L – isten. If you are in the Off or Silent mode, then you can really listen, pray and meditate. Take time to listen to God and tell him what’s happening with your life.

Allow the Father to wrap His loving arms around your shoulders once again and just listen. Listen also to your own inner self, not just to your day-to-day wants and needs. Is there something you are missing in your life? Is there something more you need to do in your life?

Y – ield to God. Let go of your grip on your own life. Be on the lookout for His road signs as you travel on. Listen to His instructions, and you will find your way. Better still; let Him do the navigating and the driving.

W – arm up your relationships. Time to allow your loved ones feel that warm-and-sunny-spring you, not the cold-and-cloudy-winter you. Reach out to the people you have taken for granted or left out altogether. Time to call a friend and use your lifeline, or ask your audience – for an apology, for help, for suggestions. Call, teat, write, smile and hug. Use anything that will help you repair, restore and revitalize your relationships.

E – rase the burdens of guilt and sin with a good, honest and humble confession. Heed God’s call: “Come back to me, with all your heart. Don’t let sin keep us apart. Long have I waited for your coming home to me.” In response to God’s love, may we all say to God, especially this week: “Create a clean heart in me; 0 God. Give back to me the joy of your salvation.” Time also to erase hurts, resentments, anger and ill feelings. Forgive people who hurt you, and ask for forgiveness from people you have hurt, cheated, used or abused in any way.

E – xpress your love. Whatever you do, especially this week, like praying, fasting, works of penance and deeds of charity, let them all be expressions of your love and gratitude to God. Let them be done not out of fear, or out of obligation.

K – neel down. In humility, kneel down in prayer before God and thank Him for suffering so much. For dying on the cross and for rising again for our salvation. Somebody died for you and me. Let us not allow this week to pass without personally thanking Him.

Let this be a time for all of us to kneel down before one another in humility: parents before their children whom they have neglected; children before their parents whom they have hurt; politicians and government officials before the people whom they have cheated etc., etc.

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