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Sendo and Noynoy

President Benigno Aquino III and Abono Party-list's Boss Rosendo So posed for posterity during the recent visit of the former in Pangasinan

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Abono: Electoral backlash awaits provincial leaders

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The chairman of the Abono Party-list said an electoral backlash is inevitable unless the leadership of the provincial government back tracts on the hike of the valuation of Real Property Tax (RPT).

Engineer Rosendo So said in a media forum here that these leaders are the governor, vice governor, and the members of the Sanggunian Panlalawigan (Provincial Board).

“Recently (The chairman of Dangerous Drugs Board) Bebot Villar said  that Governor (Amado T.) Espino would still win his re-election bid (in 2013), but if he will not do something to decrease the soaring hike in RPT, he will lose his re-election because the farmers are already up in arms on the hefty land tax imposed on them by the provincial government,” he told reporters  a recent forum of the Pangasinan Press Club, Inc. held at Pedrito’s Restaurant.

He continued that despite the historically significant margin of votes Governor Espino got against his immediate opponent in the 2010 poll, all of that would go to naught in the next election.

He wondered how the hard-up farmers pay the valuation that averagely spiked by 300% this year when they could hardly pay their land tax obligation in the old rates.

He said organizations that represent tens of thousands of farmers in Pangasinan made a call to his office to air their sentiments against the hikes.

He disclosed that they asked him how they could pay their debts on the seeds and fertilizers they loaned when they are required by law under pain of fine and surcharges to pay the excessive RPT.

“Wala ng maiiwan sa kanila,”he said.

The head of an irrigation association in the province assailed the land tax as excessive and confiscatory.

Oftociano Manalo said he owned three hectares of rice land that gives him an average of P6, 600 net monthly.

“Now, how could I feed my family when the provincial government billed me P12, 000 this year, which is much higher than my last year’s RPT of P3,000? he said.

So wondered why the members of the Provincial Board gave blanket authority to the governor to negotiate a measly 5% RPT increase this year to the power providers San Roque Dam in San Manuel town and the Coal Power Plant in Sual town.

He could not understand why the Board could not give the same authority to the governor to mitigate the present hikes– whose highest increased reached by 500% in a first class residential land in Rosales.

In case their grievance is treated with indifference by the provincial government, So, Leo E. Sy, president of the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders Association, Inc- Pangasinan Chapter,and farmers’ organizations would file an injunction case to the Regional Trial Court in Pangasinan to stop the implementation of RPT.

They all suspected that the various rates of the land tax were railroaded  without the benefit of an exhaustive public hearing by the Board that approved what Provincial Assessor Nestor Quimbao has given them.

Nestor Pulido, the former mayor of Anda, opined that the grumblings of the farmers all over the province could be likened to the Tea Party in the U.S and the Basi Revolt in Pidig, Ilocos Norte.

Tea Party saw many congressmen and other elective officials of the Democratic Party defeated in this year’s poll in the U.S because of excessive taxation as one of the major instances, while Basi Revolt was when the Ilocanos raised up against the Spanish government because of the oppressive tax measures the latter implemented.

“This is unjust taxation!” Pulido said.


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DTI: Prices of goods rises in Pangasinan

DAGUPAN CITY—Prices of at least 16 basic goods including milk and noodles have gone up in Pangasinan, said Provincial Director Peter Mangabat of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) during the KBP forum today.

He said that based on a monitoring conducted last April 4, sixteen basic items, including milk, coffee, bread, canned goods, noodles and soaps were seen to have increased in prices.

Mangabat attributed the increase in prices mainly to soaring oil prices due to the civil unrest in the Middle East, particularly Libya, where large portion of oil imports come from. “Halos lingo-linggo tumataas ang presyo ng langis,” he said.

Another cause is the depleted supply of wheat, from which flour is obtained. Wheat is imported from Russia and Australia, which were hit by drought and floods, respectively. The price of flour, the main ingredient of bread, rose from P860 to P920 per sack.

Mangabat clarified that price control is not being imposed. Instead, suggested retail prices (SRP) set by the DTI and the manufacturers serve as price reference to be adopted in the entire country. Unreasonable increase from the SRP may prompt an investigation from the DTI which may impose penalties according to the Philippine Price Act of 1992.

The high cost of commodities ranks highest among the problems of the country today, followed by unemployment and corruption, he added.

Mangabat, however, assured that the DTI will monitor store owners and retailers who will try to take advantage of the festivities in Pangasinan like the Bangus Festival here. (PIA/Pangasinan)

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President Noynoy Aquino’s recent visit in Pangasinan

Congresswoman Marlyn Agabas (6th District, Pangasinan) (3rd from left), Abono Party-list boss Sendo So,, and Alaminos City Mayor Nani Braganza in a huddle as they waited for the arrival recently of President Benigno Aquino III in Urdaneta City.

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Poor Philippines

Such is this country really and figuratively: Poor in terms of want of economic resources and financial assets. Poor in terms of its victimization by no less than a big number of public officials. The former sad reality is the cause of the latter shameful situation.

It is precisely the many public officials who make the country poor materially and socio-politically. Otherwise, the Philippines would be rich and the Filipinos blessed.

Thus it is that there are distinct voices heard here and there, in both gloomy and happy gatherings, to the effect that in a way, the Philippines would be affluent and the Filipinos would be well-off—were it not for the gross graft and flagrant corruption precisely taking place in government agencies at the expense of the millions of citizens paying indirect and direct taxes from birth to death plus the thousands of small and big business entities paying direct taxes.

In the event that it is a gigantic and even an impossible task to know how much is actually stolen from public funds in favor of private pockets in day-to-day running of the government bureaucracy, it would be enough to take into account the multi-billion pesos stolen year-after-year from but one government agency as the AFP. It fires and baffles the imagination how much more money—all tax payers hard earned money nonchalantly demanded and taken by the government supposedly for the common good and public welfare—ultimately find their way to personal bank accounts and/or converted into private properties of many public officials.

The Philippine National Police. The Department of Public Works and Highways. The Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Land Transportation Office. The Commission on Audit. The Bureau of Customs. The Department of Education. The National Food Authority. The GSIS. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The Department of the Internal and Local Government. The Department of Health. The Office of the Ombudsman. The Philippine Senate. The House of Representatives. The Social Security System. The Department of Social Welfare and Development. The PCGG. The PAGCOR. The PCSO. The Department of Justice. The Department of Budget and Management.


Question: Would it be but reasonable to public opinion and profitable to the general public, to have the above government agencies listed in the Stock Exchange

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