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Mayor Bobom intensifies anti-littering campaign

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

URDANETA CITY- If you happen to be in this city, do not ever attempt to throw candy wrappers, cigarette butts and other trash anywhere other than trash cans or else you will be fined or end up in jail.

This after City Mayor Amadeo G. E. “Bobom” Perez IV revived the implementation of Ordinance 75-2005 or the Anti-littering Ordinance as part of his the environmental awareness campaign program here.

The said ordinance carried a penalty of: first offense- a fine of P500 or four hours of community service; second offense- a fine of P1,000; third offense- a) P2,000 fine and revocation of Mayor’s permit for business establishments, and P2,000 or imprisonment or both for individuals.

In intensifying the campaign with taglines “ Bawal Magkalat sa Urdaneta, Kalinisan Gawing Kaugalian,” Mayor Bobom created a task force to oversee its compliance and put up trash cans/ waste bins in strategic places within the urban centers of the city.

“ We want a clean environment. With massive information campaign on anti-littering, people in the city and even visitors will be used to abide with it. It’s just a matter of implementing it coupled with right information,” he said.

The said ordinance was approved in 2005 or five years ago but it was not as massively implemented as now.

Mayor Bobom, who is noted for his work habit of working more than eight hours a day, makes rounds of visit within the public market areas and monitor for himself the implementation of other programs related to environmental concerns.

He further said that the construction of the engineered sanitary land fill in Catablan village is nearing completion and hopefully to be opened in January next year.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bobom extended his gratitude to the city government officials, reigning beauties, business sectors, academic community and to all those who made the city’s fiesta celebration a success.

The city fiesta started on December 1, 2010 until December 11, 2010

“ We have celebrated our fiesta without any untoward incident. I commend our police officers and other peace-keeping groups like the Public Order and Safety Office, civilian volunteers organizations and our barangay officials for their assistance in ensuring a peaceful fiesta celebration,” he said.

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Is it true that Governor Espino was not invited in Bani during PNoy’s visit?

Last December 7 without much fanfares, President PNoy together with Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman visited Bani town purposely to formally open the Core Shelter Project at the mountain slopes of Dacap Sur village.

The project was constructed during the time of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo consisting of 100 housing units which were jointly undertaken by the municipal government of Bani, Department of Social Welfare and Development, UN World Food Programme (UNWFP) and the 600 beneficiaries , mostly were the victims of typhoon Emong which devastated the province in the early part of 2009.

The affair was the first visit of President PNoy in the province after his election for presidency in May 2010. As the first visit, therefore, it should be memorable. It should also be a gathering of respected government officials in the province. And it should also be a venue for public officials to air some concerns to the president.

But surprise of all surprises, our very own Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. was not present in the opening of “ Burubor ni Ayat” (Fountain of Love). Was it a deliberate effort of the organizers of the visit that Governor Espino will not be invited? Or, was there any tint of politics considering that President PNoy belongs to Liberal Party and Governor Espino to the Lakas-CMD Party? Does Bani Mayor Marcelo E. Navarro, Jr. intentionally not include Governor Espino in the list of guests but instead included former 2nd District Rep. Victor Aguedo E. Agbayani? Remember, Agbayani is the provincial chair of Liberal Party

There were many speculations that sprung up after the non-appearance of Governor Espino in that grand and historical event in the province. Yes, if some of the speculations were true that he was intentionally not invited to the event, it’s a big slap on the face of the province’s chief executive. If I were Espino, I will ask the organizers to explain or perhaps even Mayor Navarro why the “missed protocol” in the invitation of guests. Or, I might bawl at Navarro for still playing politics at the moment.

The damage has been done to the ego of the governor. It was an utter disrespect of not “inviting” him being the highest official of the province. On the part of the organizers of the visit, it was distasteful and a shame to the “Tuwid na Landas” of President PNoy. Probably, non-political allies are not included in the “Tuwid na Landas”. Is it only for those allies of PNoy ?

Wouldn’t it had been wonderful when Espino and Agbayani should have been there in the event together and could have talked on their political differences? Then, a reconciliation between the two should have made us prouder Pangasinenses-an event most awaited for than that of the inauguration of the houses. Don’t you think so, Kuya Raffy (Baraan) and my friend Butch Velasco?

And speaking of “Tuwid na Landas”, the Supreme Court has finally spoken. The Executive Order No. 1 issued by President PNoy for the creation of Truth Commission was declared unconstitutional. The magistrates opined that it is selective Commission which focuses only to the alleged anomalies of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. They said that it should have included those in the other previous administrations.

What I could not understand in this administration is the “fishing expedition” it is doing against PGMA? If there were corrupt practices during her term, much more have been done during the terms of Cory Aquino, Fidel Valdez Ramos and Erap Estrada. Why don’t they unearth those graft and corruption practices even during the time of President Marcos. Imposing a clean slate of governance is not a monopoly of the few.

Now the allied group of PNoy is pointing to the magistrates of the Supreme Court alleging that many of them have been appointed by PGMA? What wisdom are these people imparting to the ordinary Filipino people. It was not PGMA who directly appointed these magistrates. They passed through the scrutiny of the Judicial Bar Council ( some senators and representatives are members) and it’s only the President who will handpick and appoint one out of the three nominees. They are now saying that PGMA have been shielded by these magistrates and crying out for equal justice.

Who appointed the members of the Truth Commission? Was it not PNoy? If we go to the same argument, then the results of the investigation to be undertaken by the said commission will be one-sided and biased.

Let’s open our eyes to political realities. Politics has been there in our lives for so long a time. It has never made this country to its desired heights of progress and development.

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Abono to continue giving subsidies for farmers

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- Despite the pronouncement of Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala during his “ Talakayan sa Agrikultura “ at PSU- Sta. Maria , Pangasinan that the fertilizer and palay seeds subsidies will be totally scrapped in 2011 to give way to “seed banks” development, Abono Partylist will still continue providing said subsidies to farmers in the province.

Abono Party list Chair Rosendo O. So said the remaining funds of the province’s share of the tobacco excise tax will be used in funding the much needed subsidies by the farmers.

“While I welcome the statement of Secretary Alcala, I am on the opinion that the (fertilizer and palay seeds ) subsidies are much needed by the farmers to boost their palay production,” So said.

It will be recalled that 18 tobacco producing towns of Pangasinan were recipients of the share in the tobacco excise tax which was pending in the Department of Budget since 1993.

The town-beneficiaries were Malasiqui, San Fabian, Rosales, Sta. Barbara, Villasis, Balungao, Sta. Maria, Mapandan, Laoac, San Jacinto, Manaoag, Sison, Pozorrubio, Alcala, Sto. Tomas, Bautista, San Manuel and Asingan.

With the lobbying efforts with then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo by 2nd District Rep. Victor E. Agbayani, 4th District Rep. Jose De Venecia, 3rd District Rep. Rachel “Baby “ Arenas, 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco, Abono Partylist Rep. Robert Raymund M. Estrella , Jr. , 6th District Rep. Conrad M. Estrella III, the tobacco excise tax share for Pangasinan including that of Ilocos Sur and La Union was released.

Part of the funds have been earmarked for the purchase of fertilizers and palay seeds while the big bulk was used for the construction of farm to market road, purchase of farm implements, water pumps and G.I. pipes for inland water irrigation system.

“ Abono Partylist’s advocacies in helping alleviate the lives of our farmers will continue. Abono Partylist Representatives Estrella and Ortega are working closely with the Department of Agriculture in the passage of bill that will be for the benefits of the farmers, “ So further said.

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