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Information officer of NIA-ARIIP

I don’t know if media practitioners in Pangasinan have the same experience as I had with the information officer of National Irrigation Administration- Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project (NIA-ARIIP) based in Tumana, Rosales who rudely treated me during my visit in her office last December 2.

This information officer who bragged as also being the training officer of the said office is no other than Evangelina E. Arceo, a woman in her late 60s. I found her lacking in proper decorum, and public relations savvy expected from a public official like her.

On that day, Cory Bactad of Regional Examiner and I went to the NIA-ARIIP to get updates on the status of the re-regulating pond being constructed at San Roque Dam in San Manuel. We went there at 11:30 in the morning but the Arceo was not in her office. She was already having her lunch as relayed to us by the security guard on duty. Luckily, he treated us nicely by offering the guard house for us to stay. We waited for her until she returned to her office at past 1:00 in the afternoon.

When we entered her office, we cordially introduced ourselves, and told her our purpose in going to that office. I provided her also copies of this newspaper. When I asked if we could interview Project Manager Reynaldo Mencias, she said that her boss was on a special meeting. When I asked again who would likely provide us information, she said that nobody. My goodness! I can’t imagine that an information officer being paid by the government could not provide us information or updates about the project.

Alright, we succumbed to her answers but what irked me was when she said that she has already provided updates to some newspapers. She mentioned the names of news men who are apparently favored by her and then pointblank told us that she could no longer provide us information. I insisted to get data from her, and again she said that she has to wait for her assistant, who was on an errand, to print a copy. Still I insisted. I asked her if I could just get a copy of the updates provided by her to other news men and here’s what she said, “ Kopyahin ninyo na lang sa kanilang newspaper”. What! That woman was not only inutile, she’s also out of her mind. Ms. Arceo, nakakahiya ka sa opisinang iyan.

The worst thing she did was when she said that there were many news men who frequent her office to collect payment for press releases and that she could not provide us updates because we might be collecting payment also. Inutil ka nga Ms. Arceo. How many times that I have written about your office even without your press releases, but have you seen me collecting payment? Project Manager Mencias might not even know me personally because I am not that kind of reporter who always go to his office and ask for something in return. Never! Ms. Arceo. Ni singkong duling wala akong natatanggap sa inyong opisina , kaya huwag ka namang bastos.

Due to her insensitivity and actions, I was extremely irritated. Then I pointed to her the “ announcement” pasted on her wall which says “ Attention : To all media practitioners. Please be informed that available schedule of NIA-ARIIP Project Management to entertain you is every first Thursday of the month. For more information, please contact public affairs information services of this project first before making appointment with project management office. Thank you. (Sgd) Reynaldo C. Mencias”.

It’s very clear Ms. Arceo, you are supposed to be the first person for us to keep in touch with, being the head of the “public affairs information services.” But how rude you were. You better remove that “announcement” because it’s useless . We went to your office on the first Thursday of December , but instead of treating us nicely, you humiliated us. How dare you telling us not to go to your office anymore, instead we will just call you up. You don’t deserve to be in that position. Project Manager Mencias might not even aware of what you’re doing. You said that you are also the training officer in that office, but I don’t know what values are you imparting to the employees of NIA-ARIIP.

Paging Project Manager Mencias! That woman is not capable of handling your public affairs office. She’s a shame to the “Tuwid na Landas “ of President PNoy. We deserve people in the public service who are sensitive to our needs . Ms. Arceo unluckily belongs to the rare breed of “unworthy public servants.”

Oh, I forgot the name of the security guard. Thank you for your kindness and respect.

Pareng Brando, what can you say? Have you not experienced the same treatment from said office?

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No to meat, vegetables and onions importation- Alcala

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

STA.MARIA – Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala assured the farmers of Pangasinan that under his watch of the Department of Agriculture (DA), there will be no importation of meat (pork and chicken), vegetables and onions which he claimed are contributory to the dying hog and poultry raising industry and vegetable production, not only in the province but in the whole country.

This he said before a crowd of farmers, irrigators association ,fishermen municipal and provincial government officials during the “Talakayan sa Agrikultura ng Mga Magsasaka” held at the Capability Development Building, Pangasinan State University in this town last November 29.

“Let’s focus on what the government can do. Hindi na natin papayagan ang importasyon ng meat at onions. Your province is noted for the hog and poultry industry and by letting importation, it will greatly affect the raisers,” he said.

Alcala further said that he will look into the reported smuggling of onions in the country after Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. asked him about the proliferation of smuggled onions in the market.

Espino in his opening message relayed to Secretary Alcala three major problems in the province among which are irrigation facilities, meat and onion importation.

Alcala in responding to the call for irrigation facilities said that his office will provide funds for irrigation facilities including the repair and rehabilitation of the existing ones.

During the open forum, Secretary Alcala gamely answered the issues raised by the farmers among which were the return of the seeds and fertilizers subsidy, the price sudsidy for palay under the National Food Authority (NFA) and other cncerns on agriculture.

On the seed and fertilizer subsidy, Alcala said that his office is bent of not sustaining it saying “ subsidies have long been used by the farmers but its effect has not been felt by them”.

He sad that instead of sudsidizing the seeds and fertilizers, funds will be used to improve “seed banks”.

“Mas maganda ang presyo ang ibibigay sa mga certified seeds,” he said.

For the NFA support fund for palay price subsidy, he said that P6 billion has been released for the public-private support fund.

His visit was capped with the distribution of fertilizers, water pumps, tractor, swine and palay seeds to selected farmer-beneficiaries and cooperatives in the province.

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Mina is new provincial Guardians chair

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

DAGUPAN CITY- Villasis Councilor Roderick Emmanuel R. Mina of Bayang Pandoyocan was elected as the new chair of the Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc.- Pangasinan Chapter in an election conducted among the municipal chapters of the province at the Mayor’s Shed , Tondaligan in this city last November 27.

Attended by 14 registered municipal/barangay chapters, Guardians-members unanimously gave the nod to Mina’s quest for chairmanship who they said will provide a new shot in the arm of the said organization.

Mina, who is also known as “MG AIDAN” in the Guardians community said that he will spearhead reforms in the management and operations of the PGBI in the province.

“There should be a solid framework of organizational development. The organization must be strengthened to be the bedrock of other Guardians’ factions, not only in the province and Region I, but throughout the country,” he said.

He further said that he will offer the organization as a partner in development of the provincial government.

When asked about the future of “wayward memberships” in the organization, Mina said that he will undertake aggressive recruitment and work on “Balik-PGBI” campaign.

Other programs he outlined for the organization are: conduct of regular visit to all municipal/barangay chapters especially during monthly meetings to expound on the plans and objectives of the present set of officers; foster unity and cooperation as provincial chapter; pursue meritorious promotion of deserving members to make Pangasinan at par with other provinces; and to actively conduct dialogue with the national leadership of PGBI to follow the chain of command and not directly deal with municipal and barangay chapters in order that the provincial council will not be rendered useless and irrelevant.

Guardians organizations in the province have evolved into several factions, each having its own organizational structure and development agenda.

GUARDIANS is an acronym of Gentleman/Lady, United, Associates of (Filipino) Race, Dauntless, Ingenious , Advocates of Nation and Society.

The Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (PGBI) is an offshoot of then Guardians Centre Foundation, Inc. (GCFI) after an attempt of consolidating and uniting all factions in June 2000.

It has then became a non-government organization, accredited by most Sangguniang Bayans and Sangguniang Panlalawigans in the country, conducting among others civic-spirited activities like tree planting, blood letting, traffic and communications assistance, peace and order keeping and environmental awareness.

Guardians is operating on a motto anchored on justice, service, equality integrity, peace and prosperity.

PGBI is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with registration number A200008885. It is currently headed by Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan as National Chairman.

Others who were elected into the provincial council are: Vice Chair, Internal Affairs- Ramon Chito “MG Platoon” Petrola (Bayang Bangus-Dagupan City), Vice Chair, External Affairs- Luisito “MG Aries” Santillan (Bayang Bonuan-Dagupan City),

Secretary- Nicasio “MG Casi” Sales (Bayang Pandoyocan-Villasis), Assistant Secretary- Peter “MG 619” Alvarez (Bayang Puto- Calasiao), Treasurer- Rolly “MG Rommel” dela Cruz (Bayang MinVil-Sta. Barbara),Assistant Treasurer- MG George, Auditor- Pepito “MG Ottack” Ines (Bayang Buccaneer), Assistant Auditor- Gerald “MG Wormwood” Reyes (Bayang Bangus-Dagupan City), Business Manager- Jesus “MG Jhess” Limos (Bayang Pandoyocan-Villasis), PRO- Graciano “MG Gemini 2” Gbrillo (Bayang Mapagpalang Santa- Sta. Barbara), Aresteo “MG Sly” Lucena (Bayang Pandoyocan- Villasis) and Provincial Founder- Benjamin “SGF Aries” Aquino.

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Urdaneta City’s Beauties

(l-r) Her Majesty Queen Jenemie Tabuac, Her Highness First Princess Mary Grace Villanueva, Her Highness Second Princess Brittney Echalas and Her Highness Third Princess Ludife Dyanne Estrada. Photo taken inside theUrdaneta City Cultural and Sports Complex last December 1. (VIR MAGANES)

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