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Control the struggles

Lessons should be learned from recent experiences in Manila where forms of protest actions have turned violent.

We have seen how an important minority of students hold a protest action in Baguio against the Aquino administration.

We have seen how an important minority of kuliglig drivers together with pedicab drivers hold protest action in Manila.

Both protest actions ended in violence.

There is a need for the organizers not to provoke the armed forces into clashes where the protesters always get bloodied up.

The forces of repression always look for opportunities to attack resistance against the established order.

There is a need for the repressed people to control their struggles.

After the violence people will always cry out against police brutality and after crying out…protest organizers bring the struggles once more out there in the streets.

Obviously, those who used violence wanted to send a clear message and that is to spread fear among those who want to join struggles for change; to frighten parents, demonstrators or not, in an attempt to dissuade them from joining the next protest actions; and to provoke the students and the drivers to forget their original issue and convert this into a single issue of police brutality.

The people of Pangasinan have their own struggles for social transformation.

The people of Pangasinan will one day have our own protest actions that will be issue based and not be led into provocations for physical conflict.

The people of Pangasinan have to stick to the issues and not be sidetracked by violence from the forces of repression.

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Dagupan’s welfare officer dismissed from office

CITY Mayor Benjamin S. Lim ordered the dismissal of City Social Welfare and Development Officer (CSWDO) Elsa P. Santillan from government service effective November 24.

Lim said his decision agreeing to the committee report that substantial evidence was found in Santillan’s case to merit the extreme administrative penalty of dismissal from the service based on
civil service prescribed-rules. Santillan was charged of the administrative offenses of dishonesty, grave misconduct and serious neglect in the performance of duty.
On September 9, 2010, Santillan was preventively suspended for 60 days and the Investigation Committee headed by City
Administrator Vladmir Mata was formed thru Executive Order No. 30

Lim said the suspension order was to prevent her from possibly exerting undue influence or pressure upon the witnesses who executed
their affidavits and the reason for her administrative case.

Santillan’s legal counsel, Atty. Teodora S. Cerdan soon moved for the inhibition of Mata as chairman of the committee on the ground that he
allegedly pressured the affiants in executing the affidavits, and thus, would not be able to preside with impartiality.
On the principle that the authority of the committee is limited to the conduct of the investigation and submission of a report and recommendation, Lim, together with the members of the committee denied
the motion for inhibition.

Witnesses, in their affidavit, said Santillan directed a subordinate, Josephine De Vera, to receive various amounts of money from different occupants of spaces within the CSWDO compound.

The occupants are Carlota Laparan, Roda Remuto and Nida Ramos.

Laparan affirmed and confirmed the contents of her affidavit executed on August 25, 2010 that she regularly paid the CSWDO P50 daily rental
for her eatery. She gave the said amount to De Vera and at times to Santillan inside her office.

She also testified that Santillan (despite being preventively suspended) together with a senior barangay official made it look like she recanted her August 25 affidavit by convincing her to sign another
affidavit inside a barangay hall.

Remuto stated that she operates a burger stand within the compound of the CSWDO and pays P300 as monthly rental to De Vera.

She, too testified that she was made to execute a second affidavit, at the instance of Santillan in which she was made to say that some
allegations in her first affidavit were incorrect or untrue.

Santillan tried to justify the collections, citing as basis a letter dated December 22, 2009, of the then City Mayor, Alipio F. Fernandez

“Careful perusal of the said letter reveals however, that it cannot be considered as a valid authority, to enable Santillan, or any other
person acting in her behalf to collect amounts of money for occupying specific areas within the compound of any government office, for livelihood activities,” Lim said.

The mayor added: “It is an elementary rule that collection of any fee or permit, may not be imposed by the government, unless there is an ordinance or provision of law duly enacted, which authorizes the
collection or imposition of fees. Collection of any fee, regardless of the amount, without the requisite ordinance, provision of law or agency regulation may be considered as illegal exaction or even

The amounts collected were allegedly used for the purchase of ornamental plants, and spent for the installation of the gates and concreting of pavements within the CSWDO compound.

“Granting without conceding, that collections were made in good faith, the utilization of the amount is still improper. The letter is by no means an authority for the chief of office to collect maintenance
costs. Clearly therefore, Santillan acted without or beyond the scope of her authority. She has arrogated unto herself, a power which is not
delegated by law, particularly of Section 483, R.A. 7160 or any existing law, nor a validly delegated authority from a duly authorized person or authority,” said Lim.

Another fact revealed during the conduct of the investigation was the existence of expired goods in the warehouse of the CSWDO.

“As a responsible public employee, Santillan cannot claim lack of knowledge of the very nature and actual status of whatever goods that comes into her possession. Verily, the mere existence of the expired
noodles at the CSWDO warehouse is by itself, an indication of misfeasance of the responsible custodian thereof,” said Lim.

“It is unfortunate, that she, even after she was exposed red-handed,on television, of having expired food in her custody, had the temerity
to claim that said expired noodles are still fit to be eaten six months after its expiration date. Such a statement, considered to be irresponsible, simply reveal her ineptness or callousness, considering
that the safety of the needy, which they vow to protect and care for, is put at risk and compromised,” the mayor explained in his decision.

Citing the case of Remona vs. CSC, 362 SCRA 304, Lim declared: “The principle is that when an officer or employee is disciplined, the object sought is not the punishment of such officer or employee but the improvement of public service and the preservation of the public’s faith and confidence in the government.”

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BM NIÑO, ang BM ninyo sa 5th district

Ang fiesta ay isang panahon kung saan ang mga tao ay nagpapasalamat sa mgagandang bagay na dumating sa kanilang buhay.

Ito ay isang paraan ng pasasalamat.

a fiesta celebration ng Urdaneta City ngayong taong ito, minarapat ni 5th district Board Member Clemente B. Arboleda, Jr. na bigyang halaga ang contribution ng mga tricycle operators at drivers sa kanilang hindi matatawarang serbisyo sa public transportation.

Si BM Arboleda ay mas kilala bilang BM Niño.

Ang dala niyang linya ay HONESTY, INTEGRITY at MODESTY sa public service.

Ang layunin ni BM Niño kaya siya nasa public services ay makatulong na mapabuti ang ating gobyerno at kabuhayan.

Tangap ni BM Niño na masalimuot at mahirap lutasin ang mga problema ng gobyerno at ng bayan.

Pero hindi siya nawawalan ng pag-asa na magkakaroon din ng solusyon ang mga ito.

Bilang isang masipag na dating vice mayor ng bayan ng Alcala, marami siyang pinangunahang projects na itinaguyod at mga taong natulungan.

Pero, hindi na niya ito ipinangangalandakan o ipinagkakalat pa.

Kuntento na at masaya na siya kapag siya ay may natulungan na hindi na kailangang ibandera pa sa media.

Pinamamahalaan ni BM Niño ang pagtaguyod ng isang TODA NIGHT.

Ayon kay BM Niño ang TODA NIGHT ay parang isang recognition night at ang esensya nito ay…’ to give recognition to the officers, members and families for their participation and continuing effort in the progress and development of Urdaneta City.’

Si BM Niño nga pala ay nahalal bilang nationa president ng National Movement of Young Legislators.

Nag-set up na rin si BM Niño ng district office sa Urdaneta City para hindi maabala na pumunta pa ng Lingayen ang mga taga 5th district kung may gusto silang isangguni sa kanya.

Ayon kay BM Niño ang tricycle operators at drivers ay kayamanan ng sambayanan…’Our greatest treasures are our people, our working people, the tricycle operators and drivers. These are the people who struggle each day to bring people to the market, schools, offices, hospitals, churches and other destinations.’

Dahil sa kanilang serbisyo sa mamamayan, nararapat lang na bigyan sila ng tama at angkop na pagkilala sa pamamagitan ng isang gabi na magkakasama sa isang kasiyahan.

Ayon din kay BM Niño, hindi din dapat makalimutan ang mahalagang suporta na ibinibigay ng kanya kanyang pamilya sa mga nagta-tricycle.

Naglaan si BM Niño ang mga door prizes para may madala naman sila sa bahay, tulad ng plantsa, rice cooker, electric fan at iba pa at ang grand prize ay tricycle.

Siyempre, ang gabi ng parangal na ito ay naglalayun din na ilagay sa kamalayan ng tricycle drivers ang pagiging marangal na tao para sila ay bigyan din ng sapat na respeto ng kanilang kapwa.

Ang pagpapahalaga ni BM Niño Arboleda sa sector ng mga tricycle drivers at operators ay dahil mismong siya ay mahilig din sa motorsiklo lalo na sa scooter.

Ang Pangasinan ay nangangarap ng pagbabago. Tayong lahat ay nangangarap ng pagbabago at si BM Niño ay nasa provincial government ngayon para itulak ng pagbabago.

Sigurado ako na masisiyahan ang mga dadalo sa TODA night na ito na itatanghal ni BM Niño and BM ninyo sa 5th district.

Pagkatapos ng TODA night, may hangover man o wala, sana kayong mga tricycle drivers ay maging mas masunurin sa batas trapiko at pangalagaan ang inyong dignidad bilang mamamayan.

HETO PA ANG MAINIT NA BALITA noong first day ng celebration ng fiesta ng isang bayan diyan sa 5th district.

BM Niño Arboleda, alam kong nasaksihan niyo itong pagtatalak ing isang councilor sa mga empleyado sa ilalim ng opisina ng vice mayor at pag-away sa vice mayor mismo.

Pagkatapos niyang awayin ang mga empleyado ni vice amyor ay hindi pa nakuntento si councilor SJ.

Si vice mayor GB mismo ang kanyang napag-initan.

Ayon sa mga nakasaksi, nagsimula ang lahat nang makialam si councilor na SJ nang sigawan niya ang mga empleyado si vice mayor para bumaba sa sasakayan at maglakad para sa parade.

Ang suggestion kasi ni mayor ay maglakad ang mga empleyado ng bayan.

Ang problema, hindi alam ni vice mayor na may suggestion si mayor na maglakad ang mga empleyado.

Eh, nakapag-utos na si vice mayor sa kaniyang mga empleyado na samahan siya na nakasakay habang nakikiparade.

Walang karapatan si councilor SJ na pakialaman ang palakad para sa parade.

Walang karapatan si councilor SJ na sigawan ang mga empleyado ni vice mayor.

Wala sa tama si councilor SJ na awayin si vice mayor.

May sariling personality ang office of the vice mayor bilang separate na legislative arm ng local government at ito ay nakiisa sa fiesta celebration sa opening day na parade.

Iba ang personality ng office of the mayor dahil ito ang executive arm ng local government.

Councilor Rio Esteves, kung ikaw ang chairman ng committee on ethics and good government, at nangyari sa inyo ito…magpapatawag ka ba ng inquiry?

Maliwanag na conduct unbecoming of a public official ang nangyaring ito.

Sana hindi mangyari sa Urdaneta ito.

ANG RULE SA NEWS WRITING ay round off to the nearest number, tama ba Bok Ging Cardinoza ng PDI?

Halimbawa, kung ang news mo ay ARIIP TO WATER 34,450 HECTARES, ang tamang lalabas sa news ay ARIIP TO WATER 35,000 HECTARES…round off, hindi ba?

Pero sa isyu ng survey sa acceptance ng mga Pilipino sa Reproductive Health Bill ay naka headline ang ‘69 % favor RH Bill’.

Kung ikaw ay estudyante ng journalism ang figure na 69 ay lalabas sa write up mo na 70…Hehehe. Ano ba ang significance ng ‘69’ sa RH Bill? Naughty kayo ha!

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Mencias says there will be water for re-regulating pond

By Brando Cortez

ROSALES-The project manager of the National Irrigation Administration-Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project (NIA-ARIIP) said that there will be water for the farms when the re-regulating pond is completed.

Engr. Reynaldo Mencias, NIA-ARIIP Project Manager, hosted the visit of Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala at the San Roque Dam where the re-regulating pond is being constructed.

The Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project seeks to provide year-round irrigation to at least 18 towns in Pangasinan

The re-regulating pond is the irrigation component of the San Roque Multipurpose Project.

Mencias said that the farmers should not fear that water will not be available for irrigation when the re-regulating pond is completed.

He said that water will be released by the San Roque Dam management to the re-regulating pond.

“Magkakatubig po ang re-regulating pond,” Mencias said. “At ang tubig ay magmumula sa irrigation peak releases San Roque Dam.”

“Nag-uusap naman po ang management ng San Roque Dam at ang NIA-ARIIP sa water releases para sa irrigation,” Mencias added. “Kahit hindi pa tapos ang re-regulating pond, meron na po kaming constant communication channels para mabigyan ng patubig ang mga palayan.”

The NIA-ARIIP has also submitted to Sec. Alcala a proposal to fund the repair and rehabilitation of the Lower Agno Irrigation System (LARIS).

The present Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project cover the Agno River Irrigation System (ARIS) and the Ambayaoan-Dipalo Irrigation System (ADRIS).

The ARIS services the irrigation needs of farmers in San Manuel, Asingan, Villasis, Urdaneta, Binalonan, Laoac, Manaoag, Mangaldan, Calasiao, Sta. Barbara, Malasiqui and Mapandan.

The ADRIS serves the towns of Natividad, San Nicolas, San Quintin, Sta. maria, Tayug and Balungao.

Mencias explained that the LARIS was dropped from the ARIIP by the funding agency.

“The ARIS has a service area of 26,850 hectares which benefits farmers in 12 municiplities,” Mencias said. “The ADRIS, on the other hand serves irrigation to 7,600 hectares in 6 municipalities in eastern Pangasinan.”

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