Pathetic Law Makers; The Koreans are coming!

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The reasons I seldom watch the deliberations of the members of the provincial board (Sangguniang Panlalawigan) of Pangasinan is because many of them there are intellectually nobodies. Some are mini-Lito Lapids who could hardly mumble a correct sentence in English in a debate or in an interview.
Last Wednesday, for some unknown reasons, I found myself at one of the side benches of the August Chamber as some department heads justified their 2011 budgets.
Susmariosep, before their budget could be approved some of them were asked by a board member if they could identify and name the surname of each of the members of the committee that heard the province’s more than P1.8 billion budget.
Like an over confident grade schooler, each of these heads recited with flourish in a microphone the names of the solons.
Like a well-orchestrated puppet-show their subordinates who were seated at the back and side rows relished the exceptional stunts by their superiors.
What made this treat preposterous? Each of the board members has a bold nameplate placed on their table to identify them.
I don’t care if the heads cheated on the identification test. What I care is the way our dads handle the appropriation of millions of pesos of precious public funds.
“This is not only a waste of public funds, this is also a waste of precious power supply and saliva,” I told an amused but disgusted media men there.
When the United States and the South Korean governments were groping in the dark looking for that elusive peace with the Hermit Kingdom communist North Korea, former Speaker Joe de Venecia and wife Congresswoman Gina, Secretary Proceso Alcala of the Department of Agriculture, Congressmen Robert Raymund Estrella and Marlyn Premicia-Agabas, and Abono Party Chairman Sendo So have been inaugurating the P100 million fish processing plant for bangus (milk-fish) at Brgy. Bonuan Binloc in Dagupan.
The event was attended by Charge d’Affaires Kim Yong of the South Korean Embassy and the head of Korea’s financial aid body Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOIKA).
The event materialized because of the aggressive intercession of then Speaker JDV to his Korean politician-friends to extend what they could give to the economic welfare of his people.
The November 29 event showed that a human being is no different to nation-state. Poor country like the Philippines ingratiates with rich country like South Korea.
The rich state remembered what is debt-of-gratitude to the semi-feudal state Philippine that saved her when she was much poorer than the former more than half-a- decade ago.
History tells us that in the early1950s, the Marxist North, aided by Communist China and the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, overran South Korea.
“Mr. Minister as you know, the Philippines is a bird-flu free country. That’s why the Japanese imports (dressed) chicken from us,” Secretary Alcala told the Korean diplomats at a press conference
He also told the head of KOICA that the Korean government has already given the Filipinos a corn processing plant in Mindanao.
The KOICA’s head stuttered in his halting English as he had a hard time remembering the locations of his country’s countless dole-outs to our country.
“Palakpakan natin ang mga kaibigan nating Koreano para mas marami pa silang ibibigay sa atin,” Alcala enthused the crowd during the inauguration.
Minister Yong remembered the military contribution of the Filipino troops (where my father and former president Fidel V. Ramos were part of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea or PEFTOK) in salvaging the capitalist country from the claws of those godless commies when they emulated Hitler’s blitzkrieg in Poland in September 1, 1939.
“We have a debt of gratitude to the Filipinos,” Yong sentimentally declared.
We Flips are quite fortunate. We should be thankful to N.K’s miniature crazy leader Kim Jong-il for rejecting almost all South Korea’s multi-billion U.S dollar goodies as a token of reconciliation.
The South for one generously offers Kim nuclear plants to mitigate his shortage of electricity, but the latter instead saber-rattle the South with the threat of nuclear annihilation.
The exasperated top 10 capitalist state in the world and number one ship builder instead offered three nuclear reactors to us rambunctious Filipinos to solve our notoriously world-class priced electricity.
But just like those skeptics North Koreans, some left leaning groups have already thrown the proverbial monkey-wrench and their unfounded and baseless anti- nuclear arguments to this mulled project.
By the way, the three nuclear power plants are being peddled to us like Kimchi in a price of $2 billion a piece.
Susmariosep this was what then congressman and nuclear power advocates Mark Cojuangco told me in Lingayen when I asked him about where we could get these uranium powered stuffs.
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