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Art Contest

Young artists busily work on their entries last November 13 as they join the on-the-spot Painting contest at the Nepo Mall in Dagupan City. The activity is part of Nepo Mall Dagupan’s 7th year anniversary celebration and in partnership with the Dagupan Artists’ Circle.(CESAR RAMIREZ)

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Editorial:Jueteng is back with P12 million reasons

The Jueteng inquiry in the Senate has stopped.

It is now up to the people to judge who are very guilty…less guilty…or clean.

Jueteng usually buys a president, a police officer, media, and public officials just to ensure its continuing operations.

The political will to stop the 12 million peso a day jueteng in Pangasinan is losing its hold.

The governor does not want people to bet in jueteng.

He has ordered the police to stop its return.

The church did not stop jueteng.

It was the governor who stopped it, because he said he does not want jueteng to be part of the daily lives of the people of Pangasinan.

The governor will not let Jueteng flourish in Pangasinan.

For our children… jueteng cannot buy a good life, a good government, a future!

Past local administrations failed to be decisive about stopping Jueteng.

It is only the Espino Administration’s stop order which seems to be holding.

It is only the Espino Administration that is exercising the political will to eradicate Jueteng in Pangasinan.

But the illegal numbers game is back in some of the municipalities.

Morality aside, the provincial board deems the local government could really gain something from this P12 million industry.

Through the operation of the Small Town Lottery (STL) and with proper monitoring, jueteng can be eradicated.

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Hundred Islands – a showcase of “Pangasinan kay ganda”

There’s a brewing rift between Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza and Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. over the fish structures in the sea waters of Hundred Islands. Braganza denied involvement on their existence claiming that those structures have long been there for about 20 years.

He asked, “Why only now?” That question can elicit many answers. Why is it only now that the provincial government is making a fuss out of those fish cages and other structures in Hundred Islands? Governor Espino’s administration has been there for almost four years already and why was it that he has not lifted any finger in the past to dismantle those structures? Why only now? Is it because Nani Braganza has the moist eye for the governorship in 2013 elections and he is now regarded as threat to the throne for the third term of Espino? Why only now? – a question that kept on reverberating on the minds of Braganza and his people of Alaminos City.

Task Force Kalikasan of the provincial government claimed that those structures in the Hundred Islands National Park are “eyesores.” They not only destroy the environment but are also a bane to the tourism industry in the province. “Pangasinan kay ganda” (a parallel slogan of the Pilipinas kay Ganda of the Department of Tourism?) will be affected.

The operations of the Hundred Islands National Park used to be under the Philippine Tourism Authority but has been transferred to the administration of the City Government of Alaminos. Braganza claimed that during his watch, he has been consulting agencies on how to dismantle those fish structures only to find out that the sea portions where those structures were constructed were leased to private persons and organizations.

“Ni sinkong duling wala silang naitulong,” Braganza said of the provincial government. “Especially now that the Hundred Islands Park have already been drawing many tourists”. He said this against the provincial government that has been pointing at his administration as the culprit behind the presence of those structures.

But the winds of change have been blowing lately.

The provincial government has now cleared Branganza over the issue. After all those brouhahas, Governor Espino and his “minions of environmental experts” have realized the mistakes of blaming Mayor Nani. They will now go after the officials of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Ay naku Pareng Brando, may patutunguhan naman kaya itong gagawin nilang imbestigasyon? Kung iyong imbestigasyon ng baha noong Oktubre 2009 na dulot ng San Roque Dam ay walang nangyari, ewan ko ba kung bakit may gagawin na namang imbestigasyon? LOL:)… He he he.

I just don’t know if there will be concrete results on this move in the future. What I know is that the provincial government is enjoying itself in releasing “praise releases” as if many programs and projects have been done for the majority of the Pangasinenses. Hey, many are wondering why the “trickle down effect” of those ballyhooed accomplishments are not felt by people in the far-flung areas in the province.

Or the provincial government is just projecting a “Pangasinan Kay Ganda” but in fact “wala namang kagandahang nangyayari” except the much publicized renovations of the provincial capitol and provincial hospitals?

Why don’t you try to ask an ordinary “Juan” or “Juana” if they felt any change in their lives these days? Again, he he he he.

Well, in fairness to the provincial government, it is trying itself to project a picture of a “developmentally oriented government.” It was claimed during the first three years of Espino that his administration is a far cry from the previous provincial administrations.

There is a blue print of provincial development- -enticement of big foreign investors, more tourism facilities, improvement of infrastructures and other monumental programs and projects in parallel to those being done in South Korea, Vietnam and China.

Yes, let’s dream big. The bigger we dream of development and progress, the longer we sleep in slumber. I hope there will be no lull moments during those dream adventures.

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BIR asks Congress to amend Attrition Law

Amend Attrition Law: BIR Regional Director asked Representatives Rachel Arenas and Pol Bataoil to amend the u nfair clause in the Attrition Law. At left is Revenue District Officer Yolly Ferrer.

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO- The 7.5% rule of the Attrition Law for the top officials of the Bureau of Internal Revenue is a two-way process. You are either kicked-out or demoted from office or rewarded financially.

Regional Director Thomas Rosales explained that Attrition Law means if a tax officer is short by 7.5% of his tax goal, he could be kicked out of office, but even if he breaches the tax goal, he wont have any benefit if any of the district offices was not able to reach the goal.

He said he met and discussed with Representatives Pol Bataoil and Maria Rachel Arenas to amend the Attrition Law.

Rosales has not only broken this November his tax goal of P5.6 billion given for him this year but eyes a surplus for it after the end of 2010.

According to Rosales, the dilemma brought by the law is even if he hurdles his tax goal but one of his district offices fails to reach its target then he is disqualified to avail of the incentive under the Attrition Law.

Except for the poor performing Revenue District Office-5 in Alaminos City, almost all revenue district offices under his watch have been performing well for the past months.

Revenue District Office-6 under Merlyn DV. Vicente who oversees Eastern Pangasinan has reached already her tax goal of P695,670,000 last October, while Revenue District Office – 4 under Yolly Ferrer who runs Central Pangasinan has breached her tax target of P1.5 billion this November.

Rosales said the Regional District’s offices in the two Ilocos Regions performed well, too.

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