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Not City of Alaminos

Rafael Baraan(right), provincial administrator of Pangasinan, says it was not the city government of Alaminos who was reponsible for the structures at the Hundred Islands National Park, and will conduct inquiry to find out which agency is sleeping on the job.With Baraan in photo is retired police colonel Pat Orduña, head of the Task Force Kalikasan.(CESAR RAMIREZ)

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Inspirational Message

Mayor Benjamin S. Lim (at the podium) delivers his inspirational message at the Pangasinan Universal Institute’s 90TH Foundation Day with the theme “Sustain the present.. Envision a promising future” held at PUI gymnasium. (CIO Dagupan photo by Gryson de Venecia)

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Hataw did not flourish under Lim — police

DAGUPAN CITY – “It is not true that ‘hataw’ has proliferated under the
administration of Mayor Benjamin S. Lim.”

These are the words of Supt. Romeo Caramat Jr. as he
vehemently disagree with the draft resolution authored by city
councillor Librada Fe M. Reyna strongly condemning the proliferation
of “hataw” and video carrera operators with impunity in the city and
those similarly situated illegal gambling activities.

Caramat said city police has not been remiss in its duty to crack
down all forms of illegal gambling in the city. “The PNP has been
doing its best in its campaign against all forms of gambling. But the
council must understand that our focus is not mainly on illegal
gambling alone. It will take time before we can totally eradicate
“hataw” here,” he added.

Caramat said, the PNP has created a team to monitor the activities of
“hataw” operators in the city.

At present, the PNP is monitoring a certain “Winston” who is believed
to be the operator of “hataw” in Bonuan area. Caramat said they are
now verifying the identity of this person whom they suspect to be a
close relative of a city councillor here.

“Going against the operators, however, is not that as easy as they
think it is. We have to consider all legal considerations. We cannot
just barge in or get inside the operator’s house without a search
warrant. We can only do so much by following the principle of the
plain view doctrine or when it is in flagrante delicto,” Caramat

He noted that this job is not for the police alone to solve. It needs
the coordination and cooperation of barangays officials who are more
in a position to impose order in their respective area.

Reyna passed two other similar resolutions strongly urging the PNP
Dagupan Station, the punong barangays and the rest of barangays
officials to apprehend without mercy, fear or guilt the operators of
“hataw” and video karera games and those of similarly situated illegal
gambling activities in the city.

She also strongly urged the Department of Education to strengthen the
Parents-Teachers Association in each school in order that the campaign
against illegal gambling activities maybe intensified.

This form of gambling, Caramat said, has been here long before the Lim
administration. “I am just wondering why the council has taken notice
of this only now?” asked Caramat.

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Kimi pushes nuclear power in the country

By Brando Cortez

URDANETA CITY- Fifth District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco, vice chair of the House Committee on Energy, re-echoed her call for the use of the cheaper nuclear energy in anticipation of power shortages in the next 2 years.

“Instead of scrambling around in panic mode to fill in our power supply shortage, our government should make its number one consideration the cost of power, Cojuangco said. “We must find a solution that will attract investors and eventually solve our economic woes.

Cojuangco is continuing the passionate struggle left by her husband former Congressman Mark Cojuangco in the recommissioning of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

“We have a gold mine right under our noses. I am referring to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. The question of course is ‘Is it safe?’” Cojuangco said. ”The only way to know is to have the plant validated by experts. Technology has come a long way since the plant was built.”

She said that as a mother of three and as a representative of her constituents in the 5th district is also concerned with safe and inexpensive energy to power our industries and our homes.

“If declared safe, as a country, we must decide whether to run it or not,” Cojuangco said. “To date, we have already spent $2.5 billion just to maintain the plant. Is this, ‘money down the drain’ or is this an ‘investment?’

“If the BNPP is declared safe by international standards, and we do decide to run it, power will cost only P2.50 per kilowatt-hour,” Cojuangco continued. “Compare that to P8.50 per kwh for coal-powered plants.”

The said consideration should be placed on the cost efficiency of rehabilitating the BNPP in relation to building a new one.

“We will need $1 billion to rehabilitate the BNPP. A brand-new nuclear power plant will cost $8-$10 billion and 10 years to build,” Cojuangco said. “It will take us two years to rehabilitate the BNPP. Is this not worth considering?”

Cojuangco stressed the importance of the validation of the BNPP.

“I hope our leaders will see the wisdom of validating the BNPP,” Cojuangco said. “And hopefully, if we are lucky and it is declared safe, we have a good future.”

She said that while the other countries from the richest to the newly developing countries are building nuclear power plants, we are not using what we have built.

“The rest of the world is either using nuclear power or in the process of building new plants. If coal plants were the answer, then why do they continue using and building new nuclear-power plants? “ Cojuangco said. “Even Vietnam has just ordered three nuclear power plants. This is because nuclear power was found to be the safest, cleanest and cheapest form of power.”

Cojuangco’s push for the operation of the BNPP is anchored on the principle that the economic growth and development of any country should factor in the cost of power and the ever growing demand for energy.

“Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory Domingo has said that electric power cost and supply is the biggest hindrance to our economic growth,” Cojuangco said. “It is time for us to make a decision, once and for all, whether to run the BNPP or not. This is one way to avert another costly power emergency that happened in the 90’s.”

The construction of the BNPP during the Marcos administration was meant to ease the oil crisis during the time when the Middle East oil embargo had put a heavy strain on the Philippine economy.

It was also considered a solution to the country’s demand for energy and a decrease to imported oil dependence.

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The scent of Hundred Islands

The creation of the HINP

Presidential Proclamation No. 667 dated January 18, 1940 states, a group of islands in the Municipality of Alaminos, Pangasinan was established for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of the Philippines and known as the “Hundred Islands National Park” (HINP).

The management, administration and maintenance of the HINP


The Hundred Islands National Park is part of Alaminos City…Alaminos City is excellently taking take of the HINP, let not the congressional leaders not nor the provincial leaders antagonize each other because it will not benefit the people of Pangasinan.

What has been done?

As Chief Executive of the City of Alaminos, Mayor Hernani Braganza, upon his assumption into office in 2004, waged a massive campaign to stop illegal fishing such as the use of dynamites, cyanide, fine mesh nets and trawlers and caused the dismantling of illegal fish pens and fish cages in the Hundred Islands.

What is the result?

On his third term as city mayor, the continuing efforts have resulted in the abundance of various fish species in its marine life, fast growing tourism induced economic activities in the city and international recognition of the Hundred Islands National Park.

The people of Alaminos City are of the patriotic lot and they will stand up and fight back against anyone who do harm to their people and their resources.

The people of Alaminos City are not complaining about the management, administration and maintenance of the HINP.

The people of Alaminos City have voted for their leaders wisely…the mayor, the vice mayor and the city council.

The people of Alaminos City have voted for their Congressman for the first district but the other voters voted for the other candidate.

The people of Alaminos City have voted for their Governor but the other voters voted for the other candidate.

The intramurals over the HINP is a struggle for the political and economic future of the politicians who have resurrected this issue.

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Regalian Doctrine at Torrens System ugat ng gulo sa Alaminos

by Brando Cortez

Sa matagal nang problema sa usapin ng pangangalaga ng mga isla ng Hundred Islands sa Alaminos city, dapat tulungan nating magbigay liwanag sa usapin at sa pamamagitan ng pag-ugat nito at kung ano ang dapat na gawing hakbang para mabigyan solusyon ang isyu.

Sa mga katulad ni Bok Nani, alam na alam niya na ang lahat ng ito ay nag-uugat sa isang pagkakamali na ginawa ng mga dayuhan at tinanggap natin na katotohanan.

Alam ni Bok Nani, na ang tunay at unang nagma-may ari ng mga taga-Pangasinan ay ang buong kalupaan at karagatan ng Pangasinan.

May isang panahon sa ating kasaysayan na hindi pa tayo pinakikialaman ng mga banyaga ay hindi itinuturing na pag-aari ng mga katutubo ng Pangasinan ang lupa at karagatan.

Ang katotohanan ay ang kanilang kamalayan na higit na nauna ang lupa bago ang kahit na anong lahi ng tao.

Sa pagkakataon na ang isang katutubo ng Pangasinan ay mamatay, ang lupa ang mag-aari sa kanya at ang kanyang abo ay magiging kaisa ng lupa.

Ang lupa at karagatan ng Pangasinan ay ipinagkatiwala lamang sa isa isang lipi na hindi dapat mawala sa mundong ibabaw.

Ang pinagkatiwalaang lipi na iyan ay ang lipi ng taga-Pangasinan.

Naalala mo pa ba Bok Nitong na nagsimula ang suliranin sa lupa at karagatan sa pananakop ng grupo ni Magellan sa bawat isla ng ating kapuluan na kanilang masakop.

Binansagan ang lupain at karagatan natin na Pilipinas sa ngalang ng Haring Philip ng Espanya.

Inangkin nila ang lupa at karagatan sa pamamagitan ng “Regalian Doctrine” na ang ibig sabihin ay lahat ng mga matatagpuan ng mga kawal ng Espanya na ipinagkatiwala sa mga katutubo ay magiging pag-aari ng ng Espanya.

Sa kalaunan ay sumunod at nakipagsabwatan ang ating mga ninuno sa mga mga dayuhan at sa kanilang mga batas tulad ng “Regalian Doctrine.”

Ang isa pang naging kasangkapan ng mga dayuhan ay ang pagpapatupad ng “Royal Decree” noong 1880.

Sa ilalim ng batas na ito, ang lahat ng tao na may itinuturing na pag-aaring lupa ay kinikilalang tunay na nagmamay-ari sa kondisyon na: a.) inuukopahan at inaari ang lupa simula pa noong 1887 na may magandang intension; at b.) ipaparehistro ng boluntaryo ito upang makapagbayad ng kaukulang buwis bilang bahagi ng pagsasaayos ng ari-ariang lupa sa buong Pilipinas.

Ang pananakop ng Amerikano sa ating bayan ay lalong nagpalala sa kalapastanganan ng idinulot ng ‘Regalian Doctrine’ dahil ipinatupad nila ang bagong batas ng pagpaparehistro ng lupa sa pamamagitan ng “Torrens System.”

Ang batas na ito ay ipinatupad sa pamamagitan ng “Land Registration Act” noong 1902 at lumabas ang listahan ng lawak athangganan ng pag-aari ng mga Kastila.
Ang mananakop na mga Amerikano ay naglabas ng panibagong batas noong 1907 kung saan ay naging obligasyon ng bawat taong may gustong magmay-ari ng lupa na ipasukat muna bago matanggap ang titulo kung saan ay nakatala at nakapirma ang lupang inaari.

Madam Amy sa Office ni BM Arboleda, marami na ang mga nangyari sa ating kasaysayan pero hanggang nagyon hindi pa rin natin naitutuwid ang kamalian ng pagyakap sa Regalian Doctrine at Torrens System.

Kailangan pa bang may titulo ang lupa at paghati-hatiin katulad ng nagyayari sa Alaminos ngayon?

At alam mo rin ba Pangulong Onyok ng Abono Party-list na hindi lahat ng mga ninuno natin ay yumakap sa Regalian Doctrine at Torrens System?

Sili ang mga lipi na para makaiwas sa direct na confrontation sa mga dayuhan ay pumunta at nanirahan sa mga liblib na sulok ng mga isla natin.

Sila iyong mga kababayan natin na ang pinaghahawakan ay ang konsepto ng ancestral domain.

Hanggang ngayon, hindi sila nagpapasakop sa Regalian Doctrine at Torrens System.

Sila ang mga katutubo na tagapangalaga ng lupa at karagatan kahit na walang titulo.

Hindi nila masikmura na lagyan ng titulo ang lupa at karagatan dahil nasa kamalayan nila na hindi nila pag-aari ng mga ito.

Alam nila ang katotohanan na sila ay pag-aari ng lupa at dagat.

Alam nila na kapag sila ay namatay sila ay magiging lupa din.

Ang Hundred Islands ay isang Masterpiece ng Kalikasan pabayaan na natin ang pamahalaan at sambayanan ng Alaminos na mamahala at mangalaga.

BM DANNY UY, alam niyo po ba na si US Amb. Harry Thomas Jr. kasama ang mga taga Newell Rubbermaid, ay nagdonate ng one million Mongol pencils para sa mga mag-aaral natin sa public schools?

Ang dami niyan ah! May makarating naman kaya sa Pangasinan?

Magandang balita iyan sa mga makakatangap.

Pero ang implikasyon niyan ay depektibo ang ating education system dahil ultimong lapis na kailangan sa pagsusulat ng ating mga kabataan ay kailangan pang i-donate ng mga Amerikano.

BM Danny Uy, dahil sa kapalpakan ng educational system natin napilitan ang grupo niyong Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce Inc. na magpatupad ng programa para sa pagpapatayo ng mga school buildings.

Marami na akong nakitang nakatayong schools na donated by FFCCCI.

Wala ba talagang kakayahan an gating gobyerno na magpatayo ng sapat na school buildings?

O sa kurakot lang napupunta ang budget para sa school buildings!

VICE GOVERNOR FERDIE CALIMLIM, alam niyo po ba na in-approve ng House Committee on Local Government ang House Bill 2999 ni Bacolod Rep. Anthony Golez na nagadadagdag ng second congressional district para sa Bacolod City.

Bagong congressman pa lang si Rep. Golez pero approve kaagad bill niya…siyempre dadaan pa sa Senado iyan.

Napapanahon na po para madagdagan na rin ang mga representatives natin sa Congress dahil underrepresented tayo kung i-consider natin ang voting population natin.

Panahon na po para may magsulong ang additional congressional districts para sa Pangasinan.

Panahon na para madagdagan ang representasyon ng mga taga-Pangasinan sa Congress.

AT SA SENADO NAMAN, ngayon pa lang dapat itaas na natin ang bandera nina Joey De Venecia, BM Ranjit Ramos Shahani at former Rep. Mark Cojuangco.

Ang isang problema ng mga congressmen natin ay counterpart bills sa Senado.

Kaya naman kailangan nila ng mga kasam sa Senado na magtutulak ng mga bills para sa sa kaunlaran ng bayan.

Malaki ang magiging contribution nila sa Senado bilang mga anak ng Pangasinan.

NAGSIMULA TAYO NG NOVEMBER sa pamamagitan ng isang araw na walang pasok dahil ito ay All Saints Day.

Alam mo ba councilor Rio Esteves ng Urdaneta na sa kalagitnaan ng November, sa 16, ay holiday naman dahil sa Muslim feast na Eid’l Adha.

Sa katapusan ng November, sa 29, Bonifacio day naman.

Tatlong araw ng walang pasok. Tatlong araw ng walang serbisyo ang gobyerno. Tatlong araw na walang sahod ang daily wage earners. Tatlong araw na walang trabaho sa mga pabrika. Tatlong araw na pahinga kahit kailangang magtrabaho.

NANINIWALA PO BA KAYO SA SINABI NG NAPOCOR na sila ay walang kasalanan sa pagbaha noong isang taon sa mga bayan na nasa tabi ng Agno River kasama na ang Rosales at Villasis ?

Sinabi po ni Engr. Virgilio Garcia, chief of the Agno Flood Forecasting and Warning Office ng Napocor na ang existing protocol pala noong 2009 para sa release ng tubig ng San Roque Dam ay ganito…”that water can be gradually released from San Roque when the reservoir elevation reaches 280 meters above sea level if the typhoon marking reaches Area 1 and with a rainfall of 60 mm. in one day. At the same time the inflow of water into the dam from upstream must be 500 cubic meters per second.”

Nasunod po ba itong sinasabi niyang protocol? HINDI po!

Bakit niya sinasabing may protocol na in-place noong mga panahon na iyon pero ang lumalabas sa report ng investigating committee ay draft lang daw iyong protocol?

Tapos may findings pa na ang sabi nung isang agency ay wala silang capability/competence na mag-evaulate nung draft protocol kaya walang final na operational protocol na maaaring gamitin.

Ayon po doon sa FINAL DRAFT ng REPORT OF INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE ON SAN ROQUE DAM DURING TYPHOON PEPENG OF OCTOBER 2009 kung saan ilan sa mga miyembro ay sina Melburgo Tiu ng Napocor at William Connel ng San Roque Power Corporation, ito ang isa sa isinasaad doon…”With regard to the protocols, these refer to the three manuals jointly developed by NPC, PAGASA and NWRB, namely: flood operation rule manual, flood warning manual and dam discharge manual but they are still DRAFTS until now since July 2002. When asked why, the answer of one agency was that it did not have the capability/competence to evaluate the draft, and another agency answered that it did not have the authority to approve it.”

At kung talagang walang kasalanan ang mga akusado bakit naglabas ng Critical Recommendation (Excerpted from Draft Report) na ganito ang sinasabi… “In view of the foregoing, the Committee recommends, in addition to the recommendations under Paragraph (B) above, that the possibility that the dam operators be held administratively and legally accountable for gross negligence and possibly even wilful disregard for public safety and for the consequences arising from their actions or inaction on the operation of the San Roque Dam, be seriously considered. We leave it up to the legal authorities to determine the appropriate charges and the technicalities involved in pursuing these accountabilities.”

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