Public service versus ‘moneyed’ politics

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The recent Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections last October 25 opened up more realities in local politics. It was real that in running even for a barangay post, a candidate must have enough funds, either to be used for buying votes or to buy give-aways that will entice the salivating voters of perks and frills associated with the elections.

I heard that a candidate for a punong barangay (village head) shelled out more or less P500,000 to win his coveted post. A barangay kagawad whispered to me that he spent P200,000 for buying votes and other expenses like “ pulutans” and overflowing bottles of Ginebra Miguelito during the 9-day election campaign. I was extremely frustrated by these realities. It was disgusting that the officials we have just recently put in positions who will lead us for the next three years, are leaders who won not by popular support but by corrupting the minds of the electorates.

Who’s to be blamed, anyway? A hungry stomach will not think of principles. Political leaders posing as angels of light, but greedy wolves, have to prey on the candidates they are supporting. How many times have I witnessed them feasting on food, gathering over bottles of wines and even harassing political opponents just to show that they have minions of followers? I am still confused as of this writing. Were they the real leaders in their barangays during the campaign when all they did was to pinpoint voters to be bought? How about the vote buyers? Were they not ashamed of themselves that their mandates were not the will of the people but the will of “materialism” and the “bringer of chaos and doom”?

Alas! what kind of electoral process do we have now? What future are we doomed for? Can we expect real public service from the winners? Public service is the essence of politics, but the “moneyed” ones are feasting on us due to ignorance and poverty.

What is even more disgusting and even nauseating was the fact that the youth have been dragged into corruption. A father of a candidate for SK Chairman intimated to me that the opponent of his son bought cell phones as give-aways to the young voters. What? The young who are supposed to be incorruptible are now corrupted? If that is so, what then could we expect in the future? President PNoy’s crusade for corruption-free country in the next six years will only be a lip service. If he has the political will, ridding the country of corruption should start in the barangays.

Well, how about being optimistic also? The candidates who bought votes have the best intentions in delivering public service. Because they have already enough money, there’s no need for them to recoup their expenses. Theirs is to give the service. Their only passion in life is to have power – a power to be looked upon as persons with respectable positions in the barangays. Or maybe, being barangay officials are their ultimate dreams in life. Not service, mind you? But perpetration to power.

This is now a political reality in our social fiber. We are now politically doomed. We could not expect change- not within this generation. In what generation could we expect change? I hope there will be. But my greatest question is : Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be?

Anyway, I extend my congratulations to all those who won during the last elections. Friends or not, I hope you will not fail your people. Serve them with the spirit of genuine public service.

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