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Old or New?

These fish structures inside the Hundred Islands National Park, taken by the provincial government, were put up by the Bolo Development Cooperative which was established in 1980 yet. Provincial officials claimed these are still operational, but Alaminos officials claimed they no longer are

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Fish structures built within Hundred Islands

LINGAYEN — Pangasinan Task Force Kalikasan Deputy Commander Tommy Cabigas expressed alarm over the fish structures built within the world famous Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City.
During the KBP forum last November 4, Cabigas said that while conducting aerial surveillance on the rivers as part of the ongoing massive river clean-up in Pangasinan from illegal fish structures, the camera has captured precious corals formed into fishpond dikes interconnecting the islands along the southern sealane of the Hundred Islands.
“Pinagkonek-konek na yung mga isla,” he said.
He added that the fishpond dikes occupied large portions of the National Park while the corals, which take hundred years to replenish, were already depleted.
As a declared National Park, commercial fishing and construction of structures are illegal based on existing laws and ordinances.
Meanwhile, the discoloration of waters is a clear signal that the area is already polluted, Cabigas said.
Fish pens and fish cages are known to be the biggest contributor to the pollution and siltation of marine sanctuaries. They also obstruct the free flow of water and block the passageway of small fishermen.
In the same forum, Provincial Information Officer Orpheus Velasco said that the provincial government is already writing a letter to Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Tourism (DOT) to shed light on this matter.
In an interview with Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. by GMA-7, Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. said he has been receiving reports that the area has been emitting foul smell posing threat to people’s health and the fishes.
The Governor said that the province has no authority to act on the matter as the direct care, management and control of the said “fish sanctuaries” is under the control of the city government of Alaminos by virtue of Executive Order No. 436 issued by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2005.
However, he appealed to the DOT, DENR and the Philippine Tourism Authority and city government of Alaminos to immediately address the problem. (PIO)

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‘Pangasinan is the greatest place I’ve seen.’- Socsargen executive

Lingayen – – “Wow… Fantastic… Pangasinan!”
These were the words of some 21 employees of different Local Government Units (LGUs) from South Cotabato, Saranggani, General Santos (Socsargen) and Sultan Kudarat expressing their amazement after visiting and touring around the Capitol Complex last October 29.
Awed by the major developments and the design of the Capitol Building Jenelyn Matondo, Chief Economic Development Specialist from General Santos, said, “this is my first time here in Pangasinan and this is the greatest place that I’ve seen so far.”
“Pumunta kami dito para makakuha ng mga kaalaman sa management style, strategy, mga mechanics adopted, so that we can tell the different LGU heads na maganda sa Pangasinan kasi ganito pala ang stratehiya nila,” she added.
atondo lauded Gov. Espino for his good work and for the continuous development of Pangasinan even as she urged Pangasinenses to continue their support to the governor.
“Maganda ang vision ni Governor Espino especially in the infrastructure site like the Capitol Building, maganda iyong pagkakaplano ng inyong Capitol Complex,” she exclaimed.
Matondo said, “ang swerte ng mga taga Pangasinan kasi marami silang hospitals na pwedeng i-accommodate ang lahat ng municipalities ng probinsya,” as she envied the province’s hospitals to which she said cater the whole province of Pangasinan.(PIO/Darwin Magalong)

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President Aquino’s Waterloo

Social networks Face Book (FB) and Twitter have brought a lot of marvels in humanity. But they have downsides too. One of them is the faux pass committed by Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang and his subordinate presidential speechwriter Carmen Mislang.

Mislang twitted for all her friends to see that the best way to die in Vietnam is to throw your body at the former French colony motorcycles-infested streets, no handsome men there, and the wine at the diplomatic banquet sucks.

Just like what happened after President Benigno Aquino III mitigated the case filed by the Incident Investigation and Review Committee led by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, people at FB and Twitter want Mislang sacked from office.

President Aquino however would not budge. Carandang told the Palace reporters that he already reprimanded Mislang.

But Holly Molly, before the morning papers’ ink dried on the statement given by Carandang, it was reported by a TV network that Carandang was an accessory to what Mislang has twitted.
It was learned that after Mislang twitted her booboo, Carandang commented at Mislang tread by posing: “Which wine, the red or the white?
If U.S President Barrack Obama paid dearly by losing his party’s majority seat at the House of Representatives in the concluded mid-term election because of his unpopular economic programs, what waits President Aquino?.

These are the Mislang and Carandang booboos, and Aquino’s absolving close allies Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and Local Government Undersecretary Rico Puno in criminal liabilities in the botched hostage taking drama that offend Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Unlike the bigger and lethargic Oscar dela Hoya, Manny Pacquaio would be fighting the naturally bigger Antonio Margarito at the catch weight of 150- pound of the Super Welterweight Division
Antonio has a six and a five reach and height advantages, respectively.

Could this edge become a factor for an upset for the Filipino pit bull? You judge after you read the following observations.

The Mexican is naturally bigger and arguably stronger than Pacquiao.
Experts said Manny should be fighting in the lower division of 140.1 lbs – 147 lbs Junior Welterweight where he is effective.
His celebrated chin could shame the armor of an Abrams Tank. Try to ask Miguel Cotto and Kermit Cintron on this.
He is 5’ 11“, while the Filipino is 5’ 6”.
Is it déjà vu again on November 13 to see a motley David Tua awkwardly doing a “Jumping Jack Flash” against the towering Lennox Lewis? Tua was outclassed in that year 2000 heavyweight fight.

Every time he fights, survivors of Nagasaki atomic bomb are either traumatized or have nightmare as they remember how that more than four tons “Fat Man” bomb born by a B-29 bomber wrought havoc to them in that fateful August of 1945.
His hands speed would look Jason Statham knife-stabbing prowess a child’s play in the flick “Expendable”.

You ask Democrats Senator Harry Reid of Nevada how violently explosive Congressman Pacquiao is?


His go-go style gives knock-out punchers like Pacquiao a boner.
His propensity to plunge into enemy’s territory without an effective cover is like a Scud weapon system to a Patriot missile.
Without the help of “gravestones” wrapped at his hands, the battle field would be “ceteris paribus” (all things are equal except in the male cubicles).
His reflexes to counter are slow. He has a tendency to lower his left glove from his left face after he unleash it

Not as prepared as when he fought Miguel Cotto at the Junior Welterweight Division. To some peasants out there who just learned boxing recently, Cotto was bludgeoned in a technical knock-out by Antonio in the 11th Round in 2008. In that tussle, Miguel’s face looks like the run-away winner of a Halloween Party attended by a staff of a funeral parlor.

Manny darts his jaw like Jay Leno every time he lunges his straight left punch.

Consequently, this can be a paper target for a right hook and right upper cut from the opponent.

After he fired his right jab, he has the tendency to lower his right glove from his right face.

Must Do

He should incessantly use his left long jabs to hit and distract Pacquio not to prepare his left counter punch. He should do these by circling Manny clock-wise.
Just like what Eric Morales has done in their first fight, a staggered Pacquaio is vulnerable to an accurate punches by bunches.
When Manny raises his left foot to set his lethal left, Margarito should step back his right foot but see to it he leaves Manny a straight strong right remembrance at the face.
He can also emulate the turtle-shell like defense of Joshua Clottey as he plowed to Manny. This to be followed by his timely long right straight and his “trademark” left hook swing to the body of the Filipino.
That kind of defense made Clottey an endorser of Glutathione products that cater to a flawless facial skin.
In that fight, he was unscathed facially while Pacquiao was transformed from his Paquito Diaz-look to that of Max Alvarado.


With a left punch that has a market value of a middleweight; Manny should rumble with the Mexican in close quarter so he could shoot-up with gusto his left uppercut to the usually uncovered hole straight to the chin of Margarito
Just like what Paul William and Shane Mosley (the ideal opponents that Manny should be fighting in November 13, but who are we to dispute the wisdom of Top Rank’s Bob Father Arum?) have done to the Mexican, Manny should hug Antonio as if he is in Times Square celebrating New Year after he unleashes those blinding Gatling gun’s munitions. He should do this with regularity to undermine the counter punches from the once de facto endorser of Plaster of Paris.
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BIR-Eastern Pangasinan about to break P696 M goal

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

URDANETA CITY- A high official of the Revenue District Office-6 of the Bureau of Internal Revenue hailed the exemplary tax collection efforts of his bosses who are based here.

The source who asked anonymity said that the 99.63 percent collection rate, three months before the end of the year 2010 is due to the pro-active leadership of RDO Chief Merlyn DV Vicente and Assistant Revenue District Officer Maria Bernadette Mangaoang.

RDO-6 has been given by the central office of the tax bureau a target of P695, 670,000.00 for year 2010. But as of September this year it has already collected a stunning P693, 088, 970.51.

In the same month last year it pathetically collected P474, 900,385.85 or 69.53% of its tax goal.

Meanwhile, Mangaoang welcomed the $54.3 million appropriation to the BIR from the $434 million Millennium Challenge Corporation given by the U.S government to President Benigno Aquino III recently.

The sum is intended to computerize the bureau.

“We welcome that kasi tayo naman ay open sa technological innovation. In fact computerized na po ang BIR. It’s a matter of embracing the existing computer system that we have,” Mangaoang said.

She said that the computerization will contribute more efficiency to the work of the BIR on its integrated tax system.

Mangaoang said the amnesty given by the tax bureau called Abatement Program has given a chance for taxpayers to correct the erroneous data they filed.

She said those who availed of the program for the period September 29 to October 29 this year would not be charged with a 25 surcharge and a compromise penalty.

She explained that the program compliments the Run After Tax Payers (RATE) aggressively implemented under the watch of Commissioner Kim Henares.

The latest high profile personalities charged with fraud under RATE are Social Security Service President Romulo Neri and his predecessor Thelmo Cunanan.

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Contractors warned to clear up mess or face sanctions

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
URDANETA CITY- The Sangguniang Panlungsod unanimously approved an ordinance during its session last October 26 which imposes fines and penalties to project contractors who will not clear up their mess and debris after completing their projects.
City Ordinance No. 005-2010 entitled “ An ordinance requiring all contractors to clear up their mess after construction of their projects in the City of Urdaneta and imposing penalties thereof” imposing P5,000 for first offense; and P5,000 with cancellation of business permit and blacklisting as contractor for the second offense.
In sponsoring the ordinance, City Councilor Rio Virgilio Esteves said it was high time penalties are imposed on the contractors doing business in the city.
“ I have observed that many contractors have been abandoning their completed projects without clearing up their mess and debris which are detrimental to the safety of our constituents,” Esteves said.
City Councilor Peter Jason I. Agsalud, the co-sponsor of the ordinance, said that a public hearing was conducted among the project contractors in the city.
“During the public hearing, the contractors all agreed that a penalty of P5,000 is acceptable. In fact many of them opined that it should be more than P5,000,” Agsalud said.
Earlier, before the ordinance was passed on its second reading, City Councilor Jennilyn Sison questioned the absence of provision of first offense and second offense in the said ordinance. Her opinion was collaborated by City Councilor Adolfo Basco, the majority floor leader.
After two minutes recess, Esteves and Agsalud came up with the revisions as recommended and the ordinance was passed without any objection from the august body.

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Public service versus ‘moneyed’ politics

The recent Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections last October 25 opened up more realities in local politics. It was real that in running even for a barangay post, a candidate must have enough funds, either to be used for buying votes or to buy give-aways that will entice the salivating voters of perks and frills associated with the elections.

I heard that a candidate for a punong barangay (village head) shelled out more or less P500,000 to win his coveted post. A barangay kagawad whispered to me that he spent P200,000 for buying votes and other expenses like “ pulutans” and overflowing bottles of Ginebra Miguelito during the 9-day election campaign. I was extremely frustrated by these realities. It was disgusting that the officials we have just recently put in positions who will lead us for the next three years, are leaders who won not by popular support but by corrupting the minds of the electorates.

Who’s to be blamed, anyway? A hungry stomach will not think of principles. Political leaders posing as angels of light, but greedy wolves, have to prey on the candidates they are supporting. How many times have I witnessed them feasting on food, gathering over bottles of wines and even harassing political opponents just to show that they have minions of followers? I am still confused as of this writing. Were they the real leaders in their barangays during the campaign when all they did was to pinpoint voters to be bought? How about the vote buyers? Were they not ashamed of themselves that their mandates were not the will of the people but the will of “materialism” and the “bringer of chaos and doom”?

Alas! what kind of electoral process do we have now? What future are we doomed for? Can we expect real public service from the winners? Public service is the essence of politics, but the “moneyed” ones are feasting on us due to ignorance and poverty.

What is even more disgusting and even nauseating was the fact that the youth have been dragged into corruption. A father of a candidate for SK Chairman intimated to me that the opponent of his son bought cell phones as give-aways to the young voters. What? The young who are supposed to be incorruptible are now corrupted? If that is so, what then could we expect in the future? President PNoy’s crusade for corruption-free country in the next six years will only be a lip service. If he has the political will, ridding the country of corruption should start in the barangays.

Well, how about being optimistic also? The candidates who bought votes have the best intentions in delivering public service. Because they have already enough money, there’s no need for them to recoup their expenses. Theirs is to give the service. Their only passion in life is to have power – a power to be looked upon as persons with respectable positions in the barangays. Or maybe, being barangay officials are their ultimate dreams in life. Not service, mind you? But perpetration to power.

This is now a political reality in our social fiber. We are now politically doomed. We could not expect change- not within this generation. In what generation could we expect change? I hope there will be. But my greatest question is : Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be?

Anyway, I extend my congratulations to all those who won during the last elections. Friends or not, I hope you will not fail your people. Serve them with the spirit of genuine public service.

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San Quintin has 24-hour ambulance service

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

SAN QUINTIN- Residents of this town can now avail of the 24-hour ambulance service from the Rural Health Unit (RHU) as part of Mayor Romulo A. Antolin’s program to deliver efficient health and medical services to his town mates.

“RHU ambulances are on standby at the Rural Health Unit ready to transport patients with emergency cases by RHU personnel who are on duty at nighttime, to provide first aid to everyone in need of medical assistance,” Mayor Antolin said.

He further said that the 24-hour manned health center also provides security to the town’s constituents, that anytime a patient need to be transported to a hospital, there is always an available transportation which greatly contributes in saving a patient’s life.

After assuming his post as mayor, Antolin put health and medical services among his priority programs due to high cost of medical consultations and medicines.

Other programs that are being spearheaded by the town’s executive are fingerlings dispersal, “green revolution” through the provision of vegetable seeds to his constituents, maintenance of farm-to-market roads and repairs and construction of school buildings.

“I wanted a community of progress and I will not leave a stone unturned in serving my constituents to the fullest,” he said.

Antolin’s battlecry of development is “Rang-ay San Quintin” which is gaining support even from town residents who are living overseas.

Antolin, or “Mulong” to his town mates, has a well-decorated sleeves in public service. He started as barangay xhairman and served as the ABC President ( referred now as Liga ng mga Barangay) from 1987 to 1998.

Because of his efficient services as ABC President, he was elected town mayor in 1998 and completed his three terms as local chief executive until 2007. In the 2007 elections, he was elected as the municipal vice mayor.

Last May 10 elections, he ran against incumbent Mayor Clark Tiu and won the mayoralty overwhelmingly.

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