How businessmen and gov’t officials rob a city

October 31, 2010 at 7:32 pm 1 comment

I pity Vice President Jejomar Binay for his over-zealousness to impress himself with his “brods” at the Alpha Phi Omega by exonerating grenade-throwing suspect Anthony Leal Nepomuceno.
Because of this Binay has politically self-inflicted damage to himself before the eyes of the Filipinos. These people would be going to the polls in 2016 to junk Binay for the presidency or the vice presidency.
Even Nepomuceno is not yet convicted by the court for his alleged crime, Filipinos are still suspicious for traditional politician like Binay clowning himself in helping a brod in distress.
Forget about my friend former Secretary Silvestr “Bebot” Bello who also came to the succor of his besieged brod.
Bello is already as damaged as the tourists’ bus eused by Capt.Rolando Mendoza when he hijacked it in Manila recently. His susceptibility to losses every time there was a senatorial election speaks for itself. Res Ipsa Loquitor eh, Bebot?

Is it true that a resort in Labrador, Pangasinan called Covelandia pays many of its employees a miniscule P180 a day?
If that is true, the Department of Labor & Employment should look into this matter. This is a clear and simple violation of the minimum wage law in Region 1.
According to the web page of the National Wages & Productivity Commission, the daily pay of a worker in the service sector in the Ilocos Region should not be less than P240.
Workers who feel they are being violated by their heartless and greedy employers could email me at so we could publish them here for Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz to see.
Am I right Dagupan City administrator and Lt. Col. reservist Vlad Mata? Mata was Baldoz’ classmate at the National Defense College of the Philippines. The former introduced me to her when she spoke in a seminar that Mata sponsored before.
This is how businessmen and local government officials rob a city government by under declaration of gross sales.
An insider in a tax office of a local government unit told me that a retail business with 12 cash register machines that earn a gross sale of P50 thousand each or P 600 thousand for all the 12 machines everyday, can be manipulated by declaring only the gross sales of the two machines.
He said the city is shortchanged by P150 thousand a month in terms of business taxes.
The city’s tax code in consonance with the Local Government Code mandates that the former can charge up to 1 percent of the gross sales of a business establishment.
“If you base tax on the computation of 10 cash register machines multiplied by P50,000 a day multiplied by 30 days and multiplied it with the 1% business tax then that would be a staggering P150 thousand a month tax fraud against a city,” he told me in whisper.
He said this happens only through the conspiracy of the store owner, the office of the mayor, and the office of the assessor.
Coal power plant is detrimental to the environment, while hydro power plant is unreliable during summer and drought seasons.
The logical alternative to fill-up the staggering power deficit we face today is to build nuclear power plant. It is not only cheap to produce power from it, but it could lessen the globally notorious cost of electricity in our country. This dilemma is deterrent to foreign investors.
In an Agence France Press dispatch, it says that “US approved on Monday a permit for the largest solar energy project in the world—four massive plants at the cost of one billion dollars each in southern California .
“The Blythe solar power plant will consist of four, 250-Megawatt plants, built on public lands in the sun-drenched Mojave desert ,” Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said.
“When completed the project is expected to generate up to 1,000 Megawatts of energy… That’s enough electricity to power up to 750,000 average American homes and to make Blythe the largest solar power plant facility in the world.”
As the Blythe project equates the capacity and price of a nuclear power plant, it is a welcome news. Its applicability in the Philippines however is questionable. The U.S has its sun drenched Mojave, California and Nevada deserts that are recipients of uninterrupted scorching heat from the sun to produce power to the households. With the intermittent rainfalls and cloudy skies that visit our country every six months, solar can be likened to hydro power that become emaciated every summer time.
With this observation, the commonsensical and logical alternative for the Philippines is still nuclear power plant.
To the critics of nuclear who say that its waste emits radiation? Susmariosep, if France, China, the U.S have not found any problem today of its effect, what more for our dear Philippines that has thousands of God-forsaken islands that can be used as dumping site for this waste?
This radiation-thing downside is too small to counter the benefit of cheaper power that could free the over-burdened Pinoys and attract investors that would give them jobs.
During the wrath of Typhoon Juan, several dikes in northern Luzon collapsed and endangered the lives of the inhabitants in its periphery.
Was the collapse due to poor construction?
A big time contractor told me before that congressmen and officials of the Department of Public Works & Highway love to build dikes and conduct dredging operation on silted river bed.
He said these endeavor gives them up to 40% kickbacks from the solons’ pork barrel.
The contractor told me that it is difficult for the Commission on Audit to check the extent of works in dredging. For example, they are not scuba divers to be able to measure how many inches of the silt have been excavated by the backhoe of the contractor. The contractor is usually used as dummy by the lawmakers.
A mayor told me that one of the towns in Region 1 has been a beneficiary of a P300 million worth of flood control projects from a solon in the last three years.
Does it mean the congressman and his cohorts with the DPWH rob big time the tax payers at the staggering tune of P120 million (40 % of the P300 million) in cold cash?
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  • 1. anonynous  |  November 2, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    While the neighbors are busy erecting nuclear power plants to meet the heightened demand for power in a competitive investment market, Filipinos sit in a dark corner still burning coal to produce steam for generating electricity.

    Earlier it was Malaysia in our region, now it is Vietnam planning to build also its first nuclear plant. Napag-iiwanan na yata tayo!

    During his state visit to Vietnam last week, President Noynoy Aquino must have heard of his host’s signing a $5.6-billion deal with Russia for a two-reactor plant planned to start operating in 2020.

    Their plans call for four reactors, with a total capacity of 4,000 megawatts and at least one of them operational in 10 years. (Philippines’ current capacity is around 10,500 mw.)

    Even Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan, also on a visit to Hanoi, announced with his Vietnamese counterpart that their countries will work together to build two other nuclear reactors.

    With the influx of major investors (Intel has just plunked in $1 billion), Vietnam needs a boost in power capacity. Its direction appears to be nuclear, which is widely regarded as the cleanest, safest and cheapest source (compare its P2.50 per kilowatt-hour to the P8.50/kwh of our coal-powered plants).


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