Sex education and responsible parenthood

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When sex education was proposed by former Education Secretary Mona Valisno to be taught to Grade VI pupils in selected pilot schools in the country, many parents and church leaders expressed their vehement opposition. The apparent reasons include their fear that sex education, will encourage their children to become sexually promiscuous and permissive. They opposed the teaching of sex education without looking into the advantages it will give to the “sexual enlightenment” of their children.
There are many cases of rape, sexual harassment, acts of lasciviousness and the like lodged in many courts in the country. These cases which are considered deviance from sexual acts clearly manifested the absence of knowledge of doing sexual acts responsibly. The perpetrators of these acts or sexual crimes do not know how to temper themselves, thus their sexual promiscuity rides over their sanity.
If sex education will be taught to children particularly those in their puberty ages, they will be exposed to the hazards of early marriage and the bad effects of sexual permissiveness. Of course, I would deplore it personally if the “real sexual act” of copulation between man and woman will be shown or demonstrated to them. Instead, sex education must be concentrated on the physiology of man and woman, the reproductive organs and the process of ovulation up to rearing children. These also include responsible parenthood, child spacing and family planning and the most important is teaching them that “ sex” is a sacred matter to be done between two persons in love with each other.
I could not understand why parents and church leaders are afraid of teaching “ sex education” to school children. The cyberspace nowadays are filled with all sorts of pornographic materials that at the click of a finger, these could be accessible to them. How many parents and church leaders have the time to monitor the activities of their children while surfing the internet webs? How many of the parents have the gall and temerity to teach their children about sexuality- how the reproductive organs work and their processes? Let us not be hypocrites. Children in their puberty ages are exploring their sexuality through their peers and are ashamed to ask their parents about sexuality.
This is now the right time for sexual revolution. Teach the children responsible “sex” and its effects to their lives. The issue of morality is out of the picture. A child who has good family bearing whether you teach him or her about sex will become a responsible adult. Moral values must start in the family. The school and church shall supplement these values with right education- academics, social awareness and spiritual enlightenment.
This is now also the right time to pass the Reproductive Health Bill which has been pending in the Congress for quite sometime. What made the previous Congress to defer the passage of this bill was the fact that many solons were afraid of the Church leaders. They were afraid of not getting their support during the election. However, look at the winners now. Most of them are supportive of the “Reproductive Health Bill” which means that electorates could no longer be dictated on by the Church leaders.
This is now the time to test the real separation of the Church and State. The leaders of the country must look the temporal needs of the people. Leave spiritual teachings to the clergy.
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