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San Manuel mayor promises change in town

By Brando Cortez

SAN MANUEL Tarlac– Padasen tayo kadi apo nga aramaten iti pigsa ken laeng tayo a kas umili. Maikkan tayo koma iti gundaway nga rumang-ay tay nanumo nga ili tayo. Naudi tayon ket masapul ti panagkaykaysa tayo tapno magun-od tayo dagiti nabayagen nga alalmanen tayo nga natalna, naragsak ken nasayaat nga panag biyag. Bangunen tayo ti ingunguten tayo nga San Manuel. Dios ti agngina kada tayo amin.

Newly elected Mayor Benjamin Tesoro promised to bring total change in San Manuel under the slogan ‘Bangon San Manuel’ in his administration.

He made this vow during the oath taking ceremony along with other elected municipal officials.


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Ang Masso: Abolish SK

By Brando Cortez

Nalalapit na naman ang SK elections.

Inuulit ko ang minsang nasabi ni Judge Ulysses Butuyan ng Asingan.. “The SK is not in any way contributing to the good of the community and its people.”

Ang SK ay hindi kailangan.

Ang SK ay walang silbi.

Ang SK ay hindi practical.


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We want a democracy that we can eat!

The people of Pangasinan have been witness to the cry for democracy as what the people want.

Democracy was the cry that led to the presidency of Corazon Aquino.

President Noynoy Aquino’s candidacy was founded on democracy that was fought for by Sen. Ninoy Aquino and restored by Corazon Aquino.

After one Aquino presidency and today’s Aquino presidency, the people of Pangasinan do not understand nor are they conscious of what is in store for them in a democracy.

“Democracy” is defined as “that institutional arrangement for arriving at political decisions in which individuals acquire the power to decide by means of a competitive struggle for the people’s vote.”

There two main competing concepts of democracy: One is popular or participatory democracy and the other is elite democracy.

Elite democracy is a concept where the role of the people is mainly to produce a government where they are sovereign only on election day and after which, they should go back to their private affairs and leave governing to the elite they have elected.

Popular democracy emphasizes participation in the decisions that affect ones life. It is the vision of popular participation in collective decision making about collective action for a common good.

The ordinary folks of Pangasinan want decent shelter, stable source of income, food and clothing whether it is elite democracy or popular democracy.

We can hear them say “We want a democracy that we can eat!”

We can hear them say “We want a democracy that will give us income!”

We can hear them say “We want a democracy that can protect us from floods caused by dams!

We can hear them say “We want a democracy that can give us happiness!”

The challenge is for the provincial government to face and work on these aspirations of the people of Pangasinan.

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