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May patay sa ilalim ng tulay

“May isang bangkay ang natagpuan sa ilalim ng tulay dito sa bayan ng Bugallon…” A report from a local TV station.

The best deterrent to the crime is a proactive approach to crime prevention which involves community-based organizations and private individuals working hand in hand with the PNP.

The clamor for a total gun ban is not the solution to the recent crime wave.

We observed that news reports, especially on TV and radio have been relating the suspension of the gun ban to the series of dead bodies being found under bridges.

Their logic is that when there was a gun ban, there were no killings.

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Nagbungang pakikibaka ni Cong Mark

Ang isa sa matinding ipinaglaban ni Hon. Mark O. Cojuangco sa Congress bilang 5th District Representative ay ang implementasyon ng Republic Act 8240, mas kilala bilang Burley and Native Tobacco Law. R.A. 8240.

Alam mo ba pareng Nestor Batalla ng OPAg na ang batas na ito ay ipinatupad noon pang Jan. 1, 1997?

Ang pagkakaalam ko si Presidente Ramos pa ang nakaupo noong panahong iyon.

Ang batas na ito ay naglalayon na magbigay ng suporta sa mga nagtatanim ng burley at native tobacco sa pamamagitan ng allocation ng pondo para gamitin sa pagpapaunlad ng mga cooperative, livelihood at agro-industrial projects na magpapaangat sa antas ng kaidad ng produktong pang agrikultura, magpapataas ng kita at produktibidad ng mga magsasaka.

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Bolinao, Anda once more hit by fishkill

By Yolanda Sotelo

BOLINAO – Once more, this town and neighboring Anda were hit by a massive fishkill that set back them economically by more than P50 million.

The fishery area stinks and the sight of sight of thousands of decomposing bangus (milkfish) and other fishes floating above the murky water, revolting.

It reminds one of year 2002 the bangus industry was wiped out and losses were claimed to be around P400 million. A fish kill of lesser magnitude occurred in 2007 that mostly affected operators in Anda.

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TeaM Sual, DOLE-BWC launch 1st KAPATIRAN in Region I

SUAL– TeaM Sual Corporation (TSC) and the Department of Labor and Employment–Bureau of Working Conditions (DOLE-BWC) and Regional Office 1 further strengthened their partnership in promoting Safety and Health in the workplace as they inked a Memorandum of Understanding and launched the “KAPATIRAN–WISE TAV (Work Improvement in Small Enterprises Training and Advisory Visit”) Program last 23 June 2010 at TSC’s Sual Power Station.

It is the first KAPATIRAN-WISE TAV partnership in Region I after the government agencies introduced the program in Villa Jireh Resort in Labrador last April. With the partnership, TeaM Sual Corporation officially becomes the first “Big Brother” in the region.

A Safety and Health Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the DOLE under the BWC, the KAPATIRAN WISE TAV Program “encourages big companies practicing CSR programs, to coach and guide small companies in eventually becoming fully compliant with labor laws and the Occupational Safety and Health Standards. “ The big companies become the “Big Brother” or “Kuya” of the smaller companies or “Small Brother”, thus the term, “Kapatiran”.

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Farmers urge to plant corn during off season

By Brando Cortez and Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES-More than 150 corn farmers from different corn producing towns in Pangasinan had an educational tour to the Corn Post-Harvest Processing and Trading Facility and attended the Corn Farmers’ Forum at Carmen East village here on June 25.

The tour and forum were aimed to familiarize them with the advantages of having access to post harvest facilities and to plant corn during off season..

The corn post-harvest facility, on the other hand, aims to help farmers to reduce cost, increase income, improve the quality of corn and create a ready market for corn and establish linkages to other markets

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Mangaldan folks attend Romero’s victory party

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN –Thousands of people massed at the public gymnasium here to join their newly elected public officials led by re-electionist Hermie Romero in a party to celebrate their victory.

Dr. Rose Ramirez-Hulipas, Romero’s chief of staff, said the revelry was graced by elective officials from the opposite camps.

“Iyong mga losers sa part ni mayor hindi na nag-participate. Hindi na nag-attend, but they were invited. This is open to the public. Lahat ng supporters, lahat ng mga tumulong, at supporters sa kanila during the campaign,” she stressed.

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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Congressmen spend less than a million to win elections

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – Just how much does it take to win elections in Pangasinan?

Not much, if the certificates of expenditures submitted to the Commission on Elections are to be believed.

Governor Amado Espino Jr. who won his second term said he spent P4,312,061 of personal funds while his rival, second District Rep. Victor Agbayani claimed to have spent almost as much – P4,076,558.

But while Espino purely personal funds, Agbayani claimed P2 million of his expenditures came from the Liberal Party while P1 million came from contributions of other persons. The rest represents his personal funds.

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Arroyo no intention to leave presidency, but..

Many people thought that after the May 10, 2010 local election, everything seems to go back into normal. But it ain’t, man. There is this political maneuvering that surreptitiously continues without the knowledge of the hoi polloi.

This is for the provincial board seat for the president of the councilors’ league of Pangasinan.

“A candidate needs tens of millions of pesos to win the top seat that gives a provincial dad an almost P30,000 a month in pay, a more than P2 million a year in pork-barrel , and other perks and emoluments,” emphatically said by a political operator who has a direct experience on the nitty-gritty of this political chess match.

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Free public education- a fallacy

Last June 14, millions of pupils and students trooped to schools for the opening of classes in the entire country. Prior to the school opening, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued directives that no fees shall be collected from the pupils and students in the public schools. DepEd also issued guidelines that school uniforms are no longer mandatory to be used in going to schools. The purpose of those guidelines and directives is to ease expenses for the parents and lessen their economic burdens.
While the government, particularly the education department, is brandishing the “free education” policy in public schools, in reality this is just a “lip service” and it was and will never be. Free education in public schools is only a dream that might even lead to nightmares and pancreatitis (bangungot).

Take the case of Marina Santos (not her real name) of Camanang village in Urdaneta City. She’s an ordinary native cake vendor with four children- two in the elementary grades and two in high school. Her husband ekes out a living by collecting jueteng bets. Their total net income daily is P150, a large part of it goes to rice, coffee, sugar and noodles.

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TeaM Sual and DOLE Launch 1st Kapatiran in Region

KAPATIRAN. TeaM Sual Corporation and DOLE-BWC Launch 1st KAPATIRAN WISE TAV Partnership in Region 1 – TeaM Sual Corporation VP Operations and Sual Station Manager Ruben H. Licerio (sitting, 5th from R) and Atty. Ma. Brenda L. Villafuerte, DOLE-BWC Director IV (sitting, 5th from L), recently inked the Memorandum of Understanding to formally launch the 1st KAPATIRAN Work Improvement in Small Enterprises Training And Advisory Visit (WISE TAV) Program in Region 1. Joining them during the launch are Dir. John Henry S. Jalbuena (sitting, 4th from L) of the DOLE Region are the representatives of TSC’s 18 ”small brothers”

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