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Just like the financially burdened but ubiquitous provincial newspapers that just spurt-out and die-out, the prestigious Newsweek Magazine has just called it quits. In an Agence France Press headline “Washington Post put Newsweek up for Sale”, it says: “The losses at Newsweek in 2007-2009 are a matter of record,” (Washington Post Co. chairman Donald) Graham said.

According to the Post, just like other U.S magazines, Newsweek has been grappling with steep drop in print advertising revenue, steadily declining circulation and the migration of readers to free news online.

Adieu Newsweek. You’ve been an effective mentor for me when I was in my early years in high school in my war-torn economically backward province of North Cotabato in the 1980s.

Since TV and Fm radio were a rarity then, I was obliged to read whatever available materials we have at our house. To kill time and boredom I have to browse the “tons” of back issues of Newsweek brought by my air force father.

That diversion eventually became a habit. Wide- eyed and delighted, I learned there the nitty-gritty of Israel’s “Six-Day War”, Entebbe’s phenomenal rescue landing in Uganda, and the Yom Kippur War in 1970s.
News like Watergate, Reaganomics, Iran-Contra Brouhaha, Vietnam War, Cold War, latest military armaments, Holly Molly Tita Molly, I read them like what a drug addict was to an illegal substance.

I learned geo-politics in this magazine where my incompetent professors in political science failed to inculcate me in my college and graduates school years.

I even imitated the eye-catching and witty caricature of its non-pareil cartoonist Nobel Peace nominee Ranan R.Lurie. But fate did not make me as a Lurie’s wannabe, it made me as a nuisance and contemptuous columnist who doesn’t know until now how many readers bothered to read my “calumny”.


Every time Pamsy Tioseco comes in my city Dagupan in 2007 and 2010, I thought she is the media liaison of Senator Loren Legarda.

“No, hiniram lang ako. I’m with Senator Pong Biazon,” she told me when she asked me to interview the senator and his senatorial bet son Ruffy of the “SLAMAT LORRRD” Party at the swanky and cozy fish farm of Mayor Al Fernandez of my city.

Recently, I just learned that she is not only an able media asset of the Biazons, but a prolific scribe of the Woman’s Today Magazine that my ma used to ask me to buy when I was a tot in Cotabato.

(I got also the same mistaken presumption with former President Joseph Estrada’s PR woman the beauteous Margaux Salcedo. I though she is just another dyed-in-wool newshen lending her technical service with the “Eraption” because I saw her write gastronomic delights at Inquirer’s Sunday Magazine. She told me in one of their sorties in Pangasinan that she is also a lawyer – when I told her she loves to sprinkle her articles with legalese).

Back to Pamsy and her text message to me:

“Woman Today Mag(azine) June 1 to 15 issue would you want to be featured?

Please answer the following questions: You’ve been invited to dine with the new president (whoever wins when the mag goes to print) he is all ears. What are the top five questions you will want to ask him and why. Please try to be witty, insightful, and even imaginative. Please email your answer to me. Send also your solo high resolution picture – Pamsy”

Susmariosep, even this is only an offer that could go awry somewhere along the way; I gamely emailed her the following queries for the new president that:

1. Are you going to use the powerful pork barrel to buy the cooperation of the members of the two houses of congress for them to put into the pipe the bills you want them to pass?

(My reason: This phenomenon is as old as Noah’s ark – where senators and congressmen capitulate to the power at be in terms of legislation because of the multi-million of pesos development fund from the executive department they could bring to their constituents.)

2, In case you will be successful in getting a majority block in the two houses of congress, are you going to use them to impeach justices of the Supreme Court, members of constitutional bodies like the Ombudsman and the Comelec who you think were in cahoots with the previous graft-ridden Arroyo Administration?
(My Reason: This can be possible in a quid pro quo basis with the solons)

3. Are you going to lead in the immediate filling of non-bail able plunder cases against former president Gloria M. Arroyo?

(My Reason: Mrs. Arroyo is suspected to be involved in a multi-million of pesos “Fertilizer Scam” before the 2004 poll, the aborted but grossly disadvantageous Philippine broadband network’s deal (famously known as ZTE contract) the president signed with the Chinese, to name a few)

4. If you are in favor of the amendments of some obsolete economic provisions of our constitution, what kind of modes are you going to avail? Constituent Assembly, Constitutional Convention, or People’s Initiative?
(My Reason: Even though majority of our people do not like the government to tinker with our constitution, some political pundits say that the spark-plug for the progress of our country is through the amendment of the 60%-40% economic provision that favors Filipino businessman vis-à-vis a foreign merchant. They say the leveling of the playing field among foreigners in the local economy will prop-up foreign capitals to come)

5. Are you going to implement an aggressive mode of birth control to put a stop to our run-away population growth?

(My Reason: Our yearly rabbit-liked population growth is higher than our annual rice production, thus how can one see this country improve her per capita income when it is gnawed by its demographic problem)


I posted on the U.S based last April 30 that Floyd Mayweather would win by decision against Shane Mosley on their May 2 boxing bout.

The intellectual prowess and natural athleticism of Mayweather would be too much for the almost one-dimensional Shane.

If Floyd has solved the myth of Mosley, can he also solve the Pacquiao riddle?

Gee whiz, I’ll just tell you my answer two weeks before fight-night in case this colossal bout happen amid the drug testing that Pacquaio detested.

The attendance of the tussle, not the quality of the resistance, was like Leonard-Hearns, Leonard-Duran, Leonard-Hagler, Ali-Frazier, and Ali –Foreman again. It was attended by famous personalities from Hollywood, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and others. It was a refreshing sight to that of Pacquiao’s fights where we always see old faces of Chavit Singson, First Gentlemen, Annabelle Rama, Aling Dionesia, and traditional nasty politicians from the Philippines.


With intermittent downpours in different areas in Northern Luzon, I started to believe the veracity of the reports that those wise guys at the Department of Agriculture and the government are playing the El Nino Card to enrich themselves.

The D.A said that El Nino will drag us up to June 2010. As a preventive measure, the government imported again another X metric ton of rice from Vietnam (or was it Thailand?) to fill-up the 10 percent that our rice lands could not produced annually.

As some of us know, importation of rice is replete with corruption issues among our government officials who collaborate for hefty percentages from the exporters and importers.

Thus when the senatorial entourage of former president Joseph Estrada called a press conference in Dagupan City, I asked them about the rice we import abroad, and if ever it occurred to the minds of our government officials that Mainland China and India – with their burgeoning population – would compete with us on this staple.

“Is there any solution to rid with the 10-percent rice deficit by making ourselves self-sufficient in our palay industry?”

Johnny Enrile told me that nobody among them could answer that question except my hilaga in Mindanao congressman and senatorial bet Ompong Plaza.

I thought Plaza would expound more on irrigation and the re-regulating ponds that former PMS Secretary Hermogenes Esperon and former General and Sta. Barbara Mayor Rey Velasco kept telling us here about the benefit it gives to farmers for them to harvest three times a year instead of one or two yearly.
Plaza instead told everybody that technology transfer is the solution to the farmers – just like what Thailand was doing to her peasants.

“In my farm in Mindanao, it takes eight years for lanzones to bear fruit, but I did not believe this time-table. I used technology and after three years lanzones in my farm land bear fruits already.”

He deplored why the national government does not implement this strategy to our farmers.

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