JDV foresees failure of elections

May 6, 2010 at 8:42 am 1 comment

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – Saying he was not a merchant of doom, former Speaker Jose de Venecia said he was “very worried that the country’s first electronic elections will fail, with a presidential winner who will not be proclaimed by June 30.”

“I am really very worried that all our efforts will fail. I am praying that everything will normalize (after elections), that the thing we dread will not come to pass,” he told reporters.

But De Venecia said he was not a merchant of doom but was merely speaking from “what we see, know and anticipate.”

For instance, he said he said he warned that the merger of Lakas Kampi CMD will disintegrate and sink into the ocean, “and it did.”

The five-time former speaker who fielded his wife Gina to take his place, said there was a need to prepare now when the whole nation is anxious and wearing dreadful fear of what might happen or what might come to pass.

One of the “dreadful events” that can happen if no presidential candidate is proclaimed by June 30 is that there will be no president “because a hold-over president is illegal.”

“If there is no hold-over president, there is no hold-over cabinet. That is why my appeal is for the senators to immediately elect a senate president who can become acting president after July 1. That is assuming that there is complete elections, not partial or total failure of elections,” he said.

“But if the 12 senatorial candidates are not proclaimed, the Congress ( (meaning half Senate and full House) will convene on the last Monday of July, they will elect a speaker who will become acting president,” he added.

He did not mention who will most likely become speaker but he was obviously referring to President Macapagal-Arroyo who is running for a congress seat in Pampanga.

De Venecia called on political parties and civil society “to take joint action to insure the integrity of the first electronic elections and ease people’s anxieties about any vacuum of political power that could result from failure of elections.

“I am very worried. This is a first class explosive dilemma that there will be no proclaimed national leaders even if there is a presidential winner who will be contested and not proclaimed by noon of June 30,” he said.

He issued the call as president of the Centrist Democrat International Asia Pacific and as founding chair of the International Conference of Asian Political parties made of 200 parties from 45 countries in Asia .

He said the sources of anxieties of people are failure of elections set off by massive glitches in the precinct-level equipment or by deliberate efforts at electronic fraud, failure to proclaim a new president, lack of clear line of presidential succession since all constitutional officers are leaving their posts on June 30, possibility of a hold-over president, and liability of military intervention in the succession process.

But these problems can be addressed now.

These include “commissioning own information technology and computer experts to verify and validate the work of government’s computer and information-technology people.”

“We should also raise our own funds to finance this project,” he said.

The political parties must also persuade the electoral commission to carry out a parallel manual count, at least in the provinces whose collective weight could decide the election outcome, he said.

“Our problems are grave and complex, But they need not dishearten us. Not God’s unalterable will but man-made social structures and political institutions have brought us to where we are,” he said.

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