Political harassment

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In most during political campaigns, leaders siding with one candidate are in peril of harassment and other forms of intimidations. While politicians will employ all sorts of strategies and schemes just to lure electorates and ensure their political victories, those who are in the campaign frontline are almost always at the losing end.

The Ampatuan massacre is not limited only to Mindanao . It can happen in various towns and provinces in the country. The Ampatuans are not in the monopoly of killing their political opponents including their supporters. Killings are realities all over the country particularly among new breed of politicians who want to perpetuate themselves in power.

Time and again, I have written in this column that power is intoxicating. That intoxication has already reached the level of no-conscience, of not knowing what is good or bad. The diabolical activities have already engulfed their sense of decency and moral values.

Indeed, what makes this year’s political exercise worst is the long season of campaign during which the candidates have already shelled out millions of pesos before the actual campaign period began last March 26. The heavy financial burden for the printing of political materials, advertisements in televisions, radios and newspapers are the driving force to curb the Commission on Elections (Comelec) guidelines, rules and regulations. They want to be victorious and the only means is to cripple their political opponents through harassments and, God forbid, to perpetually silence them.

In the past elections, how many times mthat we heard that a certain leader was given “surprise gifts” such as coffin, a funeral wreath or even the grandest attire when already inside the coffin. The only intention there is to cow such leader, giving him the signal to stop supporting his favored candidate. But then, why are these leaders not cowed? On the contrary, their adrenalin rushes and their campaign become so intense and strong. The answer lies in the fact that those politicians who are doing evil schemes will continuously do their dastardly acts when they are in power.

On the other hand, due to their desire to lure the electorates to their demoniac lairs and dragnets, they resort to lies, telling the people that they are doing those activities because of rampant vote buying. But where could you find a candidate at present not buying votes? All of them are guilty of vote buying through giving away caps, lighters, groceries, bottles of wines and liquors which electorates feast on.

And speaking of grocery items, my good friend Orly “Kabog” Navarro, a famous commentator of Aksyon Radyo had a hearty laugh when he received a mis-sent text message from one of the supporters of a politician in the province that the grocery items for distribution are almost ready, except for the “milo” which will be included in the package.

Perhaps all those recipients of that bagful of grocery items will be forever grateful to that politician. Never mind the future. Never mind the implementation of programs and projects as long as in one day, their stomachs are full.

A piece of advice to the readers of this article. May 10, 2010 is the day that the rich and poor have the same status in life. The right of suffrage will be both exercised by all. So let us guard the sanctity of our votes The leaders we will choose will determine our future. Don’t be bought by what they give. Don’t be cowed by harassment. Be vigilant and wise. Vote for those deserving especially those who are God-fearing.

Go out and vote on May 10, 2010! (For comments, email me at emperorvirgil@yahoo.com).


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