Perspectives: Only 42% of the voters can vote on May 10!

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I thought the mass- producing degree in college is nursing. Susmariosep, I was wrong! Whenever I go to press conferences of presidential, senatorial, and congressional candidates, there are sea of “journalists” who are restlessly waiting for something from politicians.

“Bakit mga pare, ganito na ba karami ang pino-produce ng Bachelor of Arts in Journalism?” I asked recently the legitimate media men at Lis Land in Urdaneta City .

Of course, I was jesting. Most of these “journalists” were hao-shiao or fake! These folks could not even write the correct spelling of “journalism” on a piece of paper. But they have the gall to bring their wives, children, mistresses, paramours, and friends for them to have a piece of the action, too.

Like the presidential, senatorial, and congressional office, ito ang profession na walang board examination! Lahat pueding pumasok, henyo ka man or ugok, schooled or unschooled ka man. What you just need is a ball pen and a notebook to show that you are one.

“Look at former general (and congressional candidate) Hermogenes Esperon, he now meticulously checks the names and the outlets of those submitted by his PR men during his press conferences. Kasi hindi lang bogus ang kalaban diyan sa listahan, mi mga tulisan din na media men na nag sa-submit ng mga fake na pangalan,” said a dismayed pen-pusher of the acrimonious and fragmented Eastern Pangasinan media.


Amid the appointment spree of members of Philippine Military Academy’s class 1978 by La Presidenta Gloria de Excesses – an adopted class member – to major military branches despite by-passing some senior members of PMA classes 1976 and 1977 at the military hierarchy, amid the uproar of the people in North Cotabato why the National Power Grid include their province in the rotational brownout despite the abundance of geothermal power at the areas of Mt. Apo, we can not avoid our people to be suspicious that something is being cooked by Malacanang.

Are these phenomena, particularly the disturbing up to six hours daily brownout in Mindanao , part of Pavlov’s conditioning theory that some troubles lie ahead?


Here comes the revelation to me by a senatorial candidate, believe it or not, of the administration party Lakas-Kampi-NUCD that something is really wrong with the May national poll.

“Can you imagine the trouble the May poll brings if the people know that out of the 70 percent voters’ turn-out, only 42 percent of the votes could be counted and the rest considered spoiled?”

This was what eminent constitutionalist Attorney Raul Lambino told me when I met him at a press conference called by former Speaker Joe de Venecia.

“Assuming na magkakaroon ng failure of election because of some unforeseen events katulad ng sinasabi mo, baka ang makaka-boto lang dito 30 percent to 42 percent ng registered voters. Assuming na 70 percent ang makakaboto ngayon, baka ang spoiled ballots dito ay about 40 percent.”

He explained to me that based on the time-and-motion he observed for a voter to vote, it takes seven to eight minutes for him to shade all the ovals of those candidates from national to local that he likes. And this does not include the time he inserts the “kilometric” long ballot to the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine.

“That was done after a thorough briefing of the voters who were called to participate on the mock election. Paano iyong 98 percent of our voters who are not given a pre-orientation of how to vote? Iyan ang nakakatakot.” he stressed.

An insinuation that not all voters can votes because of the long queue this election entails in the precinct level.

He told me that the low turn-out would not result in a failure of election but it would result in doubts among the Filipinos if the one elected comes not from the one who did not top in the latest survey.

Anak ng tinapaklong, can you imagine my dear readers the catastrophe it gives if Erap or Gibo wins instead of Noynoy or Manny (Villar, not Pacquiao)? Holly Molly, do I hear John Lennon belting his opus “Revolution” as I encode this article?

When I asked him about military sneaking-in a vacuum created by a failure of election where no Vice President, Senate President, and House Speaker could succeed the president in case he shall not have been chosen or shall have been qualified.

“Well, iyan ang nakakatakot sa Constitution. You can speculate because it is so defective. Lalong-lalo na iyang sinasabi mo Mortz, totoo iyan. Hindi kino-consider ng Constitution iyang sitwasyon na iyan. Iyong scenario na iyan lalung-lalo iyang senate president (Johnny Enrile) tumatakbo ngayon, maaring hindi na siya mananalo as senator. His term will end on June 30 (2010). Even assuming na nananalo siyang senador, he can’t be a senate president kasi his term of office as senator would end on June 30. His term of office as senate president would be on June 30. He has no more mandate to be senate president. We have also an incumbent speaker whose term expires on June. Now he is running as mayor in Davao City . So, you have a situation where in the event there is delay in the proclamation of the winning candidate for president as you have said.”

To readers who have found unparalleled patience to read this column, Lambino was the architect of the failed Pirma or that controversial Charter Change or Cha-Cha crusade he led years ago that was defeated by one point in the 8-7 Supreme Court votes in that famous Lambino vs. Comelec petition.

He told me that the caretaker government in case of a failure of election former marine general and outgoing Senator Rodolfo Biazon revealed to me recently is unconstitutional (you can read the entire story of this on my previous column).

“In the first place, there is no more session for today and up to July unless the president calls for a special session,” he said.

But he doubts if congressmen and senators can attend as they were in the middle of their campaign.

He said Biazon’s bill could not supplant the provision of the constitution on the succession of power.

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