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EDITORIAL:The Noah principle

Some people worry that a flood is coming. Other people warn that a flood is coming.

Still others explain why a flood is coming. Noah builds an ark.

Some people worry that power blackouts are coming. Other people warn that power blackouts are coming. Still others explain why power blackouts are coming.

Rep. Mark Cojuangco is keen on building a nuclear power plant.


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EAVESDROPPER: The captive press

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

Someone asked me lately, “Whom are you writing for?”

I did not easily understand what he was pointing at and I asked him back. What do you mean for “ writing for?”

He retorted that most media practitioners these days have political candidates as their “godfathers” and many of them have been making money out of their “PR” work so that most of the time the contents of their newspapers are no longer press work but “praise releases”.

What he said made me think.

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Ang Maso

By Brando Cortez

Muntik nang mag-walk out

MUNTIK NG MAG-WALK OUT ang local media na nag-cover ng press conference ng isang grupo ng national candidates.

Pareng Jigs, alam mo ba na ang dahilan ay nagmataas ang isang Avic na senate staff daw ng isang presidentiable?

Para bang ini-small niya ang local media.


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