Priests just wanna have fun too, some time

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By Yolanda Z. Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – What do priests do when they are together? They pray and pray some more.

Then they play like any ordinary mortals.

More than 200 priests from Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija and La Union gathered here on Monday for the first Metropolitan Clergy Day of prayer and fraternal gathering, during which they spent the entire morning praying and the afternoon, talking and playing games.

“This is a bonding among the priests, many of whom are classmates at seminaries and saw each other for the first time after many years,” Father Oliver Mendoza, parish priest of San Fabian, said.

He added that the priests felt good seeing other priests and experiencing fraternal brotherhood. “There was sharing of experiences and offering of pieces of advice to each other,” Mendoza said.

The different archdioceses were assigned colors for their shirts, like yellow, green, red and white, but Mendoza said this had nothing to do with their political leanings. The colors were selected by the bishops during a prior meeting, he said.

The games they played include parlor games which showed that priests, too , know how to have fun. They also played basketball and lawn tennis, with the different dioceses pitted against each other.

The parlor games included a set of contestants arranging themselves from the least to the most handsome. Amid friendly banter, not one of them budged as to who was the least handsome, forcing moderator giving a point to each group.

The other contests are arranging themselves from those with the lowest to highest-bridged nose (with each nose measured) and from those with narrowest to widest hips.

Questions about their religious activities were also included such who of them baptized the most number of children the day before, and who had a photo of Mary.

“Baka ibang Mary yan,” a priest in the gallery joked when another priest ran to the stage to show a photo of Mary in his wallet.

Another photo called for by the emcee was of any celebrity. One priest showed a photo of a certain singer Navarro, and another showed a photo of Rachel Ann Go, also a singer.

Priests that they were, they are told by the moderator to be “a little obedient” and to be “honest” during the games, to the laughter of the other priests.

All the winners were given stole, or the sash put across their cassocks when they are doing their priestly obligations like saying mass .

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas reminded the priests that no matter how they look – with some of them handsome and others chubby, their” hands are alike.”

During ordination, your hands touched the same things – the floor for humility, the bishop’s hands for obedience and the oil poured on them for you to be generous,” he told them.

The Lingayen-Dagupan Archdiocese is the “mother” of the dioceses of San Fernando in La Union, Cabanatuan and San Jose in Nueva Ecija and Urdaneta and Alaminos in Pangasinan.

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