EAVESDROPPER: Cheap political gimmickry?

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By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

There’s a local newspaper (Northern Star with unknown address) circulating lately in the town of Villasis with a headline portraying Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica to have hidden relief goods during the onslaught of the flood caused by Typhoon Pepeng last October 2009. These relief goods are allegedly being used now in the political campaign of his wife Libradita Go-Abrenica (Dita) who is running for the town’s mayoralty.

In that news article, it was said that during the Christmas season, the relief goods were given as prizes in the raffle draws of the Ladies Auxilliary Brigade (LAB) headed by Dita and some were distributed to the people of San Blas and Puelay villages last February 3, 2010. The two villages were allegedly favored by the Abrenicas according to the said report.

Vice Mayor Nielo Costales and some of the councilor candidates were even quoted to have said that they had to resort to the giving of relief goods to ensure their winning in the May 10, 2010 elections.

The news item was absurd and malicious, according to the municipal social welfare officer Lilibeth Montero-Abrenica, who is the custodian of the relief goods. She said that once entrusted to her office, Mayor Abrenica has no control over the disposal of the relief goods but only to supervise them as to what areas these were distributed.

“There were no bodegas in the municipal hall to keep the relief goods. The picture was taken just at the lobby, so we were not hiding them. Those were supposed to be used as preemptive relief operations for Typhoon Quedan victims, but luckily the typhoon was not that strong as expected,” Ms. Abrenica said.

She said that even the dates mentioned were distorted. There was no relief operations last February 3, 2010.

The political gimmick must be instigated by the camp of the political rival, observed many Abrenica supporters.

“The news article was written to portray that the Mayor Abrenica has interest over the relief goods but in fact all goods donated to the municipality have been accounted for. Some supporters said that those relief goods coming from other donors did not pass through the municipal government but were directly distributed to the flood victims,” the social welfare officer further said.

I talked with Vice Mayor Costales to get his reaction over the news item and he said that he was not interviewed by any newsman from that newspaper. “ That writer is crazy and deserves no attention,” he said in disgust.

Well, this is a case of black propaganda. The news writer who is hiding his identity through an alias Mario D. Paareglo (di paareglo?) should have gathered real facts and data. Media people are purveyors of truth and information. Those being used politically have no place in the journalism profession. The basic elements of writing news are “ accuracy, accuracy and accuracy”. In like manner, readers of news articles must also be wary of what they are reading. They should digest the fact and not to be conclusive of their contents.

I am not saying here that the political propaganda has been initiated by the rival camp of the Abrenicas. I know for sure that they won’t dip their fingers into such kind of gimmickry which Mayor Nato called, “ Cheap!”

Political gimmicks are appearing now in many ways. Out of this world slogans are visible in every candidate’s pamphlets, calendars, tarps and infomercials over televisions and radios.

Personally, I find these sloganeering cheap political ploys. Why don’t they write their platforms of government? Why don’t they sell themselves according to their advocacies? And speaking of advocacies, I have yet to read from the political materials of candidates about helping the environment- the ecology and how to mitigate the climate change. These are the advocacies needed now. It’s not sports, not health, not other services. Basic services are already a part of every administration’s programs and operations.

Well, fellas let’s get out from politics for a while. We are now experiencing the effect of El Niño. There will be drought and water will be scarce. Water is life. This summer season, we have to conserve it.

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