Q and A: JDV on national reconciliation and other issues

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Northern Watch correspondent Mortz C. Ortigoza caught-up anew with five-time Speaker of the House of Representatives Jose de Venecia for an interview that zeroed in on scenarios of a failed presidential poll and the decline of Lakas-Kampi CMD party after the May 10, 2010 election. Excerpts:

MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA (MCO): Copenhagen ended a failure. But you wrote a letter to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown about people in the underdeveloped countries to plant billions of trees to mitigate global warning thru debt-to-equity. Any update, Mr. Congressman?

JOSE DE VENECIA (JDV): Sinagot ako ni (my letter was answered by) President Hu Jintao ng (Mainland) China . Did I give you a copy?

MCO: Hindi pa sir (Not yet sir).

JDV: I will give you later his letter. Sinagot ako ng Chinese government sabi nila. Sila dapat dapat gagastos. Sabi ng Chinese government wala tayo dapat gagastusin. Sila ang dapat gagastos(the Chinese government told me the developed country should shoulder the expenses. We underdeveloped countries would not spend a dime) The developed countries will finance the initiatives of the under develop and developing countries on climate change.

MCO: The en banc of the Supreme Court has decided adversely on your petition on the merger of Lakas Christian Muslim Democratic Party and the Kampi Party. Are you optimistic that a Motion for Reconsideration with the said court would prosper?

JDV: Pinag-aaralan ng ating mga abugado (my lawyers still study it) if we will file a Motion for Reconsideration.

MCO:Let’s talk about succession of power. There is an impending dilemma. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile runs for re election, Prospero Nograles will be no longer be a Speaker after June 30. 2010. In case there will be a crisis on the election; they said there will be a vacuum of power in July 1, 2010. Would it be possible for the military to sneak in and take power?

JDV: If no civilian authority emerges by July 1st. Then the military would –as guardian of the state – temporarily take charge. But that should be the last resort because I am against a military take-over.

So it is very important that the new president should be proclaimed at all cost.

MCO: Recently I read a news item on the observation that the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine can still read even if all the shaded ovals have been erased. Would this poll be vulnerable to fraud?

JDV: Unless they are able to solve this widespread poll issues that were raised by the leaders of the civil societies. You know they are already hacking the government computers. They are already testing the capability of the Comelec to manage its first electronic poll in the Philippines . The danger is very strong, and widespread. The feelings of the people are widespread. They don’t have much confidence in the integrity of this electronic system that we are installing so maybe at some point all of us (should) pray. Maybe the mechanical system should be first tried only in the Metropolitan Manila area. And, if certain major cities of the Philippines . But not nationwide if the proper mechanics are lacking. If the system is incomplete, every system is incomplete. If the ballots before are not on time because there are many Motion for Reconsiderations pending in the Supreme Court, with the Comelec. If the printing of the documents necessary for elections are not completed because there are 1,600 towns, you need 1,600 documents for every town because you have different candidates for councilor, vice mayor, and mayor in each town. So, it’s a very dangerous thing and maybe we should first have a trial period.

For a testing period of say by the various political parties acting together with the leaders of the civil society. Acting in concert because kung ipipilit natin itong nationwide electronic election na hindi pa tested at mukhang marami mga dangers anticipated baka magkagulo pa ang Pilipinas (if we insist on this nationwide electronic election that are not yet tested, and we have a lot of anticipated problems, our country will go to the brink of chaos).

Or there is a failure of proclamation, at walang presidente na ma proclaim. Grabe and aabutin ng ating bansa (and we don’t have president that could be proclaimed, our country would be in a serious trouble). We should see this thing that we can do at due time after July 1, (201O).

MCO: Are you going back to the government after you end your third term as congressman on June 30, 2010?

JDV: Well, I told you I’m organizing the revival of the rainbow coalition. Which means – in practical term – we must create a government of national unity. Which means that whoever wins we must like various political forces, so that the winner can not govern. There will be chaos. So if the presidential candidates decline as winner we must proceed to create a government of national unity after some cleansing because we have to cleanse the bad elements. And then we must have power sharing, the various political forces so that we can unite a country and the new president can move forward immediately. Otherwise, we will be struck by all kinds of infighting, chaos charges, and counter charges. We will not be able to win.

MCO: Can we expect that you will be working with the new dispensation?

JDV: I will be making recommendation. Kasi ngayon (because now), I’m the chairman of all the political parties in Asia . Communist Party of China is my member, Democratic Party of Japan the ruling party and the Congress Party of India are my member. The party of (Russian Prime Minister Vladimir) Putin is my member. So, I’m in some way working with solution the problem in Asia . I will continue to work. Let’s help solve the problem in the Philippines .

Hindi natin pababayaan itong ating bansa (we will not abandon our country).

MCO: Would there be another party like Lakas CMD that you founded to dominate? Or would Lakas still exist after a new government is proclaimed after June 30?

JDV: I think Lakas will decline considerably. I doubt if its candidate for president will win. So the dominant party would be the L.P (Liberal Party) and Nationalista. And we would have to unite under some power- sharing formula. So the Philippines should not be divided again. And there will be constant infighting; they will threaten the president with impeachment complaint. Bakit na lang laging ganuon? Laban ng laban. I am proposing a government of national reconciliation under a new elective president.

(Mortz C. Ortigoza used to teach political science in Dagupan City and Manila . He has a Master in Public Administration)

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