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The senators and the laws

As a freedom republic, we are a country of laws and not of men. Laws are the bedrock of democracy and once they are defied, chaos and anarchy ensue.

Our senators, however, are devoid of statesmanship, lack respect of laws and becoming not as role models for the youth but models of defying the justice system this country has. Being the purveyors of laws, they are supposed to be on the frontline of seeing to it that justice processes are being undertaken and observed.

But many of our senators are becoming bum and absurd. They are providing us signals not to respect our laws and the justice system.

Where is Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson now? When he learned that a warrant of arrest has been issued to him in connection with the Dacer-Corbito case, he disappeared like Houdini and David Copperfield, the two world famous escapists and illusionists. Lacson abandoned his office and now a subject of manhunt by local police authorities and the international police or Interpol.

He should have been brave enough to face the case against him. If he was innocent, as he was saying, then he should secure all legal remedies to defend himself. He should at least respect the justice system which is anchored on evidences and not media publicity. Or, if he thinks he is guilty of the crime, then he should expose his accomplices and the mastermind of the crime.

There is a dictum that flight is a sign of guilt. By absconding himself, isn’t he guilty of the Dacer- Corbito double murder? Under the cloak of command responsibility, wasn’t he responsible for it for he was then the highest ranking police officer of the land?

With the issuance of the warrant of arrest, his camp is putting the blame on La Presidenta Gloria. Again? Why blame the President for the court system? We have three branches of the government and have separate powers. The executive branch executes laws, the legislative branch enacts laws and the judicial branch interprets the laws. The court has jurisdiction over the warrant of arrest of Lacson. If our mindset is that the President could order the court, then we are no longer under democracy but dictatorship.

By all means Mr. Lacson. Come out in the open and face the trial. The families of the Dacers and the Corbitos have been longing for justice, like you do. Be brave. Don’t be cowed and show us that you are a true officer and gentleman like when we voted you as a senator.

Senator Jamby Madrigal is to be blamed too for Lacson’s flight. Imagine a senator advising her colleague to go out of the country? What’s this Madrigal has in mind? She is making mockery of our laws. She does not deserve to be in that august halls of the Senate. She’s not worth a salt. Dipping her fingers in that Lacson case will not help her presidential ambition. Remember that both Madrigal and Lacson were behind the expose of the C-5 extension road deal against Senator Manny Villar.

Senator Manny Villar, a presidentiable, has also an axe to grind. With his non-appearance in the Senate inquiry about the C-5 extension road budget insertions, he is also projecting himself as a no respecter of laws. How can a person longing to be a president of the land show to us that he is above the law? Suppose he will win, what kind of government do we have under his administration?

Like Lacson, Villar is supposed to face his accusers. He should present his pieces of evidence before his colleagues in the Senate. Branding his colleagues as politicizing the issues hurled against him will not be of help to catapult him to power. What’s the truth behind the budget insertions? The people want to know.

And what are Senators Allan Cayetano and Aquiluino Pimentel doing in the Senate? They are lawyering for Senator Manny Villar. This Cayetano is absurd. He lacks the delicadeza called for in a senator like him. There were many Senate investigations where he prominently participated- the fertilizer scam, NBN-ZTE deal and many others under the administration, but for Manny Villar he is there not as a fiscalizer but a defense lawyer. Mama mia! What kind of senators do we have in this country. Are we already a people of nincompoops? That we are easily fooled by the double tongue of these senators? Look at Pimentel, while the senate deliberations are for real, he turned it into a circus by injecting an uncalled for humor by saying to Senator Roxas, “I am sure you made many insertions after your marriage with Korina.”

Where are the likes of Jovito Salonga, Claro M. Recto, Jose Laurel, Raul Manglapus, Jose Diokno? These were true statesmen. The Senate was then a bastion of true democracy where real issues were deliberated on with savvy and mutual respect for each other.

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