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Police puts 12 towns, 3 cities under election watchlist

DAGUPAN CITY – The Pangasinan provincial police has put 12 towns and three cities under Comelec watch list during the May 2010 elections because of intense political rivalry and election-related incidents in the areas in the past two elections.
Sr. Supt. Percival Barba, Pangasinan provincial director, said under watch list are the cities of San Carlos, Dagupan and Alaminos, and the towns of San Manuel,Tayug, Malasiqui, San Nicolas, Basista, Binalonan, Natividad, Pozorrubio,
Rosales, Sual, San Quintin and Bolinao.
Barba said the police have also identified six private armed groups in different towns of the province – four of them in the watch list and two in other towns which he did not identify.
“If we will include the presence of PAG as basis, there will be 17 local government units that should be under election watch list,” he told the Inquirer in a telephone interview.
Barba refused to identify the towns with PAG, saying “manghuli na lang kami (we will just
He said some town mayors agreed with having their towns under Comelec control citing Rosales Mayor Ricardo Revita whom he quoted as saying “it was good because the town will be getting special attention.”
San Manuel Mayor Salvador Perez said he had no problem with his town being under Comelec control, saying there was nothing to hide during the election. His aide Nicanor Laroya Jr. was shot to dead in Binalonan last January 25, but “the case was not election-related because it happened in another town.”
But Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza said he will ask the Comelec the basis for inclusion of the city under watch list.
“It is unfair. On what grounds are they putting us under watch list? Do they (police) know something we do not know? Are there reports of armed groups?” he said.
He added that he had been in public service in the last 20 years and had been voting in the city ever since he started to vote and “It is only now that (the city) will be called a hot spot.”
Braganza added that some walls in the city painted with the message “ Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA-NDF” as if there was a scenario being created to put the city under Comelec control.
The municipal trial court has excluded at least 57 names from the list of voters in seven villages of the city.
In several orders, MTC Presiding Judge Borromeo Bustamante said since the 57 persons could not be found in their supposed addresses by the court’s sheriff, the petition to remove them from the list was granted.
Bustamante directed the election registration board to exclude the 57 names in the lists of the voters who are supposedly from the villages of Palamis, San Jose , Cayucay, Magsaysay, Lucap , Victoria and Telbang.

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Agbayani bewails deteriorating condition of Maramba Boulevard

LINGAYEN – The historic Maramba Boulevard fronting the Capitol building here is turning brown, not green.

This observation by town residents and visitors in the area was echoed by former governor and second district Rep. Victor Agbayani who undertook the development of the almost one-kilometer boulevard sometime in 2006 to pay homage to one of Pangasinan’s greatest sons, Don Daniel Maramba of Sta. Barbara.

Maramba, who served as governor of the province, was among the local leaders who fought against the Spanish regime.

He was one among three Pangasinan heroes who fought in the Battle of Dagupan in July 1898. Maramba led the liberation of the town of Sta. Barbara on March 7, 1898. Hearing that Sta. Barbara fell into rebel hands, the Spanish forces in Dagupan attempted to retake the town, but were repulsed by Maramba’s forces. Thus, after the setback, the Spaniards decided to concentrate their forces in Lingayen to protect the provincial capital. This enabled Maramba to expand his operations to Malasiqui, Urdaneta and Mapandan, taking them one after the other. He took one more town, Mangaldan, before proceeding to Dagupan to lay siege on the last Spanish garrison.

Consequently, the Battle of Dagupan led to the liberation of Pangasinan from the Spanish forces.

Agbayani said that aside from improving the Maramba Boulevard, he also enlisted the support of the family and relatives of Don Daniel to have his statue erected at the entrance of the boulevard.

“We immediately undertook the development of the Maramba Boulevard after the restoration of the Capitol Building was completed in 2006,” Agbayani added.

He said various ornamental plants were planted to enhance the beauty of the place.

However, Agbayani noted that the plants have apparently been unattended to and have started to wither away and to turn brown in color.

To daily maintain the Maramba Boulevard, Veterans Park and the other surrounding areas in the Capitol, the Tourism and Parks Development Office was created, Agbayani added.

The office was manned by a park administrator and several utility workers, security and other maintenance aides.

Agbayani expressed hope that the upkeep of the Maramba Boulevard as well as the adjoining Aguedo Agbayani Memorial Park in front of the Capitol would be spared from politics.

“Huwag naman sanang mabahiran ng pulitika ang pagasikaso sa Maramba Boulevard,” he said.

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Perspectives” Noynoy’s handlers’ failure to portray the “evil” of Villar

The acrimonies for the past weeks brought by the expose in media against Senator and “presidentiable” Manny Villar in the Senate hardly put a dent on the image of the latter on the Pulse Asia’s January 22- 26, 2010 survey. It showed there “presidentiables” Noynoy Aquino and Villar were already statistically tied with 37%, 35% (in the survey’s margin of error of plus and negative two percent), respectively, from the nine questions given to the 1,800 respondents.
The first four questions got a significant percentage –points. They are areas where I am going to delve, and, ehem, explain how it bodes them. They are “1) The candidate is “not corrupt/clean record, 24%”, “2) Care for the poor, 24%,“3) Can do something/is doing something/will do something, 16%”, and “4) Helps, helping others, 11%”.
Since the website of Pulse Asia did not specifically show how many percentage-points both of them got in No.1, I presumed the “Not corrupt/clean record” went to Noynoy because of his unsullied scandal-free image from the time he joined politics as congressman.
The C-5 row, I presumed again, has affected the points of Villar on this question.
But I believed he is neck to neck or ahead on the last three questions against Aquino.
Thanks to his aggressive infomercials at ABS/CBN and GMA-7 TVs where he pays millions of pesos daily to endear himself to voters on his pro-poor advocacies.
These advertisements could shame World War II German Propagandist Joeseph Goebels who once quipped that a lie being told and re-told could become a gospel truth to the listeners eventually.
Villar’s infomercials are complemented by some TV shows where he is seen gratuitously giving tens of thousands if not millions of pesos worth of houses to the poor. An awe-inspiring sight before the eyes of the millions of gullible voters who thought Villar was the short-haired orange-clad messiah who descended from heaven to save them from their sorry-state and homelessness.
On these three questions Noynoy’s would be no match competing with Villar on the credibility game.
Villar’s pro-poor Tondo-born image that jived with the last three questions has gobbled Hacienda Luisita resident Aquino’s image.
Noynoy’s handlers especially his primary “campaign-manager’ ABS/CBN did not succeed to alienate the pro- Villar’s respondents in the last three questions. They were not able to agitate Villar’s sympathizers how grave his sins were when he earned and is still earning the windfall of tens of millions of pesos of scarce government monies as a result of his intercession on the duplicated P6.96 billion C-5 road.
ABS/CBN and Noynoy’s handlers failed to simplify this anomaly (although the former has been airing lately its masses-friendly explanation cum news on its prime time schedule) so the common tao could understand it, and hopefully be angry and leave Manny.
The same anger that ousted former presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada because of corruption issues.
Although it took me sometime to understand the nuances of C-5 scandal, unlike the saliva-secreting scandal Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho have brought, allow me to present to you this issue that even a school drop-out of Iskol Bukol understand.
For the first time allow me to speak in the vernacular so any Tomasito, Deocoro, and Herodito could understand:
Simulan po natin ito kung saan ang gobierno ang naka pagkumbinse ng Malaysian investor na gumawa ng kalsada sa pamamagitan ng Build Operate Transfer (BOT). Ang BOT po ay hindi iyong ginagamit ng mangingisda pagpupunta sila sa la-ot, ito po ay polisiya ng gobierno kung saan kahit isang kusing na centimo ay wala pong gagastosin ang gobierno natin dahil ito ay pagkakita-an ng namumuhunan sa bayad ng mga mi-ari ng mga sasakyan, na ayaw ma-traffic, na dadaan dito.
Ito ay magmula sa South Luzon Express Way (SLEX) at magtatapos Coastal Road sa Paranaque.
Ang gastos lang ng gobierno dito sa Manila Cavite Toll Expressway Project (MCTEP), ay P2.68 billion dahil ito ay ibibili ng mga lupa at ari-arian na masasagasaan ng kalsadang ginawa. Sa English po ang tawag dito ay expropriation.
Mag mula sa SLEX at patungong Coastal Road si Villar, gamit ang kapangyarihan bilang Senate President, ay na-impluensiyan niya ang gobierno na gumawa ng panibagong kalsada na tinawag na
DPWH C-5 Extension Project (CX-5) na kasama ang Las Pinas- Paranaque Link Project (LPPLP).
Tawagin natin ito na CX-5/ LPPLP. Ito ay isang kalsada na, maniwala man kayo o hindi, ay ginawa para tabihan ang kalsadang ginawa ng Malaysian. Mag asawang kalsada! Puedi ba iyon? Puede po, dahil nangyari na po ito doon sa Cavite at Paranaque areas.
Ang malupit lang po dito ay iyong bagong kalsada ay ginastusan ng gobierno ng P6.96 billion. Napakamahal po kasi nilihis ng konti at dinagdagan ang haba sa pamamagitan ng LPPLP para mada-anan ang mga 50-52 hectarya na lupa-in ni Manny sa Las Pinas na karamihan ay hindi pa na developed. Binayaran si Manny ng P7, 168 per square meter (psm) sa ari-ari-an niya na nasagasaan.
Iyong mga non-Villar properties doon ay binili lang ng gobierno ng P1,880 psm.
Dahil dito kumita si Villar sa expropriation ng P168 million, kasama na doon ang over-priced.
Billion po ang kinita o kikita-in ni Villar dito dahil tuma-as din ang halaga ng lupain niya dahil sa bagong kalsada.
Dati po nuong nag-aaral din ako sa Iskol Bukol, akala ko po ay kuentong praning po iyong pagbili ng kotse na kasama na ang kalsada. para maka-iwas trapiko.
Mukhang naniniwala na po ako sa kuentong iyon pagkatapos ko ma-researched ang CX-5/LPPLP.
Kasalukuyan po akong napapraning dahil bigo ang ABS/ CBN at supporters ni Noynoy na iparating sa masang madla ang nakaka- altang presyong isyung walang pangundakang nakawan na ito.
Malisyoso po ang ginawa ni Senator Villar dahil po sa Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard for Public Official and Employees, ang isang opisyal ng gobierno na mi interest sa isang proyekto ng gobierno ay dapat maglahad kung mi conflict of interest siya doon bago siya sumali sa pagawa ng proyecto.
Hindi po ito ginawa ni Villar.
Ang parusa dito ay kasong administratibo.
Dahil din dito si Villar ay pueding maakusahan ng plunder or pandarambong sa Ombudsman kung saan ang kasong ito ay walang piyansa dahil sa pagiging karumaldumal.
Ito pong pagiging karumaldumal ay hindi po naintindihan ng masa. Mas naintindihan pa ng masa ang jingle ng ads ni Villar na “nasubukan niyo na bang maligo sa basura? Nasubukan niyo na bang mag pasko sa kalsada?”
Pag ganito na lang tayo hangang eleksiyon sa Mayo, siguradong maliligo tayong lahat sa basura at magpapasko sa kalsada sa ilalim ng administrasyon ni Villar.
Pagpasensiyahan niyo na lang po ang sulat ko sa Pilipino.
(Send comments to totomortz@

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Sual port seen as key to Pangasinan’s progress

LINGAYEN — The groundbreaking of the Sual Port Development Project, one of the mega infrastructure projects envisioned by Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. to catapult Pangasinan into unprecedented economic growth, took place last February 5 in Poblacion, Sual.
The governor said the event marked another milestone in the history of the province as this will pave the way for the industrialization and the long-delayed economic development of Pangasinan.
He also said the project will spur a new climate of growth that will fan its steady march towards
becoming a premier location for investments in Region I.
“Indeed, the Sual Port has the single-handed capability to stimulate more economic activities and livelihood opportunities for our people,” the Governor said even as he added that Pangasinan can now look forward, dream big and begin a new adventure towards greater economic progress and opportunity.
He also said that it is one historic moment when Pangasinan can enjoy the real prospect of moving forward and finally leaving behind the unfortunate years of missed opportunities.
According to Gov. Espino, the Sual Port, once completed, will pave the way for the development of the province’s potential export products like metallic and non-metallic minerals, its abundant supply of high quality sand and gravel and its agricultural crops and fishery products.
“It will provide easier access for our potential exports to reach the global market,” he added.
The governor thanked President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo for her unflinching commitment to help the province realize new breakthroughs and the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) and the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) for making the project possible by jointly allocating P200 Million to jumpstart the project.
Also designed toaccommodate international commercial vessels, the port will spell tremendous potentials for municipal, provincial and regional growth, according to Atty. Doroteo Reyes II, Undersecretaty for Civil Aviation DOTC, as he commended the entire provincial government for the grand occasion which he said is a sure insurance of the future.
First District Representative Arthur Celeste said that with the construction of the port, Pangasinan can now compete with provinces like Davao and Cebu in attracting investors.
“Hindi lang pabor sa Unang Distrito o sa bayan ng Sual, ito po ay pabor sa buong Pangasinan na magpapaangat at magpapalipad sa ating probinsiya tungo sa malawakang progreso at pagbabago,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mayor John Rodney Arcinue of Sual, said the long-awaited project will open the gates towards industrialization, not only of his town, but of the entire province even as he said that there will be more job opportunities and greater revenue for Sual and Pangasinan.
The construction of Phase I of the Sual Port, costing P80.6 Million is expected to be completed in 365 days. The project involves the construction of a RO-RO ramp, rock causeway, including rock bulkhead, fill materials, RC Curb, Stair landing, Zocalo wall, retaining wall and drainage system. (PIO/Rafael Manuel)

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