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Liberal or Nationalista to dominate congress, JDV predicts

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – Former House Speaker Jose de Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan) said the dominant party that will win in this year’s poll will be either the Liberal or the Nationalista Party.

He said Lakas-Kampi CMD Party that controls the present House of Representatives will decline considerably.

“I doubt if its candidate for president (Gilbert Teodoro) will win,” de Venecia, who co-founded the defunct Lakas-CMD, said.

He stressed that after the May 10, 2010 polls, political parties should unite so the country will not be divided again.

He proposed a government of national unity to neutralize the constant infighting and impeachment threats to the sitting president.

De Venecia said at all cost a newly elected president should be proclaimed in June 30, 2010.

“If no civilian authority emerges by July 1st, the military would, as guardian of the state, temporarily take charge.

He said military take-over would be the last resort because it would not bode well for the country.

De Venecia was ousted from the speaker ship in January 2008 after his son and namesake exposed the overpriced but aborted NBN-ZTE deal. The young de Venecia pinpointed high government officials including First Gentleman Miguel Arroyo as having dipped their fingers into the deal.

He is serving his last term in office. His wife Gina runs for his post under the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

When the former speaker resigned from the newly merged Lakas-Kampi CMD, all the four mayors in his district who supported him politically joined the NPC.


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Perspectives : Noynoy wins, but Gloria reigns

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Precaution to congressional bet Hermogenes Esperon, some media men are up in arms against your P.R men kuno who are based in eastern Pangasinan. They told me your P.R boys did not remit the proper amount of monies as payment for the services of these media friends for your candidacy.

Sir, baka masira kayo diyan. Mukhang hindi tama rin iyong binibigay nilang pera sa ka pro-promote of your candidacy.

The camp of your rival Marlyn Agabas relished this that it even contemplates to pirate some of them to their fold.


Reinvigorated like a newly overhauled Ferrari, Dagupan City Mayor Al Fernandez has arrived from his U.S trip. His supporters believe that its all-system goes for him to jump into the hustling in every beach, fishpond, sitio, and barangay in the 92,867 strong votes city as per Comelec December 10, 2009 record.

His presence in the Bangus city is a relief for his supporters because, susmariosep, his mayoralty opponent Benjie S. Lim (former congressman and mayor) has been foraging daily the city and its peripheries as if there is no tomorrow.

“Lumalakas si Benjie Lim, Mortz!” quipped to me by a veteran political operator when I met her at the house of her very powerful political patron.

Benjie patiently and surreptitiously launched a silent war by using the Ho Chi Minh Trail approaches in penetrating every organization, association, and whatever they deem indispensable for their struggle in winning the hearts and minds of Dagupenos.

To counter this Benjie’s surge, Al and his handlers should not emulate the failed General William Westmoreland versus Ho and General Vo Nguyen Vian Giap approach but a masterful strikes ala Inchon , Korean landing of Douglas MacArthur.


What is the difference between opposition senatorial candidate Riza Hontiveros and opposition senatorial tail- enders Adel Tamano, Ruffi Biazon, TJ Guingona, and Neric Acosta?

Hontiveros is wily. Even though it is obvious that President Arroyo is not barred by the constitutional provision of limiting her term for one term in the congressional race in Pampanga, Hontiveros still persists to appeal the decision of a Comelec division in rejecting her bid of barring Arroyo to run as congresswoman in Pampanga.

Just read what Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer has opined on the electoral circus played by Hontiveros: “If the commission that crafted the Charter intended to prohibit presidents from joining future electoral contests, it would have worded the pertinent constitutional provision in an unequivocal manner.”

But I still doff my hat to Riza’s chutzpah. Because of her obviously misplaced persistence, she keeps landing her name and face on newspaper, radio, and TV. In short, she got all the mileage that her poor survey rates needed. While her poor counterparts could not even think of a tinge of the gimmick she has been waging.


Like the Sword of Damocles, President Gloria M. Arroyo’s last few months in office is being observed by political kibitzers with bated breath.

The stake is too high for her to just leave office without putting trenches to shield her against non-bailable capital suits like plunder.

With all the influence, power, and resources at her hands presently, the president will make everything to save her from incarceration after June 30, 2010 when her term ends.

One of the opportunities she and her advisers would be ‘exploiting”, for me, would be the vulnerability of the computerized election to machinations that will result in a failure of the poll for president, vice president, senate, and a senate president beyond June 30, 2010.

This failure however will not affect the congressional and local posts since these areas are just too small for a failure of counting up to the June 30, 2010 transition.

In the congressional election, we know that Arroyo runs in the same post in Pampanga. Indisputably, with all the multi-millions of pesos of government projects she dumped there, she is the favorite to win. This strategy, I suspect, has been long hatched in Malacanang for her Speakership of the House of Representatives.

As the number four person in the succession of power, Arroyo can easily ask the members of the House of Representatives to form a Constituent Assembly with the remaining outnumbered 12 senators – whose term ends on 2013 – to join the revision and vote for it — whether they like it or not.

This constitutional coup would be anchored on the provision of the Constitution that says that the Congress, upon a vote of three-fourths of all its Members can amend or revise the Constitution (Paragraph 1, Section 1, Article XVII Philippine Constitution).

This is an ambiguous provision because it did not specifically say if revision or amendment can be done separately by the bicameral congress. Arroyo supporter zealously read this as a joint congressional effort to change the fundamental law of the land.

All the senators – including those who will win in the 2010 poll – will be absorbed by a new unicameral-presidential form of governance.

A system of government where a newly proclaimed president like Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino will become toothless as he would be relegated to be a titular head like what happened in Russia. To the school drop-outs who mind to read this column, titular head is where the president preoccupied himself cutting ribbon every time the country has social function.

In the Russian model its former president Vladimir Putin – just like Arroyo – was barred to run for reelection. But because of his shrewdness, he became triumphant in revising the country’s constitution where he found himself proclaimed as the Russian prime minister.

Arroyo can be proclaimed as prime minister, too.

This maneuvering can be backed-up through this kind of constitutional coup: It can be backed-up too by an Arroyo-friendly Supreme Court -where anytime from now it can even reversed its hair thin 8-7 Lambino vs. Comelec People’s Initiative for another means to convert our system of government into a parliamentary form. And I was not under the influence of liquor writing this column my dear Procopio, there is a precedence for this legal summersault where the high court just reversed its three times rejections of the three Motion of Reconsiderations for the city hood’s bid of 16 towns lately.


As I encoded the above articles, I saw a feature on U. S based Fox TV those T-shirts fashionably worn nowadays by American’s teens and adults.

Those tees were emblazoned by faces of communist guerrilla’s greats Che Guevarra, Fidel Castro, and Mao Ze Dung.

But these stuffs are different from those worn by our youth who don’t have a modicum of knowledge where from Adam these Che, Fidel, and Mao come from.

The feature – being replayed once in a while by this Republican Party Friendly TV station – was a dig at these communist icons past sins to humanity.

At the back of a Mao t-shirt was a statement that says: “This t-shirt has killed twice what Adolf Hitler has murdered”: “This t-shirt has killed 70 million people in peace time.”

Anak ng bibingkang hilaw, I was petrified when I first saw the word “T-shirt has killed”. I thought at first how bizarre now our world is. Is it the scourge of global warming that made this thing happened? I asked myself. Even shirts are now killing people. Until it comes to my senses that it was a grammatical mix-up for the proper use of word from “this t-shirt” to”this person”.

Anyway, the same adverse statements have been implicated to Che and Fidel.

Gee whiz, If any body there at the U.S who read this column, I would be grateful to refund the price of the tees and its freight in case you stumble and send one here in ‘Pinas. O.k itong pang ja-porms!

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Sta. Barbara holds Panangaro Medical mission

STA. BARBARA– “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

These words from Albert Einstein became the driving force for some 45 volunteer members of the medical team who served in the Panangaro Medical Mission held on January 23-24. at the Orbos Gym here.

The medical, surgical, dental and optometry mission was able to serve 1,968 residents of this town, i.e., 1472 medical cases, 58 surgical cases, 150 dental cases and 262 cases in optometry.

Mayor Reynaldo Velasco said, “We are truly grateful to all the volunteers especially the doctors who came all the way from the U.S.A. and who committed themselves to share not only their material blessings but more so their time, knowledge and skills to make this medical mission a successful one.”

Dr. Fe Reyes, the municipal health officer of this town and the co-coordinator of this mission said, “What made this project different from the rest is that it included surgical particularly excision of cysts and optometry. With regard to optometry, the patients were not only examined but were also given brand new eyeglasses.”

“Lectures on health and welfare of women and children were given to the patients while waiting for their turn by municipal social welfare and development officer, Mrs. Wilma Coquia,” Dr. Reyes added.

Husband-and-wife tandem Dr. Carmelo and Bernadette Roco, the over-all coordinators said, “This project couldn’t have been possible without the collective efforts of the Philippine Disaster Coalition in collaboration with the Philippine Consulate, Ayala Foundation U.S.A., Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan Association of America, Daniel Maramba National High School (DMNHS) Society of America, DMNHS Alumni Assocation, Inc., the Rotary Club of Sta. Barbara, the University of Luzon, College of Nursing, the local government unit of Sta. Barbara and some civic-oriented individuals.”

This medical mission had been the 18th medical mission that had been conducted since Mayor Velasco assumed office in July 2007. And a total of 16,186 patients had been attended to.

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ANG MASO: Well, I’m sure that after your marriage you’ve had some insertions…

By Brando Cortez

HOT NA HOT ang nangyaring palitan ng salita sa Senado noong nakaraang Martes kung kaya hindi nakakapagtakang magkainitan at magkapikunan ang ilang mga senador dahil sa debate sa committee report patungkol sa overpricing ng C-5 road extension project na kinasasangkutan ni Senador Manny Villar.

Kap Andres Flores ng Rosales, alam mo ban a napikon ang bagong kasal na si Senador Mar Roxas na nagpanting ang tenga dahil hindi niya magustuhan ang sinabi ni Senador Nene Pimentel hinggil sa usapin ng “insertion?”

Nabangit kasi ni Senador Mar na kailanman ay hindi siya gumagawa ng congressional insertion para sa pansariling interes.

Agad namang sumagot si Pimentel at sinabi kay Roxas na matapos itong maikasal kay Korina ay marami itong ginawang “insertion” na ikinagalit ni Mar.

Ito ang kanilang sagutan ni Sen. Mar Roxas:

Roxas: No, Mr. President. My name was mentioned in the context that we were gunning up, that this was all political, that we were using insertions — when he said in a blanket statement — that there were insertions, others had insertions. Well, I say no. I have no insertion on any matter. In fact, I have no insertion, period because we were in the minority. Let alone an insertion for a road to pass through any such property.

Pimentel: Well, I’m sure that after your marriage you’ve had some insertions…

Roxas: Mr. President, I demand that that be removed from the record. That is an affront on my wife!

Pimentel: Mr. President, I remove it immediately.

BUHAYIN ANG BNPP! Bagama’t wala nang inaasahang rotating brownouts na mararansan sa Luzon partikular sa Metro Manila , nananatili pa ring nasa “yellow alert” ang Luzon grid na nangangahulugan na hindi pa rin sapat ang power reserve ng mga planta.

Atty Jazon, tama sina Cong Mark Cojuangco at Cong Eskimo Estrella na buhayin ang Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Dito sa Pangasinan nakaranas na naman tayo ng brownouts. Syempre maraming pwedeng rason, yearly maintenance daw po ng isang planta sa Pangasinan na nagbibigay ng kuryente ang dahilan ng brownout.

Sa Metro Manila, nakaranas na naman sila ng brownouts.

Sa Visayas at sa ilang lugar sa Mindanao mas mahaba ang oras ng brownouts na minsan ay tumatagal ng walong oras bawat araw.

Dumating na naman ang brownout days and nights na matindi nating naranasan noong kapahuna ng Mom ng isang kandidato sa presidente.

Ang iba pang rason na ibinibigay nila ay summer na na kasi kaya mas mataas ang konsumo ng kuryente dahil mas marami ang nag-aagawan ng supply.

Kahit na anong ibigay nilang dahilan, ang mamamayan ay walang pakialam.

Ang importante sa kanila ay may kuryente sila.

Kapag wala silang kuryente, ang gobyerno ang sisisihin nila.

Hindi dapat ipagwalang bahala ang brownouts dahil napakalaki ng nawawalang pera at mga oportunidad para sa pag-unlad kung hindi maasahan ang supply ng ating kuryente.

Apektado ang serbisyo publiko at negosyo tapos magiging mantsa pa ito sa ating bayan dahil magdadalawang isip ang foreign investors na maglagak ng negosyo dito sa atin.

May magagawa ang gobyerno.

Potical will ang kailangan upang mabigyang solusyon ang brownouts.

Dapat ihinto ng gobyerno ang privatization ng power industry.

Dapat iwaksi ang takot sa paggamit ng isang nuclear power plant.

Dapat i-recommission ang Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

PUNO EXTENSION. Dapat bigyan ng extension si Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

Kap Rolly Montemayor ng Manaoag, alam mo naman na ang extension sa serbisyo ay matagal nang ginagawa ng presidente sa ibang branches of government, puede sigurong gawin din ito para sa ikabubuti ng lahat.

Chief Justice Puno has been an able and credible guiding light kaya dapat –extend na lang ang kanyang serbisyo hanggang sa makapili ang susunod na Presidente.

KAPENG WALANG ASUKAL! Alama niyo ba na ang average retail prices ng asukal sa mga sumusunod na crop years ay pataas ng pataas?

Eto po ang crop year at katumbas na presyo bawat kilo ng asukal ng araw araw na ginagamit niyo: 2000 to 2001 P26.80; 2001-2002 P27.38; 2002-2003 P27.24; 2003-2004 P27.12; 2004-2005 P28.10; 2005-2006 P35.78; 2006-2007 P36.91; 2007-2008 P37.63; 2008-2009 P37.18; JANUARY 2010 P44.27 per kilo.

Noong umupo ang administrasyon ni PGMA P26.80 per kilo ang retail price ng asukal ma ginagamit mo sa kape mo.

Ngayon January sa pamumuno pa rin ni PGMA P44.27 ang presyo bawat kilo ng asukal.

Iyan ang kayang gawin ng isang ekonomista. Iyong kandidatong presidente na kulay dilaw ay nagmamalaki na ekonomista din daw.

Itong dilaw na kanidatong ito ay may dambuhalang sugar central na nagproproduce ng asukal pero wala siyang nagawa para mapaunlad ang industriya at wala siyang nagawa para panatilihing mababa ang presyo ng asukal.

Kahit na nagging presidente ang kanyang mom, wala din pag unlad sa industriya ng asukal katulad na rin ng pagtaas sa presyo ng galunggong na hindi niya napigilan.

Bok Ging, darating ang panahon na sugar free na talaga ang kape mo…mapait at walang tamis.

Oo nga pala, Ayon kay Ka Melvin noong naligaw siya sa Negros , ang isang crop year sa industriya ng asukal ay nagmumula sa September hangang August.

GIVEN NA. Given na ang mananalo bilang representatives sa house para sa district five ay si Manay Gina De Venecia at sa district five naman ay si mayor Kimi Cojuangco.

Given na rin ang resulta sa kumpetisyon para mayor sa Mapandan, Bugallon, Sto Tomas, Bolinao, Lingayen,

Interesting naman daw ang kumpetisyon sa pagka-mayor sa Alaminos City at Dagupan City .

BISITA. Dumalaw po sa mga bayan ng Sison sa harap ng mga boy scouts, Sta Barbara sa harap ng mga fertilizer dealers, Malasiqui, Dagupan City at Calasiao ang nagpapakilalang contender para senador na si Gilbert Remulla.

Si Gilbert ay kasalukuang congressman mula sa Cavite na ang slogan ay “Hakbang sa Kinabukasan.”

Gusto niyang matugunan ang problema ng kahirapan at ang kapakanan ng mga media practitioners.

MAAGANG KAMPANYA PARA SA HALALAN. Hindi pa man opisyal na nagsimula ang kampanya ng mga kandidato para sa eleksyon ngayong Mayo ay nagsimula na ang labanan ng mga kandidato sa lokal na antas.

May isang kandidato na lahat ng mangyayari sa kanya ay ikokonekta niya sa pulitika at ang kalaban ang pagbibitangan.

May isang kandidato na kung sino-sino na ang nilalapitan upang pakiusapan na magwithdraw ang kanyang kalaban.

May isang kandidato na naisanla na niya ang kanyang mga ari-arian para may panggastos sa halalan.

May isang kandidato na tuloy ang kandidatura dahil ito daw ang sabi sa kanya ng Diyos.

May isang kandidato na tuloy ang kandidatura dahil siya daw ang itinutulak ng mga kababayan.

Matagal nang gawain ng mga incumbent public officials na mangampanya ng maaga.

Yup, lumang tugtugin na ito at kung ano ang tugtog siya rin ang sayaw kaya pati mga hindi incumbent maaga na rin ang campaign nila.

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