January 21, 2010 at 9:34 am 2 comments

Shotgun shut up

All the issues about the possession and use of the shotguns issued to punong barangays in Pangasinan will now be put to rest temporarily.

The provincial government is recalling all shotguns for safekeeping at the police stations.

This means around 1,300 less firearms in the hands of people who are not professional gun handlers.

We only have the holding of the 2010 elections to thank for in the recall of the shotguns.

A lot of respected personalities were against the issuance of shotguns but they were not successful in having tem recalled.

It only took the gun ban to successfully recall the shotguns.

While the shotguns are in safekeeping, the authorities can take the opportunity to reassess the merits and demerits of the issuance of shotguns to punong barangays.

We still believe that the police are under armed.

The police needs the shotguns more than the punong barangays.

When shotguns are no longer in the hands of punong barangays:

No son of a punong barangay will get hold of the shot gun and shoot at his enemies.

No punong barangay will storm a justice hall and point his shotgun at a prosecutor.

No punong barangay will indiscriminately fire his shotgun.

No punong barangay will be tempted to express his power through the barrel of a shotgun.

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  • 1. POMPEYO PEDROCHE  |  January 27, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    Now that you mentioned Mrs. Demetria of the MTRCB, could you please ask her why such a powerful government agency that controls are daily entertainment does not habe an Email address? Takot po ba sila of receiving criticism from ordinary folks or from people who are more mature, if not smarter, than the censors? Her bossing Laguardia is bound to make clumsy and abuusive decisions because she doesn’t have a feel of the people’s temperament, mood, attitude in this age of information, eka nga. If one overseas wants to send an important message to the MTRCB he wouldn’t spend dollars but prefer the internet…but MTRCB is never accessible via internet. mga scared and saxcred cows ang mga iyan who wants only to hear their own “moos” and to hell with public opinion. Yet they like to be called public servants who get paid by people’s money.

  • 2. POMPEYO PEDROCHE  |  July 14, 2010 at 4:06 am

    Pinoy can help resuscitate the MTRCB by removing its present present Chair person Laguardia. Laguardia can’t even place the MTRCB’s email address for people comment nor re-organize its messy website. Laguardia’s official decision reveal her mediocre mentality: 1. ridiing high on popular Wowowee by criticizing the dancers “provocative” attire- such a trivial subject for a censor; second, suspending a family and wholesome show like showtime just because one guest (Osang) castigated teachers in general. If a teacher breaches proper professional decorum, Laguardia would suspend and cancel the class, when she could have justifiably fired the erring teacher, Eh, nag-apologized nga si Osang, the network already evicted her, but Laguardia went on to suspend Showtime, That’s Laguardia, the Victorian censor with the mind of a child. Laguardia is incongruity to the plans and promises of President Benigno Aquino lll


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