EAVESDROPPER: By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

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Where, oh where the fertilizers now?

“Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo” is literally translated as “ what will be the use of the grass when the horse is already dead.”

This cliché is what described now the situation of farmers in Pangasinan. They have yet to wait the promised fertilizer subsidy from the Department of Agriculture (DA).

In October 2009, the whole province was flooded leaving crops of farmers destroyed. As a panacea or to ease out the farmers’ predicament and to recoup damages, the Department of Agriculture promised a free bag of palay certified seed and five bags of fertilizers per hectare for farmers whose palay crops were totally damaged. The “turn around” scheme was pushed through meaning just after the flood, the farmers should immediately plant palay to recover whatever losses in crop production.

But whyeyyyy! The Department of Agriculture headed by Secretary Arthur Yap has reneged on the promise that until now, no fertilizers have been given to farmers. What’s DA doing? The way I see it, officials of the said agency are sleeping on their job. Where’s the heart for our poor farmers? Is it true that the fertilizers could not be given to farmers because the agency has to select first the supplier? And by supplier it means a businessman who could corner all the fertilizer transactions and the kickbacks will be centralized to be given to the officials of the DA to be used for the campaign period. This government has not learned its lessons from the fertilizer scam of the famous (or infamous) JocJoc Bolante. It is by now doing a lip service to the farmers and has not been really sincere in easing out their plight.

Manong Atong Manalo of Balungao, don’t ever dream that the fertilizers will come in due time. Don’t ever expect that this government will be true to its promise. Nakakaasar na! And I am really peeved by what has been done to our poor farmers. They waited in vain for the fertilizers and yet the Department of Agriculture will be importing again rice from other countries. They are not helping the local farmers. Officials in this country are enriching themselves at the expense of the Filipino farmers.

On this situation, I interviewed many farmers lately. Nestor Bascos of Tombod, Villasis said that we could not expect goodness in this government. Its election time again, so the mindset of the government officials is to amass money to bankroll their candidacy. The same has been said by Ador Alonzo of Camanag, Urdaneta City . “Puro na lang pangako… at lahat ay napapako.”


By February 9, 2010, the national election campaign rolls on for national candidates and by March 26 for the local candidates. We will now again be visited by political wannabes whose weapons are their glib of tongue and the temerity to promise heaven and earth to the electorates.

Let us recognize the wolves from the sheep. Let us separate the chaffs from the grains. Many will come to us and do everything to convince our votes. This is now the time to do vengeance. Let’s avenge our poor condition. Let’s get justice from the injustices committed to us by politicians – lip service, non- enforcement of laws and noncommittal to lift our living standard.

These are not only applicable to the national leaders but down to the local levels- from your governor to the members of the Sangguniang Bayan.

This electoral process is our chance also to be at par with the rich and famous. The poor will surely be of their prime targets. They are vulnerable to yield to their political dragnets. Mind you, Filipinos now are getting intelligent during election time. Money is not everything during the election. It is still the platform of government that will be at hand.

Let’s examine the candidates- their motives, their backgrounds and of course their sense of public service. We need a new breed of politicians, don’t you think so?

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