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Bongbong, the “real macoy”

I had a hearty laugh when my good friend Atong Remogat said that he was frustrated by not able to throw a question to Rep. Ferdinand “ Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. during a press conference held at Lenox Hotel, Dagupan City last December 5.

I asked him, “What was your supposed question?” He said, “ will asked him if he’s the real Bongbong Marcos.”

I was dumbfounded of what Atong said. I thought that the rumor had died naturally over the years. But then there is somebody who in his mind is still hounded by such. Yes, indeed. In early 1980’s, political grapevines were filled with out of this earth gossips, rumors and nuances. And one of these was that Bongbong Marcos was already dead. And the Bongbong who was seen in public during those days was a clone, a fake and a product of plastic surgery.

How the rumor started has no origin. During those days, it was wildly circulated that Bongbong had a fisticuff with one of his Indian national classmate. In that fight, as rumors said, Bongbong was accidentally stabbed and killed. But nowhere in the news that his body returned in the country where there was supposed to be a vigil. No, the Marcoses were mum about the rumor. They took it as a mere joke.

What was the reason why such rumor circulated? I have some speculations.

During those days, the Marcoses were in power. With the declaration of martial law, that power was perceived to be in perpetuity. After the rule of President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the first lady Imelda will succeed him. Knowing her feistiness, Imelda will of course pass the rule and to their children- Imee and Bongbong. Irene will not be a taker of the reign of government because she had other interests at that time.

With that rumor, the rule of the Marcoses will be cut short . Not another Ferdinand will succeed in taking the throne. To make that a reality, Bongbong must be dead and when a new Bongbong will emerge, people then will say that he’s not the real one. Power of the Marcoses will be broken. The perceived dynastic rule will be curtailed.

But history proved it otherwise. With the EDSA Revolution in 1986, the fear of Marcos critics did not push through. Social and political scenes have already changed. Power has been passed on to many hands.

Was Bongbong, the real macoy? Of course he is. The man who visited Pangasinan last December 5 was the real Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. He’s not a clone , not fake and not even traces of plastic surgery could be seen on his face. He resembled his mother’s facial features and his father’s voice and gestures. So the rumor that Bongbong was dead; that Bongbong was cloned will now be put forever into the garbage bins.

While history is unkind to the Marcoses due to the martial law years, let us be kind to the deposed president’s son and namesake Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. There might be some excesses of their family during their rule, Bongbong should not be blamed. Now that he’s all by himself and making a name in political arena, Bongbong should be given a chance to prove himself- to make lives of many Filipinos different.

Personally, I was delighted by his wit and wisdom. Like his father, he exudes an incomparable charisma, an eloquence of many national issues and foresight of what this country will be heeding.

Bongbong is at present a member of the House of Representatives- a position he holds with respect from his colleagues. Otherwise he will not be voted on as the Deputy Minority Leader of the House. He is not a benchwarmer either. He proved that he has the much needed wisdom by authoring two important laws- the creation of Philippine Youth Commission and Republic Act No. 9522 or the Philippine Archipelagic Law.

Here’s a man who is not contented yet of his feat. He wanted to go up into a higher level of legislative acumen. And this he said he will try his luck as senator in 2010 polls. Bongbong is a name to be watch out in the future political scene.

Will he make it as Senator? I think he will. In his blood runs the immortal legacy of his parents- the love of country and coupled with his honesty and intelligence.

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