Noynoy Aquino lacks political savvy

November 10, 2009 at 8:53 am 1 comment

vir2Pardon to the Noynoy Aquino supporters but personally I found him to be not the presidentiable I am looking for. I was not awed, star struck and delighted when he answered queries from the local media during his visit in Urdaneta City last November 5. Instead, I was amused on his answers by trying to impress the media with his trite premises.

I was then expecting a Noynoy Aquino who directly points out his policies and plans. Although he enumerated his basic programs such as job generation, education, health and judicial reforms, aren’t these already performed by the incumbent administrations? What’s new? I was frustrated.

While Noynoy is being viewed as the man to beat in the 2010 presidential derby due to incredible results of surveys ( with only 1,500 respondents all over the archipelago), the fact remains that he’s not his father’s son. He lacked the eloquence of his father Ninoy Aquino and the savvy of his mother Cory Aquino.

Yes, indeed, many might not agree with me cause Noynoy is supposed to be his own man and projects a personality of himself. Why then that many supporters are capitalizing on the popularity of his mother? Even in his streamer, a silhouette that appeared to look like his father Ninoy was prominently displayed during the multi-sectoral forum.

I believe that by anchoring on the popularity of his departed parents, Noynoy Aquino’s popularity will wane as election campaign draws near. His political handlers should look for ways on how his personality will be packaged- a personality that will be appealing to the masses.

His “hawi” boys should also be reduced as these will not do good for him to the crowd. Imagine a group of men trying to block people who wanted to be close to him as if he’s that a “superstar” in the likes of Kobe Bryant of NBA and Hollywood ’s matinee idol Brad Pitt. But Noynoy is not a star. He’s a presidentiable bet who is supposed to reach out to the masses. He should hear the voice of the people and endear them with soothing clinchers.

Then what are his senatoriables doing – Ruffy Biazon, Rissa Hontiveros-Baraquel and TG Guingona? Why is it that they were not allowed to talk at least on some issues raised by the media? Noynoy said that he will answer questions for them. That I could not take. His senatoriables came from different discipline and political parties. Isn’t it queer how these fellows are trying to be “bedfellows” when we all know that they have different political convictions.

Ruffy Biazon is a congressman who won behind the shadow of his father- former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and a senator Rodolfo Biazon, TG Guingona is also a congressman after his father former senator Teofisto Guingona and the queerest is the perennial street protester Rissa Hontiveros-Baraquel of AKBAYAN. I just don’t know later how these people and other senatoriables under Noynoy will patch up their differences. Could they? Or are they trying to be “sweetie-sweetie” with each other to gain the confidence of the people? Nabili na ang strategy na iyan. After elections, those who worked together during campaigns were the same people who were trying to pull down their leader. This was what happened to La Presidenta Gloria- pilit ibinabagsak ng kanyang dating kaalyado.

Well, the filing of candidacy for all levels will soon start on November 20 until the 30th. By the time that we know the political line-ups, I am sure that the political landscapes will become too hot to handle. Let’s wait and watch fellas.


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