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bishop2Needless to say, the so called “Election Fever” has already taken the front seat in the national scene, some time ago since.

And as the sun will rise tomorrow – with or without its rays reaching the earth – the said fever can readily become a downright disease cum deceit as time marches towards the precarious and frightful May 2010.

To expect and say otherwise would be wishful thinking of the first class. Otherwise, the Country would not be the Philippines, and the national exercise could be anything but Philippine elections. Partisan politics in the land is one big party of the best and the worse of many Filipinos are trying to outdo each other.

In attention to many particular events and various distinct election related circumstances, there is one that deserves special attention and peculiar concern. It may be relatively low profile in its emergence and also rather soft in its announcement.

In effect, it seems that very few people take notice it or take it seriously. It is one of those too many “infomercials” which in downright reality, is plain and clear election campaign in terms of open and public campaign through early and repeated tri-media electioneering slogan- no matter what the law says and what Comelec claims.

The key content or core element of the political infomercial goes this way: Get rid of drugs! But the interesting and intriguing point of such a simplistic election outcry is that the one spiritedly saying it is very well identified with gambling, very well known for propagating gambling all over the land.

What might come to conclusion in this electioneering venture could readily be the following composite: Away with drugs but gambling stay! And there appears something basically wrong with this political stand and slogan whereas both drugs and gambling have certain things in common.

Doing drugs and going gambling are both vices, are both addictive human ventures, are both self-destructive options. Both drugs and gambling are promoters of mental delusion and emotional dependence. Drugs as well as gambling are both ruinous of fortunes and families, both supporters of sloth and dependence on chance.

Drug takers and gamblers are neither dependable nor trustworthy, much less noble or honorable. As drugs are the undoing of both the young and the adult, gambling is the curse of all those into it. In other words, there is something uncanny, unsettling and thereby disturbing when one and the same person claims that drug is wrong but gambling is right.

In the event that the subject party win an elective public position, people can only wonder how would the same think and say, what would this do or undo while in office!?

To be anti-drug and pro-gambling at the same time, does not cut, does not fly. To pretend to get rid of one social malady and at the same time intent in operating another social liability, is one big self-contradiction, – to say the least.

One fraternal though still unsolicited advice is this: Let the aspirant to an elective political office get another handler. Who knows, perhaps – just perhaps – even but the election campaign might make sense although winning the election campaign is altogether another thing.

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