Good news for national and local candidates

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mortz2Here is good news to politicians who seek elective office but has to start to ingratiate with the voters now.

A Filipino-Chinese friend who is into importation business of campaign materials from mainland China, and has a huge factory in Binondo, Manila told me over cup of hot brewing Americana Coffee that he has the cheapest price of campaign paraphernalia in the country.

Prices of his t-shirts revolve from P45 to P76 to P87 (depends upon the quality of materials). He sells also button pin, calendar, jersey, jogging pants, jacket, vest, apron, arm ban, umbrella, cap and others.

The packages for almost all of these are free lay-out, printing, and one time delivery.

He also accepts printing jobs through his state-of-the-art printing machines that can mass prints tens of thousands t-shirts and tarpaulins in one setting.

He can be contacted at his mobile phone number 09285940838 or telephone number (075) 523 14 84 by looking for Mark.

National and local aspirants have been ordering by bulk at his company because their prices keep increasing monthly due to the numbers of demand.

“The best to order is now!” he interjected.

My friend begs me not to write here that he sell also votes also for politician. “Materyales lang, pare. Bawal ang tao,” he stressed.


When I was a boy, some village “genius” told me that our country has invented some fancies that we can be proud of.

One of them was a flashlight that saves the owner time and money in going to the market to buy batteries.

Its downside however, it has no use during night time since it was solar or sun dependent.

But lately some genius at the government has inaugurated a matchbox like electric powered jeep that gave pride to our government officials.

In the same day however that our government proudly launched the electric-operated vehicle, Mainland China unveiled in an air show in Hong Kong a C-919 Jumbo Jet, China’s first advent in the commercial jet industry.

Chinese officials said the reason why it was invented, and gear to be mass produced in 2016, is because of their burgeoning tens of millions of middle class population.

They said this class would surely avail air travel for business and tourism.

At the same time some of these officials have shown not to like the oligopoly of U.S manufacturer Boeing and British-German-French consortium Airbus in the jet market. If the Pinoy made electric car cost say tens of million of pesos to invent for our country, China’s surge to aerospace business cost her U.S $2.5 billion.

What blows my mind in reading this Agence France Press report: The Chinese mass production of airplane comes from a consortium of the Chinese Central Government and the Municipality, repeat, Municipality of Shanghai .

Susmariosep, we have rich municipalities in the Philippines, but they could not even afford to shell-out couples of million pesos to commit what R.A 9003 (Solid Waste Management Act) mandate them to do to build a Sanitary Landfill — despite the penalty clause that mete half-a-million pesos a year for any of them who could not establish a landfill starting in 2006.

Funny, the government looks incompetent since it could not even show a peso collection from the penalty, because, son of a gun, the government failed to impose it.

Why? It realizes that the Act it signed into law called R.A 9003 could not be implemented because the said local government units could not afford it!

This made me puke, man. Puedi pa lang mangyari ang ganito.


By the way, if you read my Q & A with former Speaker Joe de Venecia in this paper recently, he agreed with me that with an 8 to 9 percent increase in Gross Domestic Product, the Chinese economy would double in 20 years. And, I told him that it can even surpass the U.S economy when that time arrives.

So my poser: Why jumbo jets like C-919 is realized from this country that was emasculated to poverty by Communist Dictator Mao Ze Dong in the 1950s to the mid part of the 1970’s? The answer lies on their foreign investors’ friendly policies, that were complimented by their knuckle-duster policy imposed mercilessly by the misnomer Chinese Communist (It should be Capitalist) Party. (Send comments to

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