Corruption at BIR-Calasiao

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mortz2In case the bill filed at the House of Representatives pushes through to impose a 5-centavo excise tax to every short message system (SMS) or text, multimedia message service (MMS), ring tone, icon, and image download from telecommunication providers Smart, Globe, and Sun so our pathetic government can earn P36 billion annually, then every Juan and Juana de la Cruz would be in a bind again.

But why tax these poor people when the government can get P37 billion yearly by just plugging the money that are being pocketed and leaked by officials of the Bureau Internal Revenue- reportedly the most corrupt office in our government.

Just take for example Pangasinan-based Revenue District Office 4 that is headed by Joseph Catapia.

I reported recently on this column about a corrupt examiner under his watch. An examiner who fleeced the fine paid to him personally by a delinquent barbershop owner in Dagupan City.
When I paid a visit there to get his reaction, he told his secretary that he was too busy to entertain me.

When I texted him after two days to set an appointment, he did not text back.
I told myself, why bother contacting this person who does not want to talk to me directly where I can indirectly talk to him thru this column with kibitzers here and abroad taking a peek.

Catapia’s indifference is the epitome of the big bosses of the tax office I mentioned recently.

But before I start hitting my keyboard with my fingers about the said indifference, an influential businessman told me that he received complaints from some business people of how examiners at RDO -4 pocketed the monies intended to the government coffers.

“Inaayos pa namin iyong mga documents of our complainants who have already contacted members of the national media,” the businessman said.

This source added that the supposed tax of the businessman should be P 1 million, but when he was given a receipt by the examiner, his eyes popped-out by seeing a modicum P100,000 taxes printed at the government receipt given to him.

Another national media man who was with me commented: “The people there are hyenas and vultures; in their greediness they would not even allow some corrupt and mendicant members of the local media to even taste the crumbs of their loot. Matindi diyan, isang negosyante pa lang iyang nabiktima nila ng P 900 thousand. Ilang negosyante ang mga tulad niyan na niyayari nila? Madami!”

He said he now knows why regional directors, assistant regional directors, and revenue district officers are riding in multi-million pesos Sport Utility Vehicles despite their modicum salary of P30,000 to P50,000 monthly. Some of them have two or three of these top-of-the-line vehicles.

Readers of this column can try visiting BIR-Calasiao and asked people there who owned some of the SUVs there.

That’s why Gulf News columnist Mon Santillan exasperatedly told me that BIR should stop their slogan: “Operation Kandado”. Mon said its hypocrisy since they are always short in there collection. It should be “Operation Posas sa BIR Cheat .

Abangan mo na lang Mon. There is somebody now who is salivating for their heads.


We should be careful in electing our president. Manny Villar, Joseph Estrada, and Noli de Castro can be the Trojan horse of outgoing President Gloria M. Arroyo.

The latest pronouncement of Quezon City Representative Matias Defensor at the Serye Weekly Forum that the executive-committee of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD has the consensus to adopt Villar as its presidential contender for 2010 is worth contemplating, former President Estrada has been saying for several times in the past that he will pardon Gloria in case he is reelected as president is worth contemplating, and de Castro moro-moro distancing himself in being anointed as Malacanan presidential nominee (a politically-correct ploy to get more ratings in the survey from the anti-Arroyo masses) is also worth contemplating.

Filipinos will wake-up one day to see Gloria Arroyo still go scot-free instead of tending the penitentiary tree –in spite of her national crimes like the “Hello Garci” (where La Presidenta defrauded presidential rival Fernando Poe, Jr of a million of votes). P 723-million fertilizer scam, the $ 503 million North Rail Project, and the $ 329 million NBN-ZTE deal.

The people’s sentiment is to erase once and for all any vestige of Arroyo after the May 10, 2010.

They expect that after she steps down in June 30, 2010, she did not go directly to her abode wherever that is in Metro Manila, but in her cell wherever row that is in Muntinlupa.(Send comments to

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