The Peacemakers

August 29, 2009 at 9:58 pm Leave a comment

By Erwin dela Rosa

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

Last Saturday at 3 a.m., I was awakened from my troubled sleep (due to the lengthy brownout which started Friday night at 11 P.M.) by the sudden gush of light, sudden breeze from the electric fan, and a rousing voice from the television.

I was treated to an hour and a-half enlightenment through the medium we call cable television.

The rousing voice from the television woke me up, as if intentionally, so I could finish my antivirus update; but moreover, to usher me to the blessed and fulfilling lives of peacemakers.

I surfed other channels and rested in the story of a wise, prudent, and gentle fellow in Mindanao whose efforts united a community where Christians and Moslems dwell.

According to the account of Knowledge Channel, the gentle fellow shunned off, removed or eradicated the animosity, which both Christians and Moslems feel toward each other when he started reaching out to both groups.

Whoever implanted, propagated, nurtured that spirit of animosity between Moslems and Christians has surely passed on this sinful nature to other people in different generations.

However, the fellow purged out this animosity and dealt with people equally with gentleness, humility, so much goodwill as he built learning centers, which cultivated the culture of peace.

The result is an inspiring community where its people both Christians and Moslems live as united Filipinos. His methods are a heart filled with so much love and peace; a mind full of things that are pure, noble, praiseworthy, excellent, trustworthy and good – he put up a learning center, which inculcates the culture of peace.

I was so filled by the fellow’s story, which later on overflowed when I switched to another channel.

Khristian (or is it Christian or Cristian) Amanpour of CNN featured another fulfilling fellow’s life – an American who lost his own child in Afghanistan to a land mine which exploded. Instead of bitterness, the fellow graciously picked up the rubbles and started building schools for Afghan children in memoriam of his child.

By getting grip of his grief and letting it go he crumbled the border set up by animosity toward race and erected schools which builds peace, unity and hope in a divisive land.

Testimonies of children who attend the school reveal a sense of hope and a foresight of a bright future, which is far and away from the track of assembling bombs and holding rifles for the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Amanpour’s narrative clearly states that a child exposed to violence coupled with the lack of opportunity for learning (and more so formal education) are the building blocks, which constitute the increase of young recruits for Taliban, Hamas, and Al Qaeda and its other networks. These are the recipes which expose and lead famished vulnerable child to the violent world of making bombs at a tender age, killing other people at teenage, and suicide car bombing at young adult age.

However, children who are able to attend learning sessions are able to see a different world – peaceful, hopeful and bountiful – totally strange from the world of car bombs and guns.

Their eagerness, the brightness in their eyes, the wide smiles on their faces, as they talk about having a future with hope as their mind, spirit, and soul taste the rudiments of learning through formal and non-formal education is undeniable.

The commanding officer of the US troops based in Afghanistan confessed that the battle in the area is being won not by armed conflict but by the peaceful yet lively interactions in class sessions.

Truly the way to peace is through peaceful means.

Entry filed under: Opinion.

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