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We can measure the accomplishments of PGMA through her first program of government after EDSA Dos by using her BEAT THE ODDS Program.

BEAT THE ODDS is an acronym for the government’s priority project which stands for: Balance budget, Education for all, Automated elections, Transportation and digital infrastructure, Terminate hostilities with the MILF and NPA, Heal the wounds of EDSA’s I, II and III, Electricity and water for all, Opportunities for livelihood and ten million jobs, Decongestion of Metro Manila, and Develop Subic and Clark.

We ask questions like: Do we now have a balanced budget? Are our revenues enough to pay for our expenditures? As of the end of 2008 we had a deficit of P68,117,000,000. Are all those of school age in the schools? Only 6 out of ten who enter elementary go to high school. Will 2010 really be fully automated? We now have a stockpile of unused counting machines supposedly for the 2007 elections.

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Demokrasyang pamana nina Ninoy at Cory

PhotobucketWala na namang pasok Atty. Jazon, ngayong araw na ito (August 21)… holiday kasi.

Ito ang araw na pinaslang si Ninoy Aquino.

Kamakailan lang ay inilibing ang tinagurian ng burges na media na “icon of democracy” na si Cory Aquino.

Ngayong araw na ito kinilala ng burges na estado ang isang pulitikong kabilang sa naghaharing uri na ipinapatay ng karibal na kampo na kabilang din sa naghaharing uri.

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