Espino vs Agbayani; After Cory, RP is still poor

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mortz2The hatred by the hoi-polloi for the unpopular President Gloria M. Arroyo was one of the major factors that added to the number of multitude that braved the intermittent weather just to witness the funeral recently of the late former President Cory Aquino.

The two lady presidents were exact opposite of each other if one talks morality in politics.

When a clip of Aquino was flashed by a major TV station, susmariosep I could not prevent to have a glassy eyes, too. Her patent sincere voice and downright demeanor could stir the heart.

“She speaks like your mother,” my wifey said.

I just nod my head in silence. Cory is disarming. She softens even arch critics like columnists Conrado de Quiros and Ramon Tulfo.

Cory was the thesis of democracy while Ferdinand Marcos was its anti-thesis.

To those of us who were too young, or was not born yet to remember the dark years of Martial Law, it was an era when anybody –seen as an enemy of the state – were vulnerable anytime and anywhere to be arbitrarily snatched by the army and police


But after Cory led to revive democracy, Filipinos still swim in the morass of poverty. The democracy Cory salvaged from the shit-hole of authoritarianism did not deliver the economic goodies.

Authoritarian governments of Singapore and Malaysia have savored ceaseless economic ejaculation for decades– despite these governments capacity to lock into jail-through their dreaded Internal Security Act – enemy of the state without following democratic due processes we religiously practice here.

Even without democracy, Singapore and Malaysia enjoyed incomparable economic growth.
Proof of this is by just dividing the 2008 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to Per Capita (PCI) of these countries as published by the World Bank.

To the tsuper, bus conductor, barker, and snatcher who read this column: GDP-PCI is not a sign of a street, but it is the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year divided by the average (or mid-year) population for the same year.

The GDP/PCI of our dear Philippines is $ 3,546 or P173, 754 (after I multiplied its U.S dollar equivalent of $1 to P 49) or monthly rate equivalent of P 14, 479 to every Juan dela Cruz.

A Malaysian has P689,528 yearly, or P57,460 monthly, while a Singaporean has 2, 505,958 (yes my dear Procopio more than two million pesos a year), or P 208, 829 monthly.

As what Freddie Mercury of the rock group Queens belted: “Another one bites the dust!” And the one biting the economic dust here is the democratically-oriented and Asian laggard Philippines.


Can we blame democracy for what happened to us? Some economists say no. They said in the1960s Malaysia and Singapore exports their products, while the Philippines just contend to lick itself as an agricultural-inward-looking economy. Our country seems to be indifferent to be an export-oriented-economy.

They blame Marcos for this. He protects crony industries against foreign competition thru high tariff wall. As a result, we have low quality products that could not compete with high quality foreign made goods abroad.

One example of this is a red made in the Philippine t-shirt that turned into yellow, and eventually into white just after couples of laundry. Gee whiz, this is not world class. This is magic!


A veteran politician told me that the comparative advantage of Governor Amado T. Espino over former Governor Victor Agbayani in the gubernatorial race will be Espino’s available disposal of mass based provincial funds that run to hundreds of millions of pesos.

He told me that in the P 1.4 billion appropriated 2009 budget of the province, 20 percent or P280 million will be at the disposal of the governor as development fund.

He can use this for either the maintenance or construction of irrigation and farm-to-market road, distribution of water pump, and others.

“But it is not everything, a candidate’s performance, and reputation come into play in winning the poll, he explained.


A source told me that vice governorship aspirant Ranjit Ramos Shahani has sent feelers to dissuade three-termer and former vice governor Oscar Lambino to seek the vice gubernatorial post.

Lambino, according to my source, is ambivalent whether to run for the said provincial post or seek the mayoralty post of Malasiqui – where he used to be its three term hizzoner.
Lambino was overheard to say that he has about four months to weight things as the last day of filing of candidacy will be on November 30, 2009.


Hi to Atty. Rafael “Paeng” Martinez , the new president Integrated Bar of the Philippines in Pangasinan.

If former judge and presently practicing lawyer Victor Llamas has a book titled “How to Catch a Liar” in a court proceeding, Paeng has the prowess not only to trap and expose liars in court but teach them a lesson in life they could not forget.


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