Storms in our lives

August 8, 2009 at 1:45 am Leave a comment

By Erwin dela Rosa

The Great Teacher was resting in the boat. He was sleeping. He was tired from the days sharing of stories about life and love.

The disciples were with him in the boat.

Suddenly, a storm cloud gathered above them. A violent wind began to blow. There was a storm in the over the Sea of Galilee beating on the boat. It tossed the boat here. It tossed the boat there.

The disciples tried to steer the boat. There was a struggle on the wheel. There was a struggle on the oar. There was a struggle on the steering rod. The disciples struggled to keep the boat still amid the storm. They were powerless on the onslaught on one of nature’s phenomenon.

The disciples were scared. They awakened the Teacher. “Save us we perish,” they said.

The teacher arose. He said, “Peace. Be still.”

The clouds rolled back. The wind stopped blowing violently. Suddenly, the Sea of Galilee became quiet – still, serene, tranquil. The boat sailed safely.

The teacher admonished the disciples in His gentle rebuke, “Why were you afraid when you were with me?”

We have experienced another storm in Pangasinan although not as devastating as last year’s Cosme, yet it had its own ravaging impact. Storms are part of our calendar in the Philippines, although with climate change due to global warming, it has become unpredictable and abnormal in its supposed scheduled visits.

This natural phenomenon reflects the turmoil we humans go through with the storms in our lives. A storm serves as the metaphor to the challenges our lives face and encounter and struggle with. As a metaphor it represents many forms, various degrees, and frequency – it could be a deeply emotional problem, a tough decision one has to face, a physical incapability due to accident, a sudden death in the family, a financial problem, a problem seemingly and deemed gigantic by our limited understanding, and other doldrums which rock our lives and challenge our stability as a person.

However, amid the storms of our lives we can be still, especially if we have Somebody all powerful, all knowing, and ever present to control and steer our lives if we surrender to Him. Once we do, amid a perfect storm, our lives can sail peacefully and still as the Hands of the Master Pilot steadies our sail in the journey we call life.

“So whatever your senses are telling you about your current situation and however overwhelmed you may be feeling, know that God cares deeply about you and that He can calm any storm in your life.”

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