Q&A: Mapandan’s Ferdie eyes vice gubernatorial seat

June 29, 2009 at 1:55 am 3 comments

Recently, Northern Watch Newspaper’s correspondent Mortz Ortigoza caught with Mapandan Mayor Jose Ferdinand S. Calimlim who was rubbing elbows with the hoi-polloi in one of his political sorties to feel the pulse of the masses in a town located at the western part of Pangasinan. Mr. Ortigoza interviewed the man who is being groomed to run for the 2010 poll’s vice gubernatorial post in Pangasinan – a province considered one of the biggest in the country. Excerpts:

NORTHERN WATCH: Can you please state your complete name and the names of your parents, and your age?

Mayor Calimlim: I’m Jose Ferdinand S. Calimlim, Jr. I’m 39 years old. My father is the late General Jose Calimlim, and my mother is Ma. Cristina Saludo Calimlim.

What is your highest educational attainment? Are you on the Top 10 of your class from the primary to the tertiary levels?

The highest educational attainment that I acquired is Master in Business Administration which I earned from Strayer University in Washington DC in the United States . I went to La Salle -Greenhills for my primary and secondary education. For my tertiary level I took it (Bachelor of Science in Commerce) at De la Salle University.

I was a class president for the most part of my high school years.

During your early years did you have any inclination that you will be joining politics someday?

In my younger years I was always an assistant of my father in his efforts in serving the military, and in serving different high level political figures he used to protect as the commander of the Presidential Security Group.

I was also always behind my late grandfather and my late uncle (when they were still in political office).in their efforts to serve the people.

I always thought of myself as a private person. I never saw myself in politics until the calling came in 1999 when my late uncle – former Mayor Cesar Calimlim – passed away. There was a clamor by Mapandan Society for our family to continue his legacy. Of course we have to go through the usual transfer of succession. That’s why the clamor for me to run that started in 1999 and 2000, became a reality in 2001 when I run for mayor.

Did it occur to you to follow the footstep of your father who was a military man?

My father would always say tama na iyong isang military sa isang pamilya. The life of a military man needs a lot of sacrifice. Sometimes your life is always on the line. When I was a kid, I was interested in the military, but my father really tried to veer me away from military life because he knew that there are just better things in life and better service to the people, even when not in the military service.

How many brood you are in the family?

I have a brother and two sisters.

What are the major accomplishments you have done in Mapandan in your three terms in office?

As what some people say, I was the person responsible for making Mapandan a sleeping town into a vibrant town. A lot of people especially from the provincial government always say that they watch for what is new in Mapandan, and tried to spread the word for others to follow. If given a chance (to become vice governor) I want to spread what innovations we have for the greater benefit of the people.

When you talk about arts, culture, and tourism, then you have the regional award winning Mapandan Festival — one of the major things that we have done.We really emphasize to establish our identity.

What are the opportunities we can tap in Pangasinan?

Well, Pangasinan is a province rich in everything. Like we are very rich with talent, we are very rich with human resources. Those things are so much of a potential. If we are looking at raising the flag of Pangasinan, we have to focus on our people. We are so many. We are about 2.7 million Pangasinenses, even more if we count those who live outside the province and abroad.

If we could nurture and uplift all of these talents, then every Pangasinense should have reasons to be proud and to strive further.

What is your thought about the role to be played by foreign and local investors under your watch in case you will be successful in your political bid?

Investments are the gist of development of any locality — or province for that matter. Development is not the sole responsibility of the local investors, but it should have a synergy with foreign investors. There has to be government through the provincial government and the local government that should support and bring them in. Not treat them with bahala na sila sa buhay nila. There has to be a balance of human resource, public utility, and human health service that are the support units for foreign investors and local investors. A community that is ideal for investment. With these, there would be people out there who will invest their millions and billions of pesos to our province.

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  • 1. wendy lim  |  July 21, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    hi sir, keep up the goodworks saludo me sa inyo dahil napaganda nyo po ang bayan ng mapandan

  • 2. jarmo reima  |  February 4, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    hi ,,am jarmo reima from baloling oangstreet,rafael servitos,famely relatives,,,i wonder if i can donet my house and shop to municepal of mapandan,,,i have separetadet from famely ther and i whant to give it to some one ther to use it,,,municepal only,,
    my phone number is 09395613126
    best regards jarmo reima

  • 3. Bert Villanueva  |  March 28, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    Mayor Ferdie,

    I know you can do it…Go go go! MGA TAONG KATULAD MO ANG KAILANGAN NG BANSA!

    your former colleague in Security Bank,
    Bert Villanueva


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