Lomibao to fight a retrofitted modern Warrior-Princess

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mortz2When Congressman Victor Agbayani met with some media men, I found a shrewd former governor who has a card up his sleeve to parry any threat that will undermine his political existence.

This card made him to be a card-carrying member of the merged Lakas-Kampi Party that entitles him for the equity-of the-incumbent rule comes the filing of candidacy next year.

The “equity of the incumbent” is a term dating back to prewar days, which simply means that in any race, the incumbent should be given preference in getting officially anointed (and funded).

Despite his House Bill 4267 (Act Reapportioning the Province of Pangasinan into Seven Legislative Districts) seems destined to be relegated to the back-burner, despite his failure to lump pro-Agbayani towns like Dasol, Agno, Mabini, and Sual to buttress his chance to win reelection in his 2nd Congressional District, this Incumbent Rule will shield him against those who want to piggy-back with the Lakas-Kampi at the 2nd District.

With this Reality-Show unfolding before our eyes, Por Dios Por Santo, it means whenever the party has a rally in the said district there is a chance that the solon and Governor Amado T. Espino would be sitting side by side at the platform as they both naturally or unnaturally cheered for the party’s common candidates from the slates in the Senate down to those in the Municipal Councilor.

I doffed my hat to Victor when he sided with former Speaker Jose de Venecia when the latter was ousted in the House of Representative on February 4, 2009. “That’s what we call sheer principle” – despite his Seventy Million pesos annual Pork Barrel being endangered to be withheld by Malacanang because of the said public support,” I told myself.

When he told columnist Annie Lagao that he has not received that P20 million additional pork dangled by the Palace to the solons just to vote affirmatively through Viva Voce House Resolution 1109 (Known as Constituent Assembly sans the Senate), and he did not condemn the insidious machination by his colleagues to form themselves into a Constituent Assembly – despite the bicameral system of our government — but instead told us to wait for the Supreme Court’s (whose justices are mostly appointed by Gloria Arroyo – Author) decision after it deliberated the Justiciable Controversy filled to it, I told myself again that he is no longer a principled man, but a pragmatic politician who is just trying to survive in power.


Some people said that Governor Espino and his deputy retired Colonel Pat Orduna (Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council (PDCC) coordinator )should insulate themselves – to avoid being accused of partiality – in the investigation of the purportedly P 1.4 million medicine buried at the Engineering compound at the Capitol ground in Lingayen.

Impartiality was needed here because eyes are now directed to former governor Agbayani who was the governor when the alleged medicines were buried purportedly in 2005.

Whether we like it or not, Espino and Orduna’s participation are indispensable from the time the provincial backhoe chugged its engines to unearth those medicines, and from the time medical personnel led by Dr. Jackson Soriano soiled their hands in identifying and sorting those water drenched medicines because fact-finding bodies from the Commission on Audit, or the CIDG (Civilian Investigation & Detection Group) have no manpower capability like what the governor thru Orduna can provide.

If Orduna can provide collaboration witnesses for a prima facie evidence to pin Victor to be criminally liable, then the former deserves to have his due process.

Due process is Orduna files a Complaint-Affidavit at the Ombudsman , and Agbayani et al filed a Counter-Affidavit dismissing the allegation as either fabrication, politically motivated, or whatsoever.

It’s up to the prosecution to evaluate if there is a probable cause for the issuance of an arrest warrant against Victor who will expectedly file a bail for his temporary liberty as he and his fellow defendant contest this in a court trial like the Sandiganbayan.

But what Victor and his supporters would not like is if the spin-doctors of the governor maliciously delay the investigation by exploiting the medicine brouhaha at the expense of the former.


What I know about Georgina “Gina” de Venecia is she is not only the wife of former Speaker Joe de Venecia, but she is the woman who doesn’t like the way I attacked Joe de Venecia in the 2007 election.

What I did not know about her – until Patrima’s Meet the Press recently – she is not only witty but very good in cracking one liners. If hubby Joe aroused the crowd to stand from their feet and applaud in between his rabble rousing diatribes, Gina shook the media practitioners to laugh in between her subtle humorous statements.

For instance, she was asked the following: In 1998 her husband’s relative Tessie de Venecia lost the race for Congress against a man – named Benjie S. Lim. As a woman, she is pitted agains a man in battle-scarred Retired Four-Star General Art Lomibao – an Arroyo appointee at the helm of the Land Transportation Office. Is she not worried that she will lose, too?

Amused, and without blinking her eyes, she casually answered that her winning edge is Lomibao will be fighting a modern version of a Pangasinan Princess Warrior Urduja.

I told her that the common perception of the masses to our congressmen are they are there to fund road works, bridges’ construction, and building of public school. I added that primordially solons are elected to make laws.

“What probable bill are you going to file politically and economically to uplift the welfare of our people?”

She told me her pet bill is Health Care, and if Mayor Jejomar Binay of Makati City can do it, we can do it too in the 4th District.

I told her that the best health care in the world – where confinement and medication are virtually free – is in Cuba and in the United Kingdom as shown by documentary film SiCKO by Academy – Award winning director Michael Moore.

But I again posed: “It happened in Cuba because it’s a Communist Stalinist Regime, U.K is a rich capitalist country, while Makati is a rich city, and the 4th Congressional District (composed of four towns and a city) is a poor district?

She answered in the vernacular” “Payamanin natin ang 4th District!”

She said she can attain this because his guru will be JDV. She added that voting for her is like buying a one-for-two goodie:

“Mi Manay Gina na, mi Manong Joe pa kayo!” (Send comments to totomortz@yahoo.com)

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