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May 20, 2009 at 3:11 am 1 comment

PhotobucketSOMETIMES, I could not understand why an employee, who has been associated with one politician, is perpetually branded as “bata-bata” or a “boy of this and that politician.” At most, it’s a form of an ego massage, especially if one was or has been associated with a very good leader. But then, the continuous labeling, even after the association, is no longer euphoric to hear but a bane.

Yes, Toto Mortz, I get irked when you always introduce me to other people as “Agbayani boy”. I get irritated because I’ve never been a “boy” of the Agbayanis, I’ve never been their muchacho and never dreamed to be one.

My association with the late grand old man Aguedo F. Agbayani, who I still revere and adore until now, was not political. I was employed before in the provincial government not because of any political alliance or backing but due to my professional competence. Remember this Toto Mortz, I worked with them and not for them, so please stop that perpetual labeling.

Working with former Governor Aguedo was such an enjoyable experience. He was a leader whom one will admire even after disassociating with him. He was not that compelling but as always a very fatherly and considered his employees not his “personal” errand boys or girls but a partner in development.

I always cherished the times and moments I worked with him because of his professionalism and superior ethics towards work. And Mortz, if you admired the old man, you might as well admire his wife- Mommy Tessie who was always there to lend a hand.

How about Victor? I worked with him for a very short time. What I mean is that I was never close to him. When he was still the Vice Governor and I was his executive assistant, we had some disagreements over matters related to work.

His leadership style was different compared that to his father. However, you have to admire Victor because of his intelligence and not because of your association with him. He has a bunch of rah-rah boys who at your back could destroy any one- be it in work or otherwise.

Now that political exercise is again approaching, I often hear remarks such as: “Di ba bata ‘yan ni Agbayani? Bakit nandyan ‘yan kay Sendong (So)? Why, what’s wrong working with Sendo So? Did my association with the Agbayanis lessen my effectiveness as his co-worker? After my stint in the provincial government, Sendo So was the one who provided me work until now. There might be some connections made from friends, but then Sendo, knowing with my association with the Agbayanis, never wavered in bringing me in into his group. Like the old man Agbayani, he also earned my highest respect and that will linger on even after I no longer work with him.

Political labeling is good for those working for (Toto Mortz not “with”) a person — to those bootlickers, who because of their lack of intelligence, and perhaps, even skills, stick to their perceived bosses. They could withstand tongue lashings and could do errand works just to the pleasure of their “amos”.

Did I say my piece Pareng Brando? Kaninong “bata –bata ka ba?”

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