Prostituting the media profession

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PhotobucketWhat made the local media industry nose-dive to the shit-hole?

Because any Tom, Dick, and Kulasa who used to be errand boys and girls – can sport that “billboard-sized” media I.D and introduce themselves as one to surprised government and private officials who have to balance their hectic schedule just to accommodate the nuisance guests who could not even pose a legitimate question for their purported outlets that don’t even exist.

This sad state of the Fourth Estate in Pangasinan is prevalent in other provinces and cities in the country. This happened because it is unregulated unlike other professions that have the Philippine Regulatory Commission or Civil Service Commission that could attest that these practitioners possessed a bachelor’s degree, and hurdle the government entrance examination for them to enjoy the titles “teacher” or “engineer.”

Joining the media profession is easier than running for the presidency, senate or the House of Representatives of this land.

Although even elementary education is not required in the said government professions where almost all ordinary Joses and Pedros can join, still these candidates are required to show their proficiencies on how to read and write as what the Philippine Constitution calls for.

But this modicum of qualification is not even required in the hao-shia media racket. This is the downside of the Constitutional Freedoms of Speech, of Expression, and of the Press as primary right –together with Freedom of Religion – our Fundamental Law encouraged us. Thus we have these “idiotic” pen-pushers and microphone- handlers in our midst who proliferate like plague.

But son of a gun, this derision on the media does not stop on the incompetent media I narrated. I heard from a Manila based friend about a married newspaper woman whose inferiority among her peers are butt of joke in the trade.

Despite her identification with an English paper she worked with, she could not even know how to construct a correct simple sentence in English.

“What is that subject and verb?” she asked a colleague who told her to improve her writing skills.

But this wag literally beat to the draw her competent colleagues not in the news gathering but in the sleek collection of the financial manna from government officials who customarily observe this generosity.

What’s her secret? She can draw down in a split second her undies for a quickie whenever she was in a closed door interview with government officials.

She is known in the circle to flaunt her outlet and membership to an organization that do not even give her a tinge of concern because of her immoral practice.


The implication of Manny Pacquiao’s victory to an already shot Ricky Hatton (please read my previous column how damaged the over-hyped Englishman whose cracks were already obvious even before he fought the Filipino superstar) before the eyes of the acrimonious fight fans will be a bigger purse and a bigger Pay Per View share that lie on the other side of the rainbow for him to grab.

A lot of spectators and boxing experts got the jolt of their lives when Pacquaio’s sheer bestiality knocked-out the wits out of Hatton who was crashed like a demolished skyscraper at the second canto.

As he lies in supine position without showing a sign of life, I thought the two doctors who climbed the platforms to check him were undertakers of some funeral parlors nearby who sneaked themselves to make a fast one by pulling the cadaver, err, body from the watchful eyes of the officials of the Nevada Sport Athletic Commission (NSAC).

As a God-may-care pressure fighter, Hatton’s Caterpillar’s blade-liked face that absorbed power punches in his 17 years career can put to shame the durability of the combined facial callousness of the 50 Filipino congressmen who surreptitiously escaped their mandated work loads at the August Chamber of their country just to selfishly treat themselves for an $ 8000.00 per front seat orgasmic bestial rip-off Mandalay Bay offers them.

But as everybody knows, this renowned substantial metal-like Mancunian durability has no match to the exploding Cruise Missiles compliment by the Pacman’s left hand that hammered the last nail on the Hattonian’s coffin.

So what lies ahead to Manny – the Filipino Superman except Superman’s handsome face?

The defeat in a “tune-up” fight of the vulnerable Miguel Cotto probably this September, and a billion of pesos marquee fight with the real deal, the foul-mouthed but skillful Floyd “Triple M (Mainstream Money Mayweather)” Mayweather, Jr. probably on January 2010 could bring would not only translate to Manny’s political and financial invincibility on the money-guzzling campaign period for his congressional aspiration two months before the May 14, 2010 Philippine election, but could establish him as one of the greatest pugilists (side-by-side with Sugar Ray Leonard, if not with Muhammed Ali) the Hurt Industry has ever produces.


A political spectator based in the 6th Congressional District told me that 3rd District House of Representative member Rachel Arenas should not slacken in serving her constituents despite the more than a billion of pesos worth of infrastructures projects she poured at her district that is composed of five towns and a city.

“Like what happened to former Congressman and the present vice gubernatorial wannabe Ranjit Shahani (6th Congressional District) despite of his being a nephew of a president (former President Fidel V. Ramos) he still lost in his reelection in spite of the P900 million bridge and road projects he poured to his district.”

However, a political kibitzer who is based in Rachel’s turf disagreed. He said unlike the “unlikable” attitude of Shahani, Rachel doesn’t only unload billions worth of projects complimented by her closeness to La Gloria Presidenta de Excelsis, but she is ubiquitous attending occasions in sitios, puroks, and barangays as long as her schedule allows.

But I forgot to ask this kibitzer if Rachel arrives on any of these occasions punctually against the renowned tardiness of Ranjit. (Send comments to

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