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TYPHOON EMONG AFTERMATH: Bolinao is ghost town

bolinao1BOLINAO – This premier tourism town turned into a “ghost town” after the devastation wrought by typhoon Emong which felled electrical power and communication lines and plunging the town into darkness.

Emong toppled down trees, destroyed 90 percent of houses, blew away roofs of buildings including the church’s and resorts’, and sank all fish cages.

At night time, residents make do with candlelight as they huddle in the wreckage of what used to be their homes. Telephone lines are still down and mobile phone owners desperately look for places like the town hall, which has generators, to charge their batteries.

Power outage also means no water for most houses and resorts as pumps are operated by electrical power.

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Prostituting the media profession

PhotobucketWhat made the local media industry nose-dive to the shit-hole?

Because any Tom, Dick, and Kulasa who used to be errand boys and girls – can sport that “billboard-sized” media I.D and introduce themselves as one to surprised government and private officials who have to balance their hectic schedule just to accommodate the nuisance guests who could not even pose a legitimate question for their purported outlets that don’t even exist.

This sad state of the Fourth Estate in Pangasinan is prevalent in other provinces and cities in the country. This happened because it is unregulated unlike other professions that have the Philippine Regulatory Commission or Civil Service Commission that could attest that these practitioners possessed a bachelor’s degree, and hurdle the government entrance examination for them to enjoy the titles “teacher” or “engineer.”

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