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April 6, 2009 at 10:05 am Leave a comment

By Archbishop Oscar Cruz

Blessed is a country whose chosen leaders are adorned with the attributes of personal integrity in addition to their official expertise in governance. Happy are the people whose public officials are their public servants, and whose taxes are mostly spent for their own public welfare.

It is all right if the citizens are relatively poor on proviso however that those governing them are neither filthy rich at their expense, nor abusive of their rights contrary to the demands of elementary justice and social order.

In this case, it is not only good but also right for people to follow the call specially their over-all leader. It is both an honor and a prestige to have and to follow a leader known for the latter’s integrity and probity.
On the other hand, cursed is a country with falsely or basically ignoble elected government officials who look at the people as mere chattels, who trample upon their dignity as their practical slaves.

Wallowing in numerous graft-laden designs and in many gross corrupt practices, continuously indulging themselves in demeaning vices and shameful debauchery, such are the serious ethical liabilities and moral blunders that make public officials nothing less that the treacherous maledictions of their constituents.

With such erring governing leadership, there is no need for upheavals of nature or fires from the heavens to destroy a Nation, to ruin a people. In this case, it becomes not only ridiculous but also dangerous for the citizens to follow their national leader.

This is exactly the case of the highest Filipino government leader proclaimed and certified as a champion in corruption, acknowledged as a verified topnotch in cheating and deceit – and yet outrageously and brazenly if not ridiculously calling for a “moral renewal” in the different government agencies!

This is like someone well vested by sovereign amorality inviting not only subordinate state-run and controlled corporations but also public financial institutions to establish their moral ascendancy.
Thus provides the Administrative Order No. 255: It is “directing the heads of the executive department to lead in the moral renewal of their agencies”. It is even given a starting date, viz., 14 May 2009. Before that, graft and corrupt practices are all right – as a matter of course.

This is like someone wallowing in the putrid waters plus high infectious mud, asking however everyone else to be clean and immaculate. This is exactly the picture of the incarnation of sin telling people to be saints. This is not only irony in its eminent expression but also hypocrisy in supreme degree.

When a leader well renown and wherefore infamous for corruption, deceit and greed ever dares to call the latter’s subordinates to “moral renewal” – this is but the expression of a gross conscience, the manifestation constitutional errancy or the proclamation of delusion.

And none of these sick and sickening factors is even rational!

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