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Viewpoints: Follow the leader

By Archbishop Oscar Cruz

Blessed is a country whose chosen leaders are adorned with the attributes of personal integrity in addition to their official expertise in governance. Happy are the people whose public officials are their public servants, and whose taxes are mostly spent for their own public welfare.

It is all right if the citizens are relatively poor on proviso however that those governing them are neither filthy rich at their expense, nor abusive of their rights contrary to the demands of elementary justice and social order.

In this case, it is not only good but also right for people to follow the call specially their over-all leader. It is both an honor and a prestige to have and to follow a leader known for the latter’s integrity and probity.
On the other hand, cursed is a country with falsely or basically ignoble elected government officials who look at the people as mere chattels, who trample upon their dignity as their practical slaves.

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