Why elected officials relish cancellation of 2010 election?

March 31, 2009 at 11:33 am 1 comment

PhotobucketA high government official told me that he sensed what I sensed that there is a probability that no election would be held on the May 14, 2010, national and local, as the Supreme Court will be immersed by a Petition of Injunction with Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) lodged into it by Senators questioning the resolution passed by the House of Representatives in going alone (without the Senate) in amending or revising the Constitution for a shift to parliamentary system or/and retention of La Presidenta Gloria de Excesses.

“Kung gagawin nila iyong petition ngayong May — in case the House approves herself with three-fourth votes in acting alone as a Constituent Assembly this coming April — it will take the Supreme Court inhabited by Arroyo appointees to deliberate on it for a year or up to May 2010 that would result for the holding in abeyance of the election,” I said.

Although, he did not expressly told me his agreement on this analogy, his body language shows he relishes it.

I surmised the same demeanors with elected officials out there.

This electoral crisis would be advantageous to elected officials for an extended term without spending a cent for an expensive campaign time.

There is a big possibility that this scenario happens since the President would not allow herself to be vulnerable against charges of plunder (a non-bailable crime) after she steps down in the same set-up of government provided by the 1987 Constitution.

Any uprising from Filipinos who detest this immoral maneuvering by Malacanang will be a welcome move by the latter. Since turbulence like this would be a major ground for the declaration of Martial Law.

At the end, it is still La Gloria who would benefit on this chaos.


The threat of the Petition of Injunction with TRO, for me, is the primordial reason why boxing great Manny Pacquaio cowered back to the folds of his boxing franchiser Solar Sports and TV program partner GMA-7 here in the Philippines.

Even though the Pacman has signed a new contract with the bigger ABS-CBN network –- in patent violation of his contract with Solar Sports to air all his boxing matches up to May 6, 2011 -– either Solar and GMA TV Networks (despite GMA weak contractual arguments) can still spoil the May 2, 2009 Pacquiao-Hatton multi-million dollar match not to be shown over ABS-CBN TV.

The wisdom of the TRO or the Writ of Preliminary Injunction is to preserve the rights of either GMA-7 or Solar. The one who would be at the receiving end on this legal stand-off would be the acrimonious Filipino masses who could not watch the fight, and Pacquiao — who’s earning on the TV rights, would be hampered.

Not to mention the valuable time and money he will lose on a lengthy litigation.

Pacquiao has not learned what he had done with Golden Boy Productions (GBP). After he signed a contract with it, he signed another boxing contract with Top Rank Promotions owned by Bob Arum.

Son of a gun, this Asian boxing hero thought signing of contract was like changing GROs (Guest Relation Officers) in some whore houses in Manila.

His lawyer Franklin Gacal should be telling Pacquaio that a contract is not a toilet paper that if one doesn’t like it, he can just whimsically throw it in the toilet bowl and flush it.

There is obligation attached to every contract. Look what happens to Pacquiao’s sheer ignorance on contract thing, GBP, as a consequence is eating a portion of his share since GBP and Top Rank is the joint promotion partner of the Filipino Superman – except Superman’s handsome face—as a result of a compromise of the duo who realized that it’s the commonsensical thing for them to do to earn a portion of the blood money instead of fighting it out in court.


In a huddle with non-commissioned officers – who are mostly sergeants – lately, I asked them the difference between a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy and the Philippine National Police Academy.

“Malayo, sir,” one of them amusedly said.

“Paano (How)?” I asked

“Iyong PMA sa tayo pa lang at pananamit, iba na ang dating (PMA graduate has a different bearing),” one of them retorted.

“At sa boses pa lang, batas na!(Their voices are authoritative)” another one butted in.

I asked what product is that abusive deputy chief of police Chief Inspector Ferdinand de Asis of Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan – whom I heard is being groomed to be the police chief of Sta. Barbara. Is this true Mayor Rey Velasco? This is a political hara-kiri on your part.

“He is not even a graduate of PNPA, he is an ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Course) and a graduate of Criminology in a local school in the province,” somebody at my back said.

“Kaya pala,” I told him.

This son of a gun was even featured in the paper-version of the Northern Watch recently teaching cops’ proper gun handling, when he himself is facing an improper gun handling complaint, threat, and coercion.

“Malayo sa PMA, or even PNPA graduate iyang si De Asis. Iyong tayo pa lang bondying na,” another one told me.

“Lateral entry kasi iyan (De Asis), kaya mahina,” a chief of police who is a graduate of PNPA told a media man who told me about it.


I stumbled on this joke in a regional newspaper that Manila Bulletin’s scribe Fa Almazan gave me.

JUDGE: Isa ka palang pusher, kidnapper gun for hire, gambling lord, swindler, at bugaw! Wala ka bang matinong hanapbuhay?

ACCUSED: Meron po. Pulis po ako.

Entry filed under: Opinion.

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  • 1. vangie d. padilla  |  April 1, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    never underestimate the power of a woman

    hi mortz, i can’t help but smile as i write this piece of comment relative to your column piece.

    im going to cite three stories of women here who acquired power among themselves and how they use it to their advantage.

    one woman who wants power so badly, doesn’t want to go down as a leader because of fear of “weather” or ‘pana- panahon’.she believes in karma and the ‘what you reap, you sow’ saying. so she’s afraid that when she steps down, plunder cases will be filed against her which, to borrow your words,is a non-bailable crime.

    when it happens, she’ll sure as hell believe that she will spend the rest of her life in jail. just like what she did to some of those who got in her way. send them behind bars.

    she is the woman, whom the old man who talks too much, tries to justify all her actions, defend with all his might. she is the woman whom all her ‘aliporeses’ so protect because all of them will vanish into thin air once she’s powerless and non controlling.

    another woman, like the first woman i’ve mentioned also got power from the people in the form of a mandate.

    the power made her sick to get whatever she wants no matter what it is, whether it be socially right or wrong. and she does it all with no less than her influential ‘mamita’. they’re taking their town by storm with their whims and caprices.

    they’re doing everything to sustain the power within them, protecting their interests at all cost. and a few previously good men are trying to conspire with them in fulfilling their wishes.

    recognize them now, mortz?

    the third power from a woman could perfectly explain what happened to you earlier with the cop.

    so intense was the power that inspite of his uniform and in the middle of performing his duty as a police officer, he would seriously deal with you in that threatening manner according to the pen of kuya Vir on his article.

    all because of a woman. a woman he is concerned about, a woman he needs to defend, a woman he needs to protect.

    so powerful the charms of these women, eh mortz?

    never underestimate the power of women. these unique creatures have the ability to give you a ride in heaven or hell and back. these species can make your life miserable or pleasurable depending on their moods.

    i just wish these scribbles will reach you and i sincerely thank the moderator for publishing my comments on your website.


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