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Why elected officials relish cancellation of 2010 election?

PhotobucketA high government official told me that he sensed what I sensed that there is a probability that no election would be held on the May 14, 2010, national and local, as the Supreme Court will be immersed by a Petition of Injunction with Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) lodged into it by Senators questioning the resolution passed by the House of Representatives in going alone (without the Senate) in amending or revising the Constitution for a shift to parliamentary system or/and retention of La Presidenta Gloria de Excesses.

“Kung gagawin nila iyong petition ngayong May — in case the House approves herself with three-fourth votes in acting alone as a Constituent Assembly this coming April — it will take the Supreme Court inhabited by Arroyo appointees to deliberate on it for a year or up to May 2010 that would result for the holding in abeyance of the election,” I said.

Although, he did not expressly told me his agreement on this analogy, his body language shows he relishes it.

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