Are you still proud to be a Filipino?

March 24, 2009 at 3:24 pm 2 comments

By Rita Evaristo

Graft and corruption, injustice, prostitution, child exploitation, pollution….. what else can you not find in the Philippines?

Filipinos began to develop pride and nationalism after centuries of oppression and discrimination under the Spanish rule. Our national heroes who fought for our liberty made us realize that we, as a unique race, must be proud and that we must preserve our heritage. They who sacrificed their lives were not able to taste the fruits of their struggles…but they left with the fervent hope in us – the new generation of Filipinos.

Look around. What have we done with our land? Government officials keep on enriching themselves, serving only their interests rather than attending to the needs of their dominion. Funds that are supposed to reach the destitute become pies divided among hungry bears and lions. Issues on immorality, fraud, and bribery, have been rampant, bold, and shameless!

The country has also been stormed by calamities which are not all caused by nature. More damaging, in fact, are Filipino-made. How many provinces have been cursed by landslides that have buried towns and villages? Many Filipinos have been defiant, that despite of such warnings, they keep on wrecking our forests and mountains. Likewise, Metro Manila becomes flooded like a sea with just a drop of rain. And all because drainages are filled with trash and waste matters. Reminders for the people on proper waste disposal are nil. For if they aren’t, why are cities flooded even with little rain? Why can’t we enjoy our rivers? Why is potable water hard to find? And why do streets and public establishments stink?

What about the skills and talents of Filipinos in piracy, swindling, counterfeiting? It is so embarrassing for Filipinos abroad to undergo rigid inspection compared to other nationalities because Filipinos are always suspected of illegal possession and fraudulent papers. Such humiliating experiences would somehow make you think and ask….can you really be proud to be a Filipino?

The fact is, some Filipinos are pig-headed and undisciplined. As a result, the innocent and virtuous also suffer from the ill effects of the others’ wickedness and / or indifference. Worse, they also cannot escape the “karma” that awaits the wrong-doers.

Nevertheless, educators keep instilling in the young minds that we should maintain our national pride. That despite the saddening sceneries in our country, may it be political, socio-economic, or environmental, there are still a lot to be proud of….there are many positive things to look forward to.

Yes, indeed! Aside from astounding tourists spots, desirable Filipino values, exceptional Filipinos who managed to gain honors and recognition worldwide….we still have leaders with the great ideals of our national heroes; still, there are wealthy businessmen with big hearts for the needy. And there are still Filipinos who are impoverished, yet, remained honest and trustworthy.

Being proud of our nation and our people is a matter of not losing hope….. that good will always prevail over evil. Because we, Filipinos can survive as we have always survived all these so called “cancers” of the Philippines…provided that every citizen wakes up and contribute to the nation’s prosperity. Only then, can we show the world our pride of being Filipinos …and our forefathers and heroes would also be proud of us.

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  • 1. marianna  |  March 30, 2009 at 5:59 am

    I am from Cyprus, Cyprus is a small island near to europe.
    In this island are coming a lot of people from your country, because as I know my country is very frendly with your country.
    So one young married “LADY” (with two kids) from San petro lli, alcala, pangasinan come to work for my family. I had an accident with my car and I needed help at home, because I have one daughter and two boys who are going to school. My husband and me show to her that is a new member of our family. We said to her that is not a maid but she will help us. Anyway at the begging everything it was ok, after a whille she met a young man from Pangladesh, she change her attitude at all. I exlained to her that I was against to this relation because it wasn’t fair for her husband , and not for this young man also. I try to understand her…. she was crying all the time and she told to me that is her life is the first time that she feel free …e.t.c and is not of my business.

    * This “LADY” it was first like a spider in my house (SHE was selling informations what it was going on in my house to other people)
    * second she was a big lier and
    * the worst she was doing bad things behind of my back.

    * This “LADY” stole from this young man 1000 euros and from a couple 4500 of euros and 1000 of euros from one woman from phillipines. All the money are 417619.83 of pesos. She is planning to come back in cyprus with different name (fake passport) this is illigal in my coutry.
    * This young lady is very dangerous and I don’t fill comfortable if she come back because she is involve with bad things. Is a person who likes the revenge.
    Please help me…please give me some advise with whom can I contact..maybe with the major of her village I don’t know…
    * I know that all the people from your county are not like her but belive me if somebody hear all this kind of things the first thing is to affraid and not bring someone from phillipines to work for him.

    Please help me……………

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regarts
    Marianna Sklavou.

  • 2. rosalia ramos sampaga  |  April 25, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    i love this article.,it’s sad but it’s true.

    As OFW here in Dubai, i have met a lot of other nationalities who are very proud from where they come from., who like to boast about their country, the beauty of their culture & does not try to change themselves ..,unlike Pinoys that are trying to change even their accent, their way of living & trying to act as if they’ve come from west. They don’t have the loyal & patriotism.
    The question is, what is there of being Pinoy to be proud? A LOT , there’s is much to tell about the beautiful Pinas & characters of Pinoys. If only , all the OFW’s will be proud & just be proud of being Pinoy, the world will recognize that the FILIPINOS have it’s own kind.

    For four years in the company that I’m working with, i have made a decision that my employers will recognize that there are still Filipinos that can be trusted through my honesty & hardwork. I am not ashamed, I am proud & I will only boast about the beauty of Philippines.

    Masantos ya agew ed sikayon amin.



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