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The art of corruption

eavesdropperFOR ALMOST five decades now since the presidency of the former dictator, Ferdinand E. Marcos, we have been bombarded with news regarding massive corruption in the government. We have also been besieged with problems about illegal drugs and illegal gambling particularly, jueteng. These three social cancers are still putting us down nowadays not only in the socio-political landscape of the country but also in the international community. Lately, the World Bank declared the Philippines as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. It’s indeed embarrassing for us Filipinos to be tagged as such, considering that we are referred to as the only Christian country in Asia.

Why is this happening now? Lest we forget, it’s not only the administration of La Presidenta Gloria where these issues of corruptions prevailed. As I’ve said, long before she came into power, corruption, illegal drugs and illegal gambling have already proliferated in this country. Sadly, it is only now that these issues are blown out into proportion. President Corazon Aquino had not been spared from these criticisms during her watch. Who can forget the Kamag-anak Inc.?

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