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A corrupt government official!

mortzMy arguments against the Right of Reply Bill (ROPB) authored by the “senile” Senator Nene Pimentel and the “intellectual” Senator Bong Revilla, chairman, silence committee, er, chairman, committee on public service, can be presented by the following:(a) Guinness World Records says the Philippines is a record holder because it has the two most corrupt presidents in Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada (soon it would be three: when La Presidenta Gloria de Excesses is sued with plunder after she bows out of office in 2010); (b) World Bank Governance 2008 Report says that among the Top 10 major countries in East Asia, our country was the most corrupt; and (c) Berlin-based Transparency International in 2008 put R.P. as one of the top corrupt countries in the world (No. 141 and falling significantly in points out of 180 countries surveyed).

With the RORB rammed into the throats of media men as watchdog of this corrupt country, Philippines, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, we are the going to the dogs


In a huddle recently with former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada at a cozy air-conditioned coffeeshop in Binmaley, a media friend interjected in our conversation by telling the former president that I am a critic of President Gloria Arroyo in Pangasinan.

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